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1d · 39
A Summer Memory
Growing in the side yard of our old house,
were mint leaves basking in the summer sun--
Sitting in the kitchen with windows opened wide,
the ruffled curtains fluttering in the warm breeze--
I could taste the scented air as I drank my lemonade,
from grandma's crystal pitcher with floral etchings.

A porcelain cookie jar shaped like a happy homemaker,
sat quaintly in the corner of our green kitchen counter--
The cotton tablecloth swirled with bright colored birds,
partially shaded by the lowering of the evening sun--
Kneeling at the window I saw a bounty of honeysuckles,
which added to the sweetness of summer's breath.

Mom would dish out bowls of butter pecan ice cream,
a promise she made if we finished our supper--
And often we'd play Scrabble long into the night,
(she was the brightest of us all, a winner in every way)--
Then we'd go outside by the pool and watch lightning bugs,
as they flitted around the giant maple tree in delight.

From my room I'd hear the humming of the pool's filter,
and Daddy's reassuring voice in rhythm with the sound--
My younger sister and brother would grab hold of me,
as we chased our dog down the stairs toward the porch--
And sat in the twilight with love surrounding us,
before bed-time arrived and engulfed us in peaceful sleep.
Dedicated to my parents, Nicolina and Peter, who made the glory days of summer more joyful with their presence ! RIP !
4d · 60
Night Watch Blue
The evening sky surrounds them with its cape,
of coral hues spreading into claret clouds;
This unforgettable sight lingers for awhile,
till blue-back skies overcome them like a shroud.

A factory whistle blows to show a change,
in toiling guardians of its precious property;
These workers carry lamps to the highest tier,
waiting for the distant dawn when they'll be free.

Night watch life is usually lonely and cold,
while sitting with their lanterns growing weary;
Opening heavy lunch pails packed with care,
always certain of the danger that could unfold.

The quiet town sleeps below yet not unaware,
that someone is always looking out for them;
In coveralls that reek of oil and dusty brick,
protecting their precious livelihood from harm.

When dawn arises the men carefully climb,
down steel ladders bringing them to the ground;
Despite a small fire built to last a lengthy shift,
chilled and exhausted slipping home without a sound.

History shows our country was built on the backs,
of laborers who struggled intensely through the day;
But a night watch guard was someone special still,
that his steadfast sacrifice stood far above the fray.
I wrote this long ago, recalling how my mother's step-father worked the night shift at the Roebling factory, the family which built the Brooklyn Bridge, among others. He had little education but was steadfast in his purpose to guard the grounds and the surrounding neighborhood, and to keep his family clothed and fed in the early 1920's.
Jun 22 · 61
Forever Bonded
Here we are in the NOW of life,
waiting for something to change;
Suffering through channels of hurt,
hoping for days to be rearranged.

Forever bonded our souls together,
despite the many trials we've faced;
Searching for an answer to arrive,
before our fragile lives are erased.

Coveting the silence of our world,
while shadows haunt the sphere;
With sounds of echoes from the past,
we forge ahead despite our fears.

No matter the cost of recovery,
while maintaining a level of sanity;
We sense a heartbeat's message to,
prepare for the soul of humanity.
Jun 20 · 71
Crossing Paths
Summer's breath of fire calls,
appearing now in burning squalls;
Mistaken for the candle's light,
which crosses paths of eerie nights.

A midnight storm then sweeps away,
the golden images of children at play;
In the morning dew our visions lie,
as reflections mirror a turbulent sky.

Resounding through our raging hours,
tormented by our hopes devoured;
The water's edge at nature's stream,
revives the emptiness of dreams.

Goodbye to days which tell the story,
of sweetened honeysuckle's glory;
In green grasses lingers sound retreat,
our paths have crossed beyond defeat.
Jun 19 · 24
Behind the Sun
My heart surrenders its shadow to you,
the guardian of all that's warm, good, and real--
Forever my soul's bountiful gift.

I walk in grace--
For you are my honor, my restful sleep of peace,
My fortune, my future.

Now is our time--there is no waiting,
the hunger fed, the thirst quenched--
Hope revived beyond solitude,
Love lingering amidst the clouds--
No longer hidden,
               behind the sun.
Jun 14 · 86
The sun-splashed images dance freely,
revealing a welcome sight of early June;
Outside goldfinches gather at the feeders,
and fight for every morsel until noon.

