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Otto Bauner Jan 2019
It's whirling all around me
red, then blue
then yellow, then gold
So intense, I melt into it
Then I explode like a volcano
I climb so high to the peak
Lost in the  ****** sensation
I succumb to your passionate creation
My body on fire at the thought
I cling to your sensual scent
Hunger feeding my desire
To taste and lick
to touch, to flick
To pull,  to caress
You feel so good underneath me
Your thighs I can not resist
Your body I adore
Your skin amazing
I have to explore
I'm caught up, Beautiful
Your body against mine
My lips across yours
Show me you crave me
Let your body define your needs
Don't hold back let your desires free
Let your passion flow through you
Move with me, on to me, in you
And let your actions show what your mind has created
Climbing that pennacle of exotic arousal
Reaching ****** together
Desire whirling, intense sensations flowing,
We're on the edge ecstasy
Reaching and grabbing of our hands
Stroking and grinding of our hips
Pinning you down as we reach that point
Pulling you hair as I ****** inside you.
Feeling the vibration of your leg on my chest
Leg shaking, toe curling,  back breaking love making exotic ****** ecstasy
Which you have never felt,

Almost there, feel it with me
Sleep now I’ll wake you soon,
To begin the next round of me and you
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
Thinking of you I can smell the essance of your skin as if your ever present
A presences that sparks a fire deep with in me etched your name in my soul
My knees tremble as I say your name softly under my breath
My ears hear your name and yurns to hear your voice.
My heart beat flutters as my mind realizes you arent there.

My mind begins a craving that can only be satisfied by you

A touch of your face to calm my breathing
Your presence in my day to fulfill my needs
Your sweet voice to calm my minds thought.
Your scent so real in calms my heartbeat..

Through everything I am addicted to you beautiful,
Dedicated to Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
She has the arms I want to be wrapped in, just by her touch she makes me forget about the rest of the world

She has the eyes I want to get lost in, the fire in her eyes speak a story she would never tell

She has the smile I can never resist, behind her smile are stories you may never understand.

She has the voice I want to listen to for hours, the only music I want to hear is the sound of her voice telling me she loves me.

She has the love that sparks my soul, I wish I could turn back the clock... To meet her sooner,  love her longer.

She has the beauty I could stare at for a lifetime, Her beauty rages with a fire that even the demons wouldn't dare touch

She has a touch that instantly makes me weak in the knees, her touch as soft as a snowflake landing on my skin.

She has a kiss that melts me in her arms, her kisses leaves the rest of her to be so impatiently desired.  

She has what my heart craves
She has what my soul needs.

I have decided on her,  
I want her, and only her
She makes me want to be a better man
The man she has always deserved
To my soul mate Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
I find you irresistible, insatiable, visions of your body on my mind, inerasable, irreplaceable. Hair in a ponytail, eyes bright like the moon. You’re my mid-summer-night’s dream, and I’m dying to get you in between my sheets. Captivated by your voice every time you speak. I’m dying to get next to you, have *** with you, I’ve got a lot of feelings I must confess to you. But first, let me go back and change *** to love, because when I think of you, that’s all I’m thinking of. That’s confession number ONE and I’m far from done. Here’s confession number Two, thinking you, and me, and where I wanna be, and how in a few years from now we can start a family. Confession number THREE you see, is how I wanna be, together forever, live happily ever, after, through time, you and me combined, in body and soul and mind. Carry you across the threshold, through the door, to confession number FOUR. Its bubble bath by candlelight, make love to you all night, on a bed, covered by the petals of a rose so sweet. I wanna kiss you all over from your head to your feet. And I envision your body tasting like wine so I’ll take my time, and get drunk off the volume that I’d consume, highly intoxicated by the love that you provide…confession number FIVE, is thoughts of you and I in a world where our love’s unfurled. I wanna lay next to you on bed, curled, up, as we lay in the light of the moon, music playing…country tunes. As I look at your body in the light of the night, and everything’s right, and everything’s tight, and firm and round…I’m getting too excited so let me slow down…

