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Dec 2018
In my moment of darkness I see the light shine
She showed me her heart and the happiness it brings me
I still feel the love she has given me
I see a glimpse of her soul which touched mine on a level never felt before
Two souls intertwined but untangled through this journey of life so shorr
In the darkness I always see her face clearly
With her ***** blonde hair
Her glowing bright blue wyes
Her glistening pink oh so kissable lips
I feel the soft touch of her hands as she runs  them across my chest in momenta of bliss where she tells me she loves my soft skin
Time was not on my side.  
Our love so strong,  confusing the love of my life
My love was to bring her happiness  she had never felt
My love was to bring her joy in which she never seen
My love was to nurture and care for her like she never knew
I feel as if she was to be my wife
She is the woman my dreams are made of
The woman to grow old with

The woman I will always want by my side

She tells me she is lost in her heart
Confused in her head
She needs sometime to find her the right answers for her

I willingly step back for her because my love still so strong

She says she understands if I hate her,  but I cant

The joy she has brought
The love I know she still has for me is unmatched in my soul

What comes easy won't last
What last won't come easy
You must fight for what you want or regret it for a lifetime.
I will give her time but I will fight for what I know is right
I know we were meant to be
I will fight to make sure she knows I will give her space but I can never walk away

So I will wait for her to find herself and her peace
I can't stand by ideally and let her drift away

Everything happens for a reason
Everything happens on it own time

I feel this hapoened so she would know and feel there is no love as strong as mine
There is no one who will cherish her the way I do
There is no one who will spend their life devoting it to our love as me
In love lost,  love can be found
What is worth having is worth fighting for
In this time of turmoil of my father's life he gives me advice
No judgement
No expectations
No demands
My father's advice has always lead me through life and brought me through the toughest time I have had

He tells me to sit back and
listen to your heart
Speak with your mind
And always follow your gut
Your gut will always be honest and lead you to where you should be

In his continued conversation he tells me
To grab a pen and let it flow
Your gut will take over and tell you where to be and where to go
Never let anyone lead you on a path not meant to be
No one will understand what you need...

So I did...

My gut brings me here knowing where I should be
Understanding time and space
Knowing I should fight for what I feel is right....
SHE is right...
WE are right..

so I give her needed time, continuing to show my love
Understanding her needs

Never letting her forget or lose our love

Hoping I will one day be enough to make her my wife

My forever

My always.
Dedicated to Crystal
Written by
Otto Bauner  39
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