A *** of lemon tea sits on my table,
a morning invitation for my senses;
I fill a porcelain cup and sip the brew,
its tartness lively as the tongue caresses.

I stroll happily among the billowing lilacs,
embellishing the garden with their hue;
Then sit upon the wicker bench beside them,
and inhale the scented air so fresh and new.

As nature paints its radiance before me,
in a glowing scene of solace and delight;
Awakening my spirit toward the heavens,
with gratitude for such loveliness and light.
Jun 5 · 90
Dawn's Renewal
The dimming of the lights provoked my sorrow,
rearranging every path to my tomorrow--
And with the wintry frost upon my face,
I melted slowly in the margins of disgrace.

Bereft and lonely still I wandered freely,
not believing there would be a source of healing--
My yesterdays divulged their open wounds,
and left my soul tormented through the gloom.

Once I lived with joy and sheer delight,
the promise of sweet sunshine filled my nights--
But soon I ran toward heartless ways of being,
as if my world had crumbled without feeling.

Yet with the dawn's renewal on my mind,
I've pondered all the troubles of human kind--
No more an empty vessel needing sustenance,
my destiny appeared in quiet countenance.
May 25 · 80
Imagination Station
The railway car glides along the line,
bringing us to our fated destiny;
The churning of the wheels below,
screech louder still in close proximity.

With enemies waiting in a starlit station,
I gather my packages with haste;
the family curse biting away at night,
We're captives of the nomadic chase.

They sent for us during winter's storms,
to carry out the duties of a raging war;
Between enduring legends of the countryside,
and those whose thoughts burnt ancient scars.

The frenzied lot coaxed us into wagons,
with cheap wine and women of the street;
Fear engulfed my heavy heart of stone,
and my brothers shouted for a brief retreat.

Corralled into a filthy barn of horses,
and cows who moaned throughout the night;
I hugged the eldest whose eyes were empty,
and climbed onto a horse and took to flight.

Awakening now from the deepest sleep,
I saw a young man from my dreary stare;
who covered me in a blanket of straw,
Which soothed me from the cool night air.

It was then I realized my family was safe,
the fighting and bloodshed never came to pass;
As my brothers had escaped into the woods,
and my dream-like state shattered like an hourglass.
Watching far too many Westerns during our time at home ! (lol). Hoping to build this into a "real story" some day in the future.  
May 25 · 45
A Mystery
The hallway echoed sounds of lonesome tears,
while heavy rain pounded the roof;
A mysterious voice--soft and solemn--spoke,
through the wide open windows of truth.

Among the hushed sense of breathless fear,
an apparition whirled into view;
Unsettled yet somehow peaceful,.
its presence prompted a hopeful clue.

A misty haze gathered 'round the wraith,
its voice became halting and slow;
The crying then ceased as did the rain,
leaving a ghost with nowhere to go.

Its earthly mission having been resolved,
a stairway appeared straight ahead;
Floating down steps to the mirrored wall,
reflecting a vision so genuinely sad.

Suddenly those sounds of anguished tears,
could be heard again from the hall;
Our ghost was perplexed about this event,
for which it had previously answered the call.

With its supernatural power and strength,
and a wave of gossamer charm;
The tears were stilled and the house grew light,
no longer a cause for alarm.

This tale is one of quaint mystery,
of a world filled with hurt and sorrow;
But our magical friend put up a fight;
then vanished into the new fallen snow.
I wrote this a long time ago when first attempting to create worthy visions, to make myself comfortable with the art of writing poetry. It's kind of bland, but one has to start somewhere ! Enjoy (I hope).   Frances
May 19 · 52
Lost in the Wilderness
Possessions--mere reflections of innate wanting,
and whatever energizes our profound desires;
While creating masks of perplexing illusions,
which color our spirits in relentless ire.

In the open wilderness of thought's reactions,
we try to control the monstrous fates;
Which count on the frailties of human souls,
in cunning contentions from fierce debates.

Lost and alone--seeking holy redemption,
while making a bargain with Satan's plan;
Forgetting the chance to accept possibilities,
of love and survival from heavenly hands.

