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yours is the music for no instrument
yours the preposterous colour unbeheld

—mine the unbought contemptuous intent
till this our felsh merely shall be excelled
by speaking flower
                      (if I have made songs

it does not greatly matter to the sun,
nor will rain care
                      cautiously who prolongs
unserious twilight)Shadows have begun

the hair’s worm huge,ecstatic,rathe….

yours are the poems i do not write.

In this at least we have got a bulge on death,
silence,and the keenly musical light

of sudden nothing….la bocca mia “he
kissed wholly trembling”

                              or so thought the lady.
Save me from the thoughts of you
They constantly invade my mind
Save me from the love I feel
Connected to you in a twisted vine
Can you save me from the optimism?
This hopefulness inside
I’m afraid I’ll only hit the ground harder
When you turn to run and hide
Friends are all we said we’d be
I promised to keep our pact
For you are going away so soon
And my heart doesn’t have time to pack
Whether you want it on your trip
Or whether you know its there
My heart has attached itself to you
It just seems to not be fair
For every time you smile
Or with every innocent touch
I vibrate with emotions
Because I like you all too much
So goodbye my dearest friend
I’ve known you very well
I hope you take good care of my heart
Maybe one day you’ll be able to tell.
I can’t let myself fall for you
I can’t let you stay
I’m watching your hair dance
But at a high price I must pay
If I tousle it softly
I will fall easily as prey
I tend to get lost in your smile
My brain caught in nervous delay
Distracted I merely catch myself
Tell myself there is no way
Nobody sees your little quirks
The little games that we play
The expressions we keep secret
Does that make it all ok?
It seems I cannot keep my distance
Right next to you I lay
I tell my body to move from your warmth
To remember that I only have today
For tomorrow you’ll be gone
Once again so far away
And I’ll find my mind drifting
It never decides to obey
So despite all of the warnings
And to my great dismay
I’ve fallen for what I cannot have
You had me in the hallway.
every night I go to sleep with you.

you wrap your arms around me,
you pull me closer to your smile,
your eyes await until mine concede, and
you kiss away my uncertainty, inch by inch by inch.
and when my mind collapses from the beautiful exhaustion your simple presence has put me through,
you're there to guide me through my dreams,
and you lay patiently awaiting as I wake.

you're a constant presence.
 where I go, 
you'll be.
No matter the miles,
 you're always 
with me.
It's a cruel sort of punishment, facing the day, desperately waiting for the sun to set and to be wrapped up in you again.
its time to look away from you
as eye clenching
gut wrenching
and entrenching on my bottom lip as that may be
and look at me
from a new angle
from a you angle
from a due angle
because when my arms wrap around you
and your arms wrap around me
and our arms are wrapped around each other
I want to make the world stop
but I don't need to
it already does
and I never ever want it to end
and I feel selfish
and I feel hungry
and I feel thirsty all at once
all at once I am
not me
but someone who loves you
seized by the affection that has paralyzed by body
I am a patient
with no patience
and I am poet
without words
© wordswithmypulse
 Oct 2010 frances lee
Rachel Fix
Let's cuddle in the blankets
And pretend we see the sky
We'll close our eyes and count the stars
Just us, you and I

Let's swim in a vast lake
And pretend we're in the sea
We'll fight off whales and giant sea snails
Just us, you and me

Let's fall in love forever
And pretend we'll never die
We'll cuddle and hug and ****** and love
Just us, you and I
All of my poems are original pieces. If you like them and wish to use them please quote me but do not steal my work. Thank you.
The sea gave off a cry tonight,
It plays home to a child,
Her father threw her out of sight,
The sea swallowed her, so wild.

Her mother pushed and screamed all day,
Until the sun shone twice,
The blood would flow without delay,
Her grip was like a vice.

While pain would ebb and flow for her,
She knew her life was slipping,
But he refused to let her go,
The fear was ever gripping.

When finally the child was born,
And mother gave a sigh,
The father cleaned as best he could,
The mother closed her eyes.

A wail crawled from the fathers throat,
A pain beyond compare,
He'd lost his only love that night,
To love this child, he could not bare.

He struggled down the beach, that night,
With baby wrapped in cloth,
He swore up to the lord with spite,
And stepped in to the sea- like froth.

The sea crys out in pain tonight,
It's tears make waves, so wild,
A life, just barely started off,
She plays home to a child.
 Oct 2010 frances lee
Alia Kansas
In such despair can be found hope
In lies can be found truth-
But not for those who feed on lies
Let suckle from their youth-
Oh hearts that die and wither slow!
Such hopeless cry shall never know-
Yet- truth with glory reigns beside
For those of whom do seldom lie-
Hearts- slow despair- are slow to die!
And live a joyous life-
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