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Alia Kansas Nov 2010
Thy furry ****** fur that do not glow,
It show not social status,  worth or wealth,
Upon thy lovely face thy make it grow,
Yet flatter thee it does not, bring no health.
What is the purpose of thy fuzziness?
Dost thou wish to appear more masculine?
Dost burgeoning of dark bring happiness?
Thou wishest to appear more than thy kin?
But while my dislike for thy beard is true,
Thou art a lady lovely, sweet and fair,
And while she love your eyes of green and blue,
She loveth all thine scruffy ****** hair.
So while I feel thy lookest like a ***,
She still believe you shineth like the sun.
Alia Kansas Nov 2010
Why dost thou sigh and gaze so far away?
Why don’t thee look up to the sun so bright?
Thou eyes doth fill with sorrow, bleak and gray,
Thy see not brightest day but darkest night.
Thy mind creeps o’er the worthless toils here,
Thy heart yearns hard to spread thy eager wings,
Thy shalnt be long in this place, do not fear,
Much glory, love and laughter future brings.
While now thou sigh and sadly contemplate,
And future’s freedom seem eons apart,
Remember Glory comes at later date,
And Future always whispers in your heart.
Though thou may feel these words bring no relief,
In Time’s eye, feelings now are only brief.
Alia Kansas Nov 2010
Dost thou not tread so gently in the night?
Unto thy face thy fear do not display,
Upon thy brow dost thou not show delight?
Yet who can say tis so, O who can say!
Thy lips tell tales of sweetest love and worth,
And night creep slow to make a pallid face,
It shows such woes and sorrows, death and birth,
Mortality directs it to the place.
Thou often wonder if thine face show young,
If time did not etch lines upon thy skin,
The words of thee would live not on thy tongue,
No rhymes or tales would ere end or begin.
Without the fears and years displayed to thine,
How dost thou face display the pass of time?
Alia Kansas Sep 2010
This ode is for you,
Dear attention seeker,
Why dost thou plague those
Who seek to make the world sweeter?
With our rhymes and our stanzas
Our meter and verse
Why have you come here to make things much worse?
I ponder these things
In time I have free,
And I have come up with
just one possibility:
Troll, whomever you may be, O troll!
We are all convinced you haven't a soul.
Alia Kansas Sep 2010
In such despair can be found hope
In lies can be found truth-
But not for those who feed on lies
Let suckle from their youth-
Oh hearts that die and wither slow!
Such hopeless cry shall never know-
Yet- truth with glory reigns beside
For those of whom do seldom lie-
Hearts- slow despair- are slow to die!
And live a joyous life-
Alia Kansas Aug 2010
I've hated you
Despised you
Wanted you dead
Wanted never to hear your voice again
But now
I can't hate you
It means love
Hate means love
In size equivalence
So to rid myself of you
I'm neutral
I don't care
I walk away
At last
I'm free.
Alia Kansas Aug 2010
When I met ya,
I wasn't ready for ya
I knew it wasn't over when it ended.
Writing poetry
Late into the night
Creeping up in my dreams
I knew it wasn't over when it ended.
(I knew I was right)
I knew it wasn't over when it ended.
It'll be a while;
This I'm sure
But it won't be long (yeah)
You see,
I need to discover me
Before I can re-discover you.
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