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eli Sep 26
i was a child
fresh and pure to the miseries of humanity
but blinded by your own agony
you mistook me as your guardian
how could you expect so much from me
a baby boy unaware of my own worth
i should’ve spent my early years
discovering myself
not in times
that i will later revisit as trauma
i had to hand over my growing limbs
my budding life
just so you could feel whole
did you really think it would work?
because it left me hollow
and i hated knowing that emptiness was for nothing
i ended up being filled with a sea
of regret and resentment
that grew every time you made it rain
pumping through my veins
under marked skin
pushing out through fresh cuts
i’m drowning in it now
as it fills up my lungs
flooding my brain
and clouding the memories
has it made me forget?
a self induced memory loss
of a wasted adolescence
but you
you always remain behind
like a bad taste in my mouth
standing in the ashes of a fire you started
i wish you had burnt down with the rest of us
but she who ignited the flames
rarely gets marred
and even as my charred bones
rose from the crumpled foundations
and grabbed your guilty hands
you pleaded victim
so i stood in the wake
of a withered childhood
and i unclenched my jaw
and screamed the words
that should have left long ago
how dare you
how dare you
eli Aug 27
my body is a temple
but it is not a home
i am a stranger here

my body is a temple
but it’s a burden
i didn’t choose these foundations

my body is a temple
but i am ready to leave
i am no longer welcome

my body is a temple
but it’s burning down
and i lit the match

my body is mine
i will construct it
and carve out a new holy place

— The End —