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aster Mar 11
You made a cage out of
your rules and your ideals.
You picked me up
and you locked me in it.
I’m caged.
I’m slaved.
And I’m lost.


You can cage my body,
not my thoughts.
You can dictate my actions,
but you can’t manipulate my mind.
You can exert harass my body,
but you can’t compel my soul.

Your cage can’t tame this free spirit.
Your cage is too small for these huge wings.
So, I will break free
and fly into the open.
And I will Fly high
as high my dreams go.
And before you know,
I would already be flying way high for you to reach.

Finally, the cage is broken.
I’m free.
I’m alive.
*And I’m Un-Caged
You can never cage my soul.
aster Jan 31
The darkness was closing in.
It has spread its waves infinitely,
devouring everything on its way.
None is spared.
All are lost to the inevitable hands of death.

No mercy is shown.
Men, Women,
Children, Aged,
Fathers, Mothers,
Sisters, Brothers,
Lovers, Haters….
All are lost.

Everything perishes as
Chaos takes its stroll,
riding on the cart pulled
by a man’s ego and hatred.

The world turns dark and gloomy.
Smoke fills the air.
I’m blinded.
Not by the smoke, but by the sight of the destruction,
The violence,
The vengeance,
The hatred.

I have lost hearing.
Not by the war cries, the gunshots or the bombards,
but by the sounds of shrieks of men and women,
Their cries for help,
The wailing babies,
The crying orphans, widows,
and many to whom everything is lost.
But most importantly, by the silence of the dead.

I have heard their shrieks,
I can feel their pain.
Their trauma, their plight, their sorrow.
Yet, I have not felt it.

I can see the destruction. The deaths
and many who live a life only because they can’t die.
I feel the tears in their eyes, the ache in their hearts
And the wounds in the mind, that will forever pain.
Yet, I have not felt it.

Men fight such endless wars.
only to see that no one is really victorious.
The only people who win are-
Chaos And her brother death.

So, when men fight in the name
Of nothing but their ego,
In reality it is they who lose.
But we are HUMANS TOO.
Love all.
love not war.
embrace the differences.
aster Jan 31
Our mind is a constant war zone.
We question our thoughts,
our actions,
our past,
our present,
our future.

We wage wars with ourselves.
We despise ourselves.
We compare ourselves to others.
We put ourselves down.
We let the pressure get to us.
We conflict with ourselves to obtain our deepest and darkest desires.

But do we really have to?
Why do we hate ourselves?
How is comparing yourself to them, going to change you?
Has everything got to be perfect?
Is everyone perfect?
Isn’t this your life to live?

Think again.
And remember,
Your imperfections make you- You.

So, keep living happily and in the end it will happen.
aster Jan 31
Sometimes, it feels like I’m stuck in a deep forest of thoughts,
trapped deep in the woods for eternity,
never to see humanity or its ferocity again.
But then, I find myself in the open streets lost and out of sight,
yet noticed for being different.

I hear the thunder triumph its own arrival,
I see the lightning flash its own creation.
I can smell the coldness, feel the danger in the atmosphere,
it’s pouring again. Is it going to happen again?
maybe this time, it’s my calling too....  

It's dusk and it's raining, why do I feel so sentimental right now?
I'm worried,
I think too much of the future,
I think too much of what others will say?
what they will think?
what would my answers be?
shall I be able to prove them wrong.

But I try to forget the consequences,
try to think about being happy at the moment.
Yet, I keep pondering about everything that is ahead of me, it worries me and makes me question my own existence.            

It's turning dark, the storm is coming.
Now it it's time to either stand-up and face the challenges ahead
or to run away and take shelter to protect yourself from danger,
either way the decision will be yours.... cause this is 'your" life.
aster Jan 31
With the dusking
the vast sky was blue,
bright, warm and lovely....

But as time ticked
it turned yellow-
dark, cold.
It woke the poet in me,
it got me untangled
from my daily sorrows
into an emotional mess
of never ending questions
and contemplations.

And then it turns orange,
like the amber,
there is passion,
there is rage,
and there is love-
it's strong...

but it gets darker,
And then turns red,
it turns evil,
full of vengeance in its heart,
it motivates me,
it makes me sick,
but still inspires to
keep pushing myself....

Now it's purple,
and cold.

is this how life is?

I don’t know.

But then it's all black.

It's the same soul,
only it's physical embodiments
differ with time.

All those emotions lie with in you.
You are your
source of

close your eyes.

feel the silence
feel the coldness
feel the darkness
and open them,
it's bright blue again!!

That's how life is.
It's dusked.
life is colorful.
aster Jan 31
And one day, I finally had enough of it.

On that day my soul grew psyche
biasing and biasing with my shapelessness-
when I was subjected to mankind’s condemnation.
Ah, distinctly I was desiring,
a new look, a new touch
a new feel of joy.

So, I screamed.
I ran
and I shut myself in.

Yet, when I was left alone;
rather when I isolated myself,
I realized, I’m fine
My curves - fine
My brown hair - fine
My miniature eyes - fine
I learned to accept myself.

And then, when people began opposing me,
Questioning my aspects,
I had enough,
I wasn’t going back again.

I began to love myself,
My body is not just fine,
I’m beautiful,
I ‘ve a creative mind,
and a blissful soul.
My imperfections
make me perfect.

Only I can be me.
No one else can replicate
the contemplated
complications I represent.
I'm one in seven billion.
And I'm both proud
and humble about it.

I’m blessed with things
Others don’t have.
Why should I reject my own gifts?
I  love myself.


I  may not be
“beautiful” to many who define
“beauty” in the lines
of outer beauty of the physique
and masculine embodiments
established by a societal norms
of antiquity.

But let me tell you….
And so are you.

Love yourself,
cause you are
and indeed-
//Growing up as a kid,
I did have insecurities
regarding my body image,
thanks to a whole bunch
of relatives,
and random people of our society//
aster Jan 31
Sun Kissed.

The path ahead
swerves indefinitely.
I stand there,
lost in thoughts.

I'm told that
I can not take this journey alone.
I have been told that
I have a 'companion' to guide-
to success.

So, even when everyone leaves,
I stand there waiting for them.

Ten seconds,
fifteen minutes,
an hour,
two days,
a week,
three months.

Time pass.
Weather changes.
People leave.

Yet, I stand there,
All alone.

I can't do this anymore.
But I don't want to break their trust.
So, I start to walk-
Even though, they might not be
part of the whole journey,
at least I can join them for the rest of it.

As I walk,
I feel the beauty around me.
The clear sky is covered
with bright green leaves
of the tall trees
winding along my
unknown path.

The peeking sunlight kisses
my cheeks,
and the cool, gentle wind
rustles through my hair.
I find peace .

I can see people
rushing past.

They run along the path
but I walk along
the silent side lanes.
I turn back to look.
Still no one.

My conscience won't put me
to rest.
I quicken my pace,
while thoughts flood in me.

I  wonder if they will still come?
What if I'm wasting my time?
What if I don't reach there?

I push aside these thoughts.

I look around.



The sun-
soft, it's rays
peeking through
the tree leaves.

The wind-
cool, whistles a merry tale
of the past as it gently
rushes past me.

I want time to pause,
I want to cherish
this moment forever.

This is bliss.

But I can't stop for long.
I have to win.
I can't wait for anyone.
This is my fight.
I need to this on my own.

I look around.

Sun kissed,
I run,
I run to my freedom.
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