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Mar 2011
I can’t let myself fall for you
I can’t let you stay
I’m watching your hair dance
But at a high price I must pay
If I tousle it softly
I will fall easily as prey
I tend to get lost in your smile
My brain caught in nervous delay
Distracted I merely catch myself
Tell myself there is no way
Nobody sees your little quirks
The little games that we play
The expressions we keep secret
Does that make it all ok?
It seems I cannot keep my distance
Right next to you I lay
I tell my body to move from your warmth
To remember that I only have today
For tomorrow you’ll be gone
Once again so far away
And I’ll find my mind drifting
It never decides to obey
So despite all of the warnings
And to my great dismay
I’ve fallen for what I cannot have
You had me in the hallway.
Victoria Rose
Written by
Victoria Rose
   starscreep and frances lee
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