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h Apr 2016
Euphoria girls you must let go,
They remain as cold as snow. You have a system and everything's going to be okay. Cherry is the dream of pop stars as they listlessly decay. Please relax, please calm down, you always have a say. She won't just leave you, hanging around, she loves you through and through, she'll never just be a euphoria girl to you.
h Apr 2016
You stuck around, rose above from depths below but you are no hymn.
Vision blurs, shakes.
You are no god, yet ruler of us all. I write to you, i feel for you, i sing to you.
Worship is never far not even in silver scared dogs. It was not the wine making you shake, only pupils dilate and a silver and yellow face. Reverb on voice that echoes through the chaos of cloud kings and flames that died to make us, melting gradient, shimmering dusk. Don't tell me otherwise. Don't correct me if I'm wrong because no one knows even that much. A thought makes us believe and swear truth, and a doubt proves lies we once justified. Doubt the shimmering dusk, correct the melting gradient. Red pen isn't strong enough to hold me down. Silver and yellow face, goodnight.
h Apr 2016
The shadows lie,
They are not edgy, scary, or intimidating beings. Only a reflection of the pure light guiding us through notes that clash or bones on a heated field.
The shadows inspire, they themselves are craftsmen who create and we project our fears into them. Don't fear the unknown and hide, fear the unknown and love every plunging moment.
  Apr 2016 h
stone the bear
Here’s the church,
here’s the steeple.
Open the door
and see all the people.

Slam it shut.
Shatter the glass.
Because it feels
this too won’t pass.

Please just wait;
see it through
Then you’ll realize,
every little thing you do.

All that you are
is all that we do,
our time is best utilized
serving as glue.

Pick up your cross,
but have no fright,
because I know
there will always be a light.

It may seem obtuse,
but your sight will shift.
Only then can you make good use
of his precious gift.

Dare to try.
Intuition is keen.
Trust in yourself.
Create beauty
from a sorrowful scene.

And when the time is right
to reflect on your life,
I hope you can say
you’ve been stained
through the power of strife.

mKp (3/3)
h Apr 2016
techno touch of tripping eyes,
flooded lungs filled flightless
feelings of birds above
and the bickering birds below.
Brushing bitterly breathing
heavily, heavenly hearts
and sighing in silky silhouettes.
Flowers folding fiddles,
defying gravity in great,
gruesome, detail. Eyes electric,
daffodils digging deep down.
h Apr 2016
Don't let me drown, by staying on the ground.
My shoes are torn, now that you're gone, i need you around.

My canvas shoes take a lot. I just walk till i find the right spot,
Me and you and me in the back, you asked are you done but I don't want that.
And there's this line you'd never cross, but now I'm here and just completely lost.

My feet ache after walks, now i scream in the night. These shoes need a sole like you. Keep me grounded in canvas through and through.  

Keep me grounded in canvas through and through.
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