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Rachel Fix Feb 2013
"A surprise? For me!"
She squealed with glee
For never had she
Been quite surprised by he

He was reliable, yes
At tickling the best
When it comes to kissing
He beat out the rest

But he'd had a yearning
It'd been calling his name
And from that weekend forward
Vacations would never be quite the same

At the Palace Hotel
He'd booked them a room
They had dinner, a show
And a glamorous buffet to consume

No, they weren't royalty
They had no royal adviser
But on that evening together
No one would have been the wiser
Rachel Fix Feb 2011
There once was a girl
who loved a boy
but didn't know it yet.
On the very first day
of seventh grade,
by chance, was when they met.
Wide-eyed the girl
stared at the boy
a full foot taller than her.
She asked his height
and from then on
shy friends was what they were.
She watched the boy
become a man
both on the field and off
and when was told
they'd never be
ignored each cruel scoff.
She tried to date
some other boys
(alone is hard to live)
but found that she'd
a heart that was
no longer hers to give.
At last they are together
though now they're far apart.
They'll live a life together
and he'll always have her heart.
Happy Valentine's day 2011.
Rachel Fix Feb 2011
I love you when I'm sad
And I love you more each day
I love you when I'm mad
No matter what I say

I love you when you're angry
And I love you when I rant
I love you when you  hold me
And I love you when you can't

I'll love you for a lifetime
And I'll love you through and through
Here's your Valentine's day poem
No one's loved like me and you
My cheesy first attempt at a Valentine's day poem this year that was followed by a much better attempt 20 minutes later.
Rachel Fix Feb 2011
My bed is so big and so empty
A constant reminder of you
Devoid of your warmth and affection
I'm not really sure what to do

I'm lying here hurt and so empty
All I can think of is you
You're tired and I know that you're trying
But I don't know what I need you to do

You're sleeping, your mind is all empty
I'm crying just thinking of you
I'm writing these words to stop the tears
And to keep me believing in you

One day my bed won't be empty
I'll wake up each morning to you
So I'll close my eyes, my pillow in hand
And hold it, pretending it's you
Rachel Fix Oct 2010
Oh, pull me from the shelf
And riffle through my pages
Read my words
Caress my spine
I haven't been touched in ages

Oh, pull me from the shelf
And take me out for tea
Sip your cup
Forget the world
It'll be cozy, just you and me

Oh, pull me from the shelf
And let's go to the beach
Set me down
Bask in the sun
Just keep me in arm's reach

Oh, pull me from the shelf
And take me up to bed
Close your eyes
I'll tell a tale
And let dreams dance through your head
Do you ever feel like a book?
Rachel Fix Oct 2010
We're in the tent
We're under the covers
Fully clothed, we're shy
After champagne, we're tipsy
Your arm makes the perfect pillow
But I'm nervous and give us space
"Do I get a goodnight kiss?" you ask
"If you want..." I stutter
For the second time that night,
And ever in  9 years,
We *kiss

You're perfection personified
I'm awkward
I roll over
But wait...
What was that?
I turn towards you again
Cool but inviting
Sharp and intoxicating
I've never smelled you before
I cuddle closer
I close my eyes, breathe you in
My head swims
I am yours
How have I never noticed?
I am yours
Have you always been this soft and warm?
I am yours
Do you need me like I need you?
I am yours
Will you be mine?
Rachel Fix Oct 2010
I wanted to write you a zombie poem
(Blood is bright red and brains greyish-blue...)
But I get so distracted
When my thoughts turn to  you.

How can I write about rotting flesh,
And bodies being torn limb from limb,
When all I can picture is your intoxicating smile
And how each time I see it my world feels less grim?

It's hard to describe our devious plans
When all thoughts of you make me want to sing.
But I like knowing that I am your queen
And that wherever you are that you are my king.

So, since this is instead
A zombie love poem
I guess I'll just have to say,
"Aaaahahhhh!" and
Every single day.
This was written as a Valentine's day present for my boyfriend this year. According to him "Aaaahahhhh" means I love you and "Gwraaaawr" means I miss you in zombie.
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