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Otto Bauner Dec 2018
I lay here sleepless tired, yet awake
My mind is racing through the night
Thoughts of you,  thoughts of me
Thought of us engaged in ecstasy
Mentally engaged in the metaphysical action of love
Kissing you softly,  holding you tightly
Never yerning for release
As the days move faster my love for you grows stronger
As the days move yet further in time the
More irreplaceable you become
The love i i feel stronger than any before

This unknown feeling i am experiencing is foreign to me
The wanting of your touch,
The needing to hear your voice
The desire of a kiss from your lip
The necessity to see your face.
My days are not complete without you
My dreams are full of thoughts of you with in them.
We both have a past full of trying times and heartache
Us Together i see a future full of a happier life
As i lay here sleepless,  yet tired i cant help but think of a future where you are my wife.
Dedicated to Crystal
Otto Bauner Dec 2018
I say to you i listen

I dont just listen to your words

I watch your face
I stare into your eyes
I check out your body language
I hear your tone
I make note of the use of your words
I comprehend what you dont say
I interprate your silence

I watch you face and can see what your thinking from a small smile to the biting of your lower lip.

I stare it to your eye and can feel the happiness  from with in your soul

I check out your body language and know  how you feel from the twirling of your hair to the kicking of your feet.

I listen to your tone and can hear your mood from fustrastion to excitement.

I make note of the use of your word to understand what you are saying

I comprahend what you dont say to understand what you are meaning

I interprate your silence so i can feel what you are dreaming

I say to you again i will always listen
Dedicated to Crystal

— The End —