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Jan 2019
It's whirling all around me
red, then blue
then yellow, then gold
So intense, I melt into it
Then I explode like a volcano
I climb so high to the peak
Lost in the  ****** sensation
I succumb to your passionate creation
My body on fire at the thought
I cling to your sensual scent
Hunger feeding my desire
To taste and lick
to touch, to flick
To pull,  to caress
You feel so good underneath me
Your thighs I can not resist
Your body I adore
Your skin amazing
I have to explore
I'm caught up, Beautiful
Your body against mine
My lips across yours
Show me you crave me
Let your body define your needs
Don't hold back let your desires free
Let your passion flow through you
Move with me, on to me, in you
And let your actions show what your mind has created
Climbing that pennacle of exotic arousal
Reaching ****** together
Desire whirling, intense sensations flowing,
We're on the edge ecstasy
Reaching and grabbing of our hands
Stroking and grinding of our hips
Pinning you down as we reach that point
Pulling you hair as I ****** inside you.
Feeling the vibration of your leg on my chest
Leg shaking, toe curling,  back breaking love making exotic ****** ecstasy
Which you have never felt,

Almost there, feel it with me
Sleep now I’ll wake you soon,
To begin the next round of me and you
Written by
Otto Bauner  39
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