Then spurned by the Devil who sought to defeat,
through endless suffering and evil deceptions;  
We cling to warnings caressed by the wind,
as the trail ahead welcomes in peaceful reception.
May 18 · 49
Her long charcoal hair tied in threads
of silken sheen, the ribbons of innocence--
With a peach-cream complexion surrounding
her dancing smile, her luxurious eyes of onyx,
sparkling deeply with wisdom and kindness.
Tammi--a child of Israel--who won the hearts of
those near and far--my glowing friend who chased
away the blues of the day--whose voice was soft and
warm as Springtime.
  She left us long ago in a solemn May, gone off to her
sacred home, as I still ponder what could have been--
mourning for all she's missed, for all I've lost, when I first
watched the joy and peace of true grace shine before me.
May 16 · 70
Tossed Aside
In stinging refrains each haunting voice,
from loosely held remembrances of love--
fuels conquering dreams in robust intervention,
and awakens the stillness from stars above.

As cosmic spirals bequeath their missives,
to land upon the holiest of aspirations--
Then changing course from worthy conventions,
with notions comprised of lyrical definitions.

Still recounting memories in moments of solace,
and meandering thoughts rising from the heart--
Grabbing hold of ideals which covet the ages,
as the missives relent in worlds torn apart.

The tossing aside of images now projected,
while connecting with ancient spells deferred--
Those visions reflected by heavenly wonder,
bring glorified moments from reality spurned.
May 12 · 73
Night Echoes
Before us waits the purple night,
which sends its echoes far and wide--
Its wisdom paints a palette of stars,
which sleep amid the pale moonlight.

The night dissolves in lustrous beams,
like roses kissed by flowing rains--
And violets pressed within each page,
of sainted bibles from ancestral chains.

Hearts float among the stirring sounds,
releasing tales of pain and sorrow--
Then echoes reach to touch the soul,
in mystical waves caressing tomorrows.

If only the echoes of night would allow,
the cycle of life's defining story--
To cast the sunshine in heavenly light,
rebounding in secret their majestic glory.
Apr 29 · 88
Rambling thoughts run through my mind,
ruminating, stirring, creating chaos--
I've awakened to these so many times,
and wondered if I could still be dreaming.

But looking around me I see the truth,
of the inescapable boundaries here--
Which cause my wanderings to appear,
as strange revelations inside my skin.

The walls close in around my eyes,
and the ceiling becomes a monstrous face--
Which suffocates me within a world,
of terrifying moments of pain and fear.

Then suddenly a spark within my soul,
lifts me high above this web of darkness--
As confidence wins its rightful place,
and Divinity placates my troubled home.

My eyes will see what they need to see,
and I'll live this day most peacefully.
I remember moments like this during my lifetime, only to be salvaged by my enduring faith.
While dancing upon the leaves with serenity,
beneath the burgeoning trees of tranquility;
I watch the days settle in anodyne seclusion,
sweeping along the sands of seaside reunion.

Faltering slightly in pronounced expectations,
yet wrestling my inner soul's conflagrations;
At deep water's edge I nudge closer to sanity,
while reaping rewards of my own humanity.

My wounded heart cries despite the epiphany,
that rose amidst the dark world's cacophony;
In plangent roars it tore through reality,
as heavenly stars awakened in ecstasy.

Surrendering now as I touch sacred ground,
my bed of leaves emitting mellifluous sounds;
No words can defy what Nature has wrought,
surreptitiously leading to this holy spot.
Apr 27 · 48
As we bathe in the glow of an amber moon,
and ****** green grasses wet with dew;
We cuddle within love's sweet cocoon,
our eyes opened wide as emotions swoon.
Brief but tender, don't you think ? (smile)
Apr 25 · 143
The carved words and pictures in the cave,
left by honored ancients bold and brave;
Speak of gods with powers from the sky,
placing glints of admiration in faithful eyes.

Abandoned in cryptic missives on the wall,
these sketches demonstrate the rise and fall;
Of civilizations long past throughout the years,
while portraying their daily hopes and fears.

People weren't really much different then,
from today's authors using a pencil or pen;
With lives which depict work, stress, and play,
through what artists' souls seek to convey.

Finding lost messages that teach us to grow,
from helpless children to those who know;
That ancestral stories stand firm and tall,
from clever carvings left upon these walls.
Apr 21 · 159
The Forgotten
The alley which runs behind Main St.,
is a hidden space of dark reality;
For those who have no other home,
it breeds life's dismal hospitality.

