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Distant on the horizon
A vision of new hope
Chained to my own longing
My heart can nearly cope
My feet knows the way to follow
My eyes are spent cried hollow
If nothing stands in my way
Why then justify the words i say?
Surely time and space allow
Surely my mind will know how
To reach that shore
Touch the mirage once more
In an endless desert stretched out before

What will i find there?
Will i travel without care?
Theres only one way to know for sure
To reach
A vision once more
he roam the earth unending
seek only to proclaim
that whilst a third of heaven
cast down upon this plain
with those left to remain

his pride had been his fall
once brightest morning star
his longing to attain
the title of the great
"I am" in vain

his fate has been secured
his reign but all thats given
no place left up in Heaven
the earth his only lure
mankind but to endure

the title of deceiver
the father of the lie
since when the dawn of time
mankind but denied
through sin and disobedience
forfit from paradise
to only work through struggle
to live only to die

and many follow he obtain
like the sand upon the sea
through hate and disobedience
a while that he is free
from all four corners
of the earth
his terror will succeed
to corrupt the minds with evil
of old and young to be
left behind indeed


He who is Eternal
He whom cast him down
With fire rain from heaven
upon the wicked crowd
yes,He whose fate he sealed
will wipe him from the earth
his place reserved through judgement
demise his only worth
and cast into the abyss
for all eternity
By He who is omnipotent
To whom His name the glory
Redeemer and our saviour
The way,the truth,the Life
He whom is the beginning
And the never ending
He who had but died
And once again had rise

For all Eternity...
Anywhere and Eternally
Which way the Soul
Will Follow
Everywhere and temporly
The heart will surely

Answers come from questions
Salvation through redemption
And faith is needed
Truth be seeked
The hollowed and the old

Despair becomes denial
Denial born from trial
And seek not but of Hope
And Love
The virtues always triumph

Fate will keep
The hand its delt
Until the very end
Coincidence but mere a leap
Into the dark uncertain bend
And trouble not your mind
The past the days will bind
But reach upward
To highest Heaven
There waits your destined ending

Be not of this world
Do not fall pray
The things the eye beheld
Will surely fall away
But know your but a traveller
Through the world to pass
The things kept in the soul
Will surely always last

And in every moment
From birth till death
Live your life but well
For someday it becomes to some
A Legend
just to tell
Legend tells
Once long ago
The Truth and Lie
Was in console
"For when mankind reach
this road
He will not know which
road to go"the Lie boldly stated
"But with our guidance
To point the way
A traveller will not be disway
The direction he must partake"the Truth so certainly proclaimed

And so it went
Not long after
A weary traveller came to be
At the crossroad in the road
And whom should wait
To greet upon
But only Truth and Lie as one
Pray me thee,
The traveller spoke
Which way must i partake?
"Come thoust ask but only spoke
To us only both?"the Lie said
Yes,the traveller answered back
If thine can but just show
"Take heed,"the Truth said
"And be but wise in choice,
For one of us will tell the truth
The other lie instead"

And as if one
Both hands of two
The truth point left
The lie point too
The traveller but confused

"Heed my word,
Not once but two
One road will follow
The other true
One road to death
Awaits on you"they both spoke
in unison

The traveller thought
And later asked
Pray tell,may i ask
Another question of you?
The Truth replied
"If thou desire
but hurry up upon the hour"
The lie echo'd the Truth

The traveller thought and
Start to speak:
If one dies upon this shore
Is death but just the opened door
Tell me,which way does his soul
Travel to reach life once more?
The lie spoke first
"Its gone before
Death indeed does close the door
And right points life once before"
The traveller smiled
And turned his gaze
To change the choice
He almost made
And as he walked towards the right
The Truth but cried
The lie despite
And both could not succeed
For lie told true
And truth had lied
When both point left and none right

For Truth cant lie
It pointed left
But lie had said
To turn to right
And thus the traveller knew despite
The one way both
Had denied
That left was wrong
And right was right

Darkness strip the sky from stars
It shadows over the moon

A unearthly voice fills the wind
It drowns out the silence

What has thou comest to do
Why seeks one out the truth?
Know ye not that Evil rules
But only for one night?

Tremble deep within the soul
No help but dare to rear

The dead sleeps no more
Evil comes to set its score

Why doth seek ye out at this
The terror and resist?
Know not you that Evil keeps
Those who foolish steep?

Tis not a time to cheer
But turn to inward gaze
That from Hell itself arise
The wickedness and praise
Celebrate ye not dear one
The war is fought
The battle done
But seek thou side
Of light and true
Pray that Evil pass by you
Dont tempt the hand of fate

Resist him
Stand steadfast in faith
And he
Will flee from you
For He who is
Within you
Is mightier than he
Who rules this world.....
It is sad that from foolish cheer and ignorance so many a soul is lost to the Dark
Echo words
No heart could know
Wisdom passed
Right through the Soul
Dreams are never
To be hold
Days unending linger

Seek the lie
To know the True
Holding on
Is all you do
Hide the tears
Within your eyes
Days going by

Find the way
That holds the day
Cast your eye
Up to the sky
Cast your fears
To times gone by
Days slowly fade away

A tale to tell
A time to dwell
Death to bring
Life aswell
Memories you beheld
Find yourself anew
Time goes by
A midnight sky
Filled with answers
A silent plight
All that is is well alright
If you only knew
If you only do
If you find its true

The name Adelai is of Lithuanian origin and means "Noble, brave, kind".
Take a look around
Dont let your sorrow
But bring you down
The birds are still singing
And in your heart
Hope is still lingering
The sun but hides behind a cloud

Take a moment
Stop And listen
To your soul
Love still softly whisper
All is not lost
All is forgiven
If you take a single moment to listen

Heartaches were never ment to last
What happened is now but in the past
Tomorrow is a day eagerly waiting
But here and now
Love is embracing
Today is all we ever have

Take a look around you
Lift your head up to the clouds
Nothing ever realy
Will get and keep you down
Strength comes from understanding
That Hope will outlast
Fear is but a feeling
Hidden behind a mask

Heartaches were never ment to last
Dont let another moment
By you past
When sorrow ends up leaving
A new dawn comes to pass
And love will still be present
If you can still believe
Today is all we ever have

And know that when the End nears
Its just a new Begin
Love will still be keeping
Your heart within
When you take another listen
The answers are agiven
Just take another look now
Your closer than youre thinking
All will be forgiving
Yesterday is leaving
tomorrow still is lingering
Today is all we ever really have

Today is all we ever have
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