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Jan 31
The darkness was closing in.
It has spread its waves infinitely,
devouring everything on its way.
None is spared.
All are lost to the inevitable hands of death.

No mercy is shown.
Men, Women,
Children, Aged,
Fathers, Mothers,
Sisters, Brothers,
Lovers, Haters….
All are lost.

Everything perishes as
Chaos takes its stroll,
riding on the cart pulled
by a man’s ego and hatred.

The world turns dark and gloomy.
Smoke fills the air.
I’m blinded.
Not by the smoke, but by the sight of the destruction,
The violence,
The vengeance,
The hatred.

I have lost hearing.
Not by the war cries, the gunshots or the bombards,
but by the sounds of shrieks of men and women,
Their cries for help,
The wailing babies,
The crying orphans, widows,
and many to whom everything is lost.
But most importantly, by the silence of the dead.

I have heard their shrieks,
I can feel their pain.
Their trauma, their plight, their sorrow.
Yet, I have not felt it.

I can see the destruction. The deaths
and many who live a life only because they can’t die.
I feel the tears in their eyes, the ache in their hearts
And the wounds in the mind, that will forever pain.
Yet, I have not felt it.

Men fight such endless wars.
only to see that no one is really victorious.
The only people who win are-
Chaos And her brother death.

So, when men fight in the name
Of nothing but their ego,
In reality it is they who lose.
But we are HUMANS TOO.
Love all.
love not war.
embrace the differences.
Written by
aster  17
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