From the emptiness of aging buildings,
where falling bricks frame this gritty site;
At every corner stands a broken soul,
each staring blankly at the moonlight.

Young folks slinking along the corridor,
smoking cigarettes and drinking beer;
Their words are boisterous and crude,
taunting the homeless with their jeers.

The ladies pull down their faded dresses,
trying to hide their obvious shame;
As one glanced at the teens with anger,
who then called her a filthy name.

Suddenly sirens blared from the boulevard,
and all the youngsters scattered about;
Leaving behind the wretched squalor,
of the city's poor and rejected crowd.

This is a portrait of grief and sadness,
lying far beneath a starlit sky;
Where heartaches find their only home,
when a blinded world rolls quickly by.
Apr 17 · 62
While disallowed in baseless rhetoric,
refuting solemn words' defeat;
Another triumph lost to angry sobs,
will garner flowers at our feet.

One more day exposing shame and doubt,
shall host a measured retribution;
When night descends in darkest hour,
dramatic signs reach their conclusion.

As weeping willows cast their shadows,
in lingering sweeps of solace defined;
While their hymns of righteous reflections,
color rainbows cast within our minds.

Yet the dawn unfolds in all its glory,
descending from the highest hill;
As solemnity's words conquer evil,
and love rises through mankind's will.
Apr 16 · 48
Behind the Mask
Suddenly awakening before the dawn,
with emotions spinning like a wheel;
Gray skies misty with drizzled tears,
make suffocated voices strong and real.

The room still dreary from the night,
which is engulfed by the sullen sphere;
As hearts beat with strange imaginings,
through words one can barely hear.

Then sitting up promptly in my bed,
with lightning shattering in beams;
Shooting along the walls like comets,
which have appeared in cosmic dreams.

Wildly unsettled by a fevered pitch,
are the loosely painted faces;
Strung along the many mirrored walls,
forming shadows that time erases.

Behind the mask of violent rage,
there still resides a saintly cause;
As terror strikes within the soul,
God's angels seek a silent pause.

Bringing daylight with its welcome shine,
ridding the world of all its pain;
With their holy forces striking out,
delivering hope from Heaven's domain.
Apr 14 · 38
Do Not Despair
With a burst of Spring the mind shall wander,
to fields of dawn and skies of light;
Never a thought remains for sadness,
when sunshine reaches everyone in sight.

Perhaps it's time to set the story straight,
from emerald pastures of the soul;
And glossy winds of honeyed fragrance,
with feelings of love which make us whole.

Bleak days have quickly vanished overnight,
replaced with hopes and dreams fulfilled;
While each barren space within our hearts,
becomes a golden vessel of spiritual renewal.

So do not despair, my friends, for heaven's here,
in the awakening of bees, buds, and birds;
And nothing ever fails in glorious Spring,
as sounds linger softly without the words.
Apr 13 · 38
Finding Answers
It's often said that hope is blind,
and fear is the willing force;
More tender than the grass of Spring,
our souls have felt remorse.

We've walked along these river banks,
perfecting just what to say;
And in the solemnest of words,
questions rise up day by day.

The cold and damp have given pause,
to stop the wayward thoughts;
Now our minds reflect a wanting of,
life's lessons to be taught.

It's a mystical world where we reside,
cherished poets speak of grace;
As stars dance through the Milky Way,
and snow falls down like lace.

Yet here on earth our problems seem,
much too difficult to discern;
The river's frozen hard as stone,
as we quiver, crash, and burn.

The answers lie among the clouds,
in natural elements of being;
There's solace in our beating hearts,
as we discover what's worth seeing.

A million folks have come and gone,
walking the river's narrow path;
When finally a mere glimpse of sky,
dissolves the enduring wrath.

Now hope that is no longer blind,
and faith beyond its measure;
Will ward off the destined downfall,
with answers which can be treasured.
Apr 11 · 42
Her Eyes
The sadness leaped from her soulful stare,
with worry and deep reflection;
As remnants of a sorrowful past,
flowed through haunting recollections.

While painful memories from childhood years,
still crept within her aching soul;
Determination set her mind to task,
worthy actions to reach her goal.

Challenges met her every movement,
setting pace for efforts designed;
To plan a scheme no other could match,
which she worked harder to define.

