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Dec 2018
I find you irresistible, insatiable, visions of your body on my mind, inerasable, irreplaceable. Hair in a ponytail, eyes bright like the moon. You’re my mid-summer-night’s dream, and I’m dying to get you in between my sheets. Captivated by your voice every time you speak. I’m dying to get next to you, have *** with you, I’ve got a lot of feelings I must confess to you. But first, let me go back and change *** to love, because when I think of you, that’s all I’m thinking of. That’s confession number ONE and I’m far from done. Here’s confession number Two, thinking you, and me, and where I wanna be, and how in a few years from now we can start a family. Confession number THREE you see, is how I wanna be, together forever, live happily ever, after, through time, you and me combined, in body and soul and mind. Carry you across the threshold, through the door, to confession number FOUR. Its bubble bath by candlelight, make love to you all night, on a bed, covered by the petals of a rose so sweet. I wanna kiss you all over from your head to your feet. And I envision your body tasting like wine so I’ll take my time, and get drunk off the volume that I’d consume, highly intoxicated by the love that you provide…confession number FIVE, is thoughts of you and I in a world where our love’s unfurled. I wanna lay next to you on bed, curled, up, as we lay in the light of the moon, music playing…country tunes. As I look at your body in the light of the night, and everything’s right, and everything’s tight, and firm and round…I’m getting too excited so let me slow down…

Confession number SIX is a thought I have of giving you things, not materialistic objects like golden rings, but if you wanna fly, I’ll provide you with wings. After all, what’s gold gonna do for us, but turn to rust, you can’t even taken it to Heaven, that brings me to SEVEN. I told you before I wanna live happily ever after, but what about after-life, yes I mean death, will our love continue after our lungs lose their breath? I don’t know, but I hope so, cause when humanity’s through, I wanna move onto eternity with you. Confession number EIGHT, is how I contemplate, spending long nights thinking of a life with you, honest and true, consumed by love in all that do. Moving mountains, parting seas, just to be with you. Confession number NINE, is next in line, can’t be bound by body place or time when our worlds combine. Or should I say collide, hold on for the ride, because I’m taking you over hills and through valley lows, dinner by candlelight, music shows, picnics by sunset, spending nights with no clothes. Scented candle light flickers in the dark, shadows of our love making, caste on the wall, a testimony to the art, of breathtaking, bed shaking, back breaking, love making. Confession number TEN is last but not least. With you in my life, my life’s compete. There’s no other place I’d rather be, then at your side through eternity. I’ll be your rock, your strength, and your confidant. I’ll give you all that you need and all that you want. And when you’ve got it all, I’ll give you more. Just give a chance and open your door, to the possibilities of me and you, or you and I, or should I say us…trust me, you and I add up beautifully. Like one plus one plus one equals three. Guaranteed to stay the same, forever unchanged…a testimony to things divine. But if you can’t give me all that I ask, won’t you commit to one simple task. Let’s spend some time, you and I, together. And for that one little moment…we can be lost in forever.
Dedicated to  my love of a lifetime Crystal
Written by
Otto Bauner  39
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