Confession number SIX is a thought I have of giving you things, not materialistic objects like golden rings, but if you wanna fly, I’ll provide you with wings. After all, what’s gold gonna do for us, but turn to rust, you can’t even taken it to Heaven, that brings me to SEVEN. I told you before I wanna live happily ever after, but what about after-life, yes I mean death, will our love continue after our lungs lose their breath? I don’t know, but I hope so, cause when humanity’s through, I wanna move onto eternity with you. Confession number EIGHT, is how I contemplate, spending long nights thinking of a life with you, honest and true, consumed by love in all that do. Moving mountains, parting seas, just to be with you. Confession number NINE, is next in line, can’t be bound by body place or time when our worlds combine. Or should I say collide, hold on for the ride, because I’m taking you over hills and through valley lows, dinner by candlelight, music shows, picnics by sunset, spending nights with no clothes. Scented candle light flickers in the dark, shadows of our love making, caste on the wall, a testimony to the art, of breathtaking, bed shaking, back breaking, love making. Confession number TEN is last but not least. With you in my life, my life’s compete. There’s no other place I’d rather be, then at your side through eternity. I’ll be your rock, your strength, and your confidant. I’ll give you all that you need and all that you want. And when you’ve got it all, I’ll give you more. Just give a chance and open your door, to the possibilities of me and you, or you and I, or should I say us…trust me, you and I add up beautifully. Like one plus one plus one equals three. Guaranteed to stay the same, forever unchanged…a testimony to things divine. But if you can’t give me all that I ask, won’t you commit to one simple task. Let’s spend some time, you and I, together. And for that one little moment…we can be lost in forever.
Dedicated to  my love of a lifetime Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
In my moment of darkness I see the light shine
She showed me her heart and the happiness it brings me
I still feel the love she has given me
I see a glimpse of her soul which touched mine on a level never felt before
Two souls intertwined but untangled through this journey of life so shorr
In the darkness I always see her face clearly
With her ***** blonde hair
Her glowing bright blue wyes
Her glistening pink oh so kissable lips
I feel the soft touch of her hands as she runs  them across my chest in momenta of bliss where she tells me she loves my soft skin
Time was not on my side.  
Our love so strong,  confusing the love of my life
My love was to bring her happiness  she had never felt
My love was to bring her joy in which she never seen
My love was to nurture and care for her like she never knew
I feel as if she was to be my wife
She is the woman my dreams are made of
The woman to grow old with

The woman I will always want by my side

She tells me she is lost in her heart
Confused in her head
She needs sometime to find her the right answers for her

I willingly step back for her because my love still so strong

She says she understands if I hate her,  but I cant

The joy she has brought
The love I know she still has for me is unmatched in my soul

What comes easy won't last
What last won't come easy
You must fight for what you want or regret it for a lifetime.
I will give her time but I will fight for what I know is right
I know we were meant to be
I will fight to make sure she knows I will give her space but I can never walk away

So I will wait for her to find herself and her peace
I can't stand by ideally and let her drift away

Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens on it own time

I feel this hapoened so she would know and feel there is no love as strong as mine
There is no one who will cherish her the way I do
There is no one who will spend their life devoting it to our love as me
In love lost,  love can be found
What is worth having is worth fighting for
In this time of turmoil of my father's life he gives me advice
No judgement
No expectations
No demands
My father's advice has always lead me through life and brought me through the toughest time I have had

He tells me to sit back and
listen to your heart
Speak with your mind
And always follow your gut
Your gut will always be honest and lead you to where you should be

In his continued conversation he tells me
To grab a pen and let it flow
Your gut will take over and tell you where to be and where to go
Never let anyone lead you on a path not meant to be
No one will understand what you need...

So I did...

My gut brings me here knowing where I should be
Understanding time and space
Knowing I should fight for what I feel is right....
SHE is right...
WE are right..

so I give her needed time, continuing to show my love
Understanding her needs

Never letting her forget or lose our love

Hoping I will one day be enough to make her my wife

My forever

My always.
Dedicated to Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
I feel for you like I've never felt
I see a life with you I've never seen.
A future comes that has never been imaginable
The thought of you and me in that future to be.
The thought of you forever by my side
The unforeseen has come to me
in the most unimaginable way.
The touch of your lips on mine
The caress of your hand on my chest
The feel of thighs across mine
My hands across your waist.
Thoughts of what is to be
Between you and me with our forever to come, our forever meant for everyone to see.

The sight of us shall cause envy
We willl be what everyone's dreams are made of.
The relationship every one wants to feel
The relationship everyone needs to experience
The passion,  the love,  between us
Ever growing,  ever expanding, with no end in sight
You make me happier than I've ever been yet it increases as every moment passes
The joy of today,  the excitement of tomorrow,  Unimaginable future to come.
The woman of my dreams has come to me,  unexpected yet overjoyed
At the beginning where I see no ending
With thoughts of you and thoughts of me in a life where we will always be happy.
Dedicated  to Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
I lay here sleepless tired, yet awake
My mind is racing through the night
Thoughts of you,  thoughts of me
Thought of us engaged in ecstasy
Mentally engaged in the metaphysical action of love
Kissing you softly,  holding you tightly
Never yerning for release
As the days move faster my love for you grows stronger
As the days move yet further in time the
More irreplaceable you become
The love i i feel stronger than any before

This unknown feeling i am experiencing is foreign to me
The wanting of your touch,
The needing to hear your voice
The desire of a kiss from your lip
The necessity to see your face.
My days are not complete without you
My dreams are full of thoughts of you with in them.
We both have a past full of trying times and heartache
Us Together i see a future full of a happier life
As i lay here sleepless,  yet tired i cant help but think of a future where you are my wife.
Dedicated to Crystal
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