The power of the future often rests,
on the willingness to toss aside;
All fearful nights in honor bound,
with clear eyes that no longer cry.
Apr 9 · 104
Beware of the urge to hide your face,
from the forces of manipulation;
Mere perception is often misguided,
in camouflaged transformation.

Where sloping canyons breed epiphanies,
revealing a haphazard gathering of trends;
Of the soulful apparitions' revelations,
conquered triumphantly toward gallant ends.

So hearken forth with feigned delight,
breaking boundaries of earthly fences;
While frivolous fables diminish emotions,
of carelessly unmasked pretenses.

Each quest for authenticity surpasses,
a road through the canyon's harbors;
Outwardly disguised in chaste aura,
as arrogance rages onto placid shores.

When life's choices appear eclectic,
in random complacency borne of desire;
Then unmask the will of silent torment,
while in a trance one walks through fire.
Apr 8 · 43
The church was crowded with lonely souls,
while winds swept through its stained-glass windows;
An uneasy fog seemed to engulf the faithful,
as flickering candles emitted an eerie glow.

The altar dressed entirely in sacred white,
now completely enveloped in the misty haze;
Each penitent watched as outside grew dark,
an oncoming sign of the near-evening's phase.

While asking the Lord in His generosity,
to bless everyone and keep them safe;
The carillons began ringing a holy chime,
emanating peace throughout this saintly place.

Each person then felt like a child of God,
songs of angels flowed through the room;
When the whole congregation joyfully joined,
reaffirming their vows as sweet voices in tune.

What a gift to share in the mystical ways,
of the blessed Lord and His most humble flock;
Each soulful connection between God and mankind,
will remain strong and steadfast as a ticking clock.

We seek benediction when our hope seems lost,
yet we're promised the world won't implode;
The path to heaven shall awaken our hearts,
with new-found courage to travel His honored road.
Mar 31 · 109
Suffering through a tragic break,
knowing inside what was at stake;
Still believing in the mighty cause,
despite the handwriting on the walls.

The callousness of crass design,
from anguished heart and muted mind;
Against each fear we must confess,
in promising words we should profess.

With every piece of shattered dreams,
all wrapped up in plans and schemes;
Blanketing the world with colors pale,
and desiring only to tip the scale.

An atmosphere that doth proclaim,
the rebounding spirit of the game;
When love's doled out in tiny pieces,
a heartbeat swells then quickly ceases.

Forever lonely we all shall live,
with nothing left to borrow or give;
Regret and sorrow infuse our days,
as charity's tossed and blown away.
These times apart seem such a strain,
a heartfelt emotional loss;
But now we must think of the common good,
and fulfill a worthwhile cause.

People wracked with pain and suffering,
an ominous sign for retreat;
Yet just when we most need intimacy,
this intensity bears repeating.

The smartest move is not to move,
and remain inside for awhile;
We'll see one another soon enough,
when powerful sources quash the fire.

Still our minds take a daily route,
through webs of life's complexities;
And wonderment will fill the ache,
if hope can set our spirits free.
Mar 28 · 49
Bask in the Light
Wherever light dispels the hate,
our poems rhyme at heaven's gate;
We seek the spirit of the night,
to cast away our painful plight.

With Jesus dying for our sins,
His holy wounds a sacred glimpse;
Of fateful death upon the Cross,
to build up hopes despite our loss.

Yet frightened notions may exist,
in minds and souls that still persist;
To turn away from sacrificial love,
and angels flying with the Dove.

Surrender toward the saintly sphere,
where songs are sung and lilies appear;
The glow of light shines into hearts,
which Christ will never tear apart.
A brief Easter blessing !
Mar 28 · 53
Grains of Sand
Through callous and repressive stand,
life's bitter flow in grains of sand;
Releases powers that project,
their horrid schemes without regret.

In days of watching the hourglass,
the soul's intent is put to rest;
With memories of conscious will,
which carry missives to the hill.

And on that mountain in the sky,
are sandy peaks from which they fly;
Those denizens of humor dim,
in caricature of fading whim.

We pilot through the wanton ways,
that settle scores in master plays;
But when the evening calls our bluff,
all profits gained are not enough.
Mar 26 · 33
A Highland Wish
Come to where heather-strewn meadows lie,
and valleys deep with lake-water sigh--
Villages filled with bonny lads and lasses,
where church bells ring out to soothe the masses.

