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The rumors continue
they're not even true

Why must you continue to lie
life is not a piece of pie

It's hard enough
just trying to be tough

I thought we were on the same page
I thought we were best friends

I thought we were over the lies
but every day is a disguise

I put on a smile
and I walk that mile

Just to see you still my heart away
I'm lost and wondering around

My heart is breaking
with each days taking

I hope you're happy
my days are sappy

Yep like the sap on the trees
my struggles are real and
very hard to handle

But I get through them
and I become stronger
but as you know

Revenge is not my job
Karma does that for me
cause I'm a lover not a fighter
I hope you guys are happy because as I get my life together you'll be looking back saying man I wish I left her alone cause now I feel like **** and I'm just another low life ******* on the street
I told you i liked him
now you like him too

Can't i like someone
without you having to follow?

You lie
to make me mad

You're supposed to be my best friend

I guess
I was wrong

I didn't want to beleave
the rumors that I heard about you

But now I know the truth

The truth don't lie
and the truth tells me
that you're a pretty ****** friend

I don't get it.

but you need to figure things out
before you came back to me

because as far as i'm concerned
you don't deserve a friend like me
don't try to take my man from me because i may not get revenge but karmas a ***** so have fun
Everytime i read those letters

Everytime i see those pictures

Thats when I realize
  how much I truely miss you

Everytime  I think about you

I cry my tears of pain

There is nobody else but you
  that I could possibly love

I will stay true
  as long as i'm with you
I go to the other room
  to get away from my doom

He follows me
  now theres three

His buddies follow
  i'll see you tomorrow

I want to get away
  but he wants to play

Leave me alone
  I no longer hold the bone

I want to be left be
  but every time I see
I see the birds and the bees

I've moved on
  now I want you gone
You hold my hand,
   you give me a kiss
     you say you love me

That's not love
   you don't know what  you're saying

I see the way you look at her
    why don't you look at me that way anymore

You said we had it all
   but you lied and made me fall

There's no words for you
  I just got to say

Why are people so mean?
Why must you look at me that way?
Why am I me and you, you?
Why are we friends?
Why must we date?
Why am I here?
Why are you here?
Why ask why?

There's a reason for everything, but I may never know.
my heart is stuck
  I feel like a duck

no one understands
  but I still have my plans

I may seem broken
  but there's all ways another token

it may take months or even days
  but in the end it all ways pays
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