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 Nov 2020 kas
kinda lost
 Nov 2020 kas
I'm ready to forgive you
but forgetting is a harder fight
 Dec 2017 kas
JD Harold
She is everything to me.
The moon within you.
Yes. I am in that realm near love but not fully engulfed.
 Dec 2017 kas
What you really need to understand is
nobody can break my heart
you'll be ****** if you think you can hurt me
I've seen myself in the mirror at 3am and
the bruises and stab wounds that consumed me like
maggots in a freshly made corpse left outside

it didn't even make me flinch

what I'm trying to say is
there is nothing you can do to me that
hasn't been done one thousand times worse already

you, you of all people?
you won't hurt me

not even a scratch.
 Dec 2017 kas
not that special
 Dec 2017 kas
some super cool teenagers gathered together and got high

and played ****** knuckles with a dozen dimes
 Dec 2017 kas
there is nothing profound about my faux-addiction, the prescriptions mean nothing to me-
they don't even get me all that high

they don't taste good and nobody thinks I'm cool

all I'm doing is emulating people that would rather die then take a long hard look in the mirror

but I'm so **** vain,
self pity is not the reason I do this to myself

I just like to self destruct from time to time

the odd attempt on my life or a few bruises here and there

I just love to die

let me be mortal and ethereal at the same time

when I'm on the verge of a mental break because I 'forgot' to take my medication
the feeling is breathless, ******* angelic

it gets me closer to godliness than anything else
"dying is an art like everything else / I do it exceptionally well." - Sylvia Plath.
 Dec 2017 kas
tears in their eyes

tearing apart failed exams and tearing yourself away from everyone you love and tearing your skin open just to make your eyes water,

tearing up
into tiny little pieces

tearing up at the though of it
playin with words
 Dec 2017 kas
 Dec 2017 kas
I choose my bad influences very carefully,
nothing malicious
nothing mean

hippies and faux-punk kids that don't particularly believe in anything
but being kind

the human aspects of addiction

sharing needles is a kindness, a generous gesture

the disease in my blood, addiction

along with the ***

friendship, comradary, its a wonderful hardship to bare with one another

its sad to be united over this,

but if we're going to ruin ourselves and die

at least we won't do it alone
 Dec 2017 kas
strike a pose!
 Dec 2017 kas
sat on a bench in dusky darkness
notepad and cigarette in hand
far too enthralled in my own creative genius to realise
I got ash and cinders on my trench coat
a small grey hole pierced the sleek black look I was going for
and when I smell burning
I look down and sigh

now how am I going to get people to think I'm deep?
I'm so **** pretentious, I need to take it back a notch.
 Dec 2017 kas
paler than the ale that we drown in
downing it harder than we search for meaning
living fast and dying faster
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