Climbing over steep hills of mossy green,
watching a rugged horseman gather his team--
Winding down earthen paths of beauty foreseen,
where crisp rains fall softly--swift and clean.

Stone cottages built for the sturdy life,
flower-boxes under windows settling strife--
Of careworn faces in the kitchens and fields,
who bring crops of fruit which generously yield.

It's just a small sample of what I know,
about Scotland, its castles, and legends of old--
One day I'll be sailing across the sea,
where ancestors' spirits run wild and free !
My husband is of Scottish descent, as is one of my favorite authors,
A. J. Cronin, who wrote so lovingly about his homeland. A brief tribute, nonetheless, sincere !
Mar 26 · 114
The Need
Whisked away among the clouds,
as if hope had dissipated;
My heartfelt worries clearer now,
with frightful thoughts anticipated.

In streamlined streets of ashen gray,
the restless storms had rambled;
And tearful words dispersed among,
each whisper through the shambles.

Coaxed out of darkness with remorse,
were shadowy souls of silence;
With deep hunger for a siren's voice,
to resume in screaming defiance.

Hell on earth--a treacherous plague,
which can reach any one who breathes;
As the need for cure and comfort,
resides within a world that grieves.
for anyone touched by the Covid-19 virus...May God bless !
Mourning the summer solstice as it screams by,
steaming like a freight train racing toward the sun;
Frantic, electric, a furious quest gathering speed,
following an unknown path to a lost memory.

Burning waters beneath the green shade of tall,
winsome trees,
Eternal springs of summer's love, despondent now,
with endless apathy.
Beauty--bound and gagged--captured, held tight
as a fist,
setting its table among tangled, twisted weeds,
awaiting the arrival of forgotten seasons--
Discovering true summer in the tender torture of
gentle souls.

Alongside country roads of brown-red clay,
where wildflowers shrivel, fade and die,
Teardrops stream then melt into Mother Earth,
foretelling the approaching frost, darker and deeper,
than a February night,
Before summer could grasp our hands, pulling us
backward, downward, spiraling into the boiling abyss.

And the freight train bears down, piercing the fog,
roaring forward into the misty horizon;
Heavy walls of moisture daring us to breathe,
finally relenting, a nightmare blown away in ashes.

Drops of glistening sweat dissipate
as knife-bladed breezes bring wintry storms,
white and barren, icy and harsh,
With the trains raging journey exposed--
transcending all emptiness, the hollow desire.

Suddenly, an epiphany amidst the dashed hopes
of mortals,
where mystical tales float within the mind's orbit--
Solemnizing the steady, stinging rain---waiting for an
eternity of sparkling stars--cascading, erupting, exploding
into pieces of dust and stone,
Justifying our existence beneath the heavens.

The separation of God and Man only an illusion,
as the train slows down through sacred hills,
Defying the cluttered search for truth,
now existing as the chosen instrument of change and
ultimate sacrifice--
And one shared moment of clarity among the ruins.
Mar 7 · 64
On My Own
The naked world defines my sorrow,
and leaves me hungry for more;
Of cherished moments under the sun,
with salt-sea kisses from a distant shore.

While lapis light shoots from the sky,
my heartbreak trends toward stars;
Which hold my thoughts in shining array,
creating images that carry my scars.

Still wounded and faint I walk alone,
seeking solace from the nightly echoes;
Which color my sadness and regret,
leaving me cold as the winter's snow.

If this is the time when I fade away,
then perhaps it's only a dream;
A phantom notion which plagues my soul,
reaches its heights--finally peaceful and serene.
Mar 4 · 46
Apotheosis of Deity
Behold, the resurgence of brilliant stars uniting,
as the Almighty relays His will unto the earth;
The faithful gather 'round in prayerful singing,
rejoicing freely from their spirits' holy berth.

Reaching out to share the massive glory,
of Heaven's spark released upon the ground;
Our minds are touched by saintly prophets' words,
when inspired by soulful melodies profound.

While our Savior is still walking with the angels,
and telling the tale familiar to them all;
His Father sends Him down to help the people,
to spread messages of love and heed His call.

And now we look to honor His Son's sacrifice,
as the world still spins yet suffers from delusions;
Which easily tempt our daily thoughts and visions,
until we find a sacred way through life's confusion.
For the Lenten Season
Mar 1 · 66
Despite the haunting questions in my mind,
my words became a beacon in the dark;
I grabbed onto lines of favor and delight,
to capture all the lightning's eager spark.

I fought to scale the heights beyond the scope,
of imitating others whose words defined;
A limitless landscape depicting deep expression,
awakening thoughts which scattered over time.

Whenever I would write a lengthy stanza,
preposterous at times it may have seemed;
My heart would jolt inside me with a start,
to find I had created a worthwhile theme.

And when I found my voice had much to say,
far beyond the magical whirl of creativity;
Each script aligned in a calm and careful manner,
inspiring hope with cautious objectivity.
Feb 29 · 95
Lost Soul
There she sits alone with a hefty growl,
lifting up her skirt with a screeching howl;
Coarse strands of hair streaming from her head,
she appears like a scarecrow crawling from the dead.

Always fearing life beyond her own dominion,
her voice was stern when shouting her opinion;
That raspy sound brought children to their knees,
this care-worn woman rarely aimed to please.

For a sad and solemn story caused her ruin,
left abandoned years ago by thoughtless kin;
Having lost her only son--a casualty of War,
retreating from the world was her only cure.

The destiny of those who've been affected,
by reckless chances taken through objections;
Have cost the souls of others waiting back home,
who'll only touch their loved ones--carried to their tombs.
Feb 28 · 49
The Complex Corridor
There go the wild and eerie sounds of zephyrs,
translations stirred by birdsong in the air;
Listening closely for the eager signs of Spring,
where love and beauty take away our cares.

Crushing branches fall without their blossoms,
with cursed winds defying what we seek;
And blushing roses lose their winsome petals,
which float along a dark and dismal creek.

Winter's soul abandoned on frosty evergreens,
a crystalline mix of snowflakes drifting down;
Yet now its Muse reflects the complex corridor,
projecting mirrors of sunshine's brightening crown.

Our hearts combine their deep and wise conclusions,
that every single change shows Nature's way;
To cast its mystic aura throughout the Cosmos,
where sweet innocence and wonder rule the day.
Feb 24 · 89
Pride and Reflection
The days of thunderous applause denied me,
without 'honorable mentions' placed beside me;
Rampant chaos reaped within my hungry soul,
urgently follows a route from sensibility's role.

In loathsome words defining what's ahead,
my beating heart revives its chance to shed--
The multitude of tears which cast a shadow,
which falls across my face in muted sorrow.

For when dawn arrives beyond the grassy hills,
awakening the callous world from winter's chills;
I crawl from my bed and watch in fascination,
beseeching heavenly claims for my rejuvenation;

The fame and fortune sought from worthless gestures,
can stumble through with weak and thoughtless answers;
And doubtful questions posed from privilege and pride,
will forego the righteous path to humility's side.
Feb 16 · 55
The Right Intention
Our spirits will rise up and rejoice,
when inner voices cry out to be free;
Challenging the 'status quo' of lies,
longing to shine a light on what we see.

Putting words into action is not a game,
when calming raging hearts with humanity;
We seek to master change by good intentions,
as we claim our right to act on this insanity.

Flowing from the deepest well of kindness,
we power through the work God has arranged;
To send the force of evil to the hell fires,
and generate possibilities of love's refrains.

Despite our doubts we struggle forth with faith,
remembering how the world overcame such plights;
And holding out our hands to touch the infinite,
our spirits launch sheer strength from day to night.
Often we feel the world is in chaos, and our words can propel us to righteous actions !
Along the path of righteousness,
rising notions that are limitless;
Promote the lights of love and cheer,
rejecting minds that live in fear.

Inside a world that's mostly gray,
someone will come to show the way;
Into a place which comforts all,
where spirits answer worthy calls.

Among the shadows that reappear,
are those which conquer souls from fear;
And when the road seems quite insane,
a friendly shadow takes the reins.

My shadow falls across the land,
preparing me to take a stand;
To help the lowly victims of,
the evil which destroys all love.

For when the dreams of angels die,
a second shadow fills the sky;
And empty hearts will soon recover,
with vows to cherish one another.
We are all shadows of one another, in a way...trying to serve as 'partners' in this crazy world of ours ! (an "oldie" from my "collection") !
Feb 12 · 69
Any Moment Now
February snowfall displays its beauty,
in frozen alabaster petals from the sky;
Falling delicately they paint an ornate picture,
which reflects its luminosity from on high.

The winter world spins gently as it weaves,
a glowing tapestry of gossamer angels' flight;
The glory of the heavens speaking volumes,
as the sweeping winds call out to their delight.

Suddenly the steely sky brightens overhead,
as the moon appears and shows its pearly face;
To give honor to the goddess known as Amethyst,
with the crystalline shine of royal purple's trace.

Any moment now deep slumber will arrive,
with the dreams of nightfall and its wintry grace;
Where God's angels warm the spirit in abundance,
and soothe all hearts in a memorable embrace.
for my sister, Marie Antonia, a daughter of February !
Phantoms drawn from the waiting hills,
devoid of notions unfulfilled;
In silence breaks their worrisome thought,
which contaminates every sacred plot.

At ease the dance of dawn alights,
caressing strains of fortune's might;
And with the chill of subsequent fears,
sing softly then slowly disappear.

The mountains shed an early snow,
which captivates in the daylight's show;
Then morning and night become the same,
toward the inner caverns of the waiting game.

As if in a trance the hours slip by,
where no one rests and no one cries;
Forever grieved these phantoms try,
to escape their fate borne from the sky.
Feb 6 · 71
Melting Away
The halls are echoing old sweet songs,
cascading down like waterfalls;
In dreams and visions that went before,
from the glory days of ancient lore.

Eyes blinking away the melting tears,
while music touches our hopes and fears;
Where memories find a sacred place,
to scatter images no longer erased.

The past sheds light on many reasons,
and carries us all from season to season;
The psyche senses an awkward pause,
within the shell of mankind's walls.

No longer melting in faint disguise,
these moments lapse before our eyes;
As time reflects on what's been gleaned,
from the roller-coaster of life's true meaning.
Simplistic, but I believe the message is apt...cherish old memories, learn from the past, but LIVE FOR TODAY !
Was I old enough to understand the reasons,
why God unfurled a myriad of seasons ?
An empty space--a relic--of years gone by,
let loose within my soul a youngster's sigh.

The shallowness that claimed my heart's corruption,
was old and torn like crumbled leaves' destruction;
For through the lens of youth I viewed the wasteland,
and carved the ravaged pathway to the heartland.

Stumbling and tumbling among the crisp evergreens,
searching for answers to questions now foreseen;
In images of light which floundered and faded,
while still holding onto flowers--ripped and jaded.

But then a rainstorm gathered with its power,
in a blast of wild winds with blinding showers;
My road ahead seemed doomed to be obscure,
as I wandered through the trees toward heaven's door.

And there I found the ultimate place of peace,
like a lantern in the darkened night's release;
Where trees of every shape and size grew tall,
and enchantment ruled the day for one and all.
Jan 18 · 85
Somewhere In Between
Awakened in a channel of obscurity,
which overflows into a frightening wave;
Reminiscent of a bleeding soul's reunion,
with hungry eyes that glare beyond the grave.

These ghosts will rise from every flooded tunnel,
appearing gaunt and wholly drenched in misery's web;
That spirals 'round and 'round along the river,
into a foggy wasteland's muddy bed.

Through the night awaiting saintly missives,
to rescue all that's blessed from the ground;
Their wailing chants reach up into the cosmos,
voices shrieking in a cacophony of sound.

Somewhere in between a hollow memory,
survives among the mists of dawn's deception;
Another force reacts with ominous power,
against the Will of timely intervention

And soon the beleaguered spirits fill the night,
retracing all their steps which glow in darkness;
Then the final chapter yields a twilight ending,
which falls among the words of lives repressed.
Jan 17 · 52
In a dream-like state we follow the words,
and images projected forward;
Inside our hearts we shake and quake,
with fear of moving onward.

Holding hands our voices muted,
waiting for the gypsy chant;
Closing our eyes in the darkened room,
as candlelight hails against the rant.

From nothingness arose a silver harp,
and a statue of beauty and grace;
A view marred by smoky essences,
which pervaded this somber place.

The howling from bewitched spirits,
increased the pounding inside my chest;
But one small token left behind,
set my helpless fears to rest.

I walked away with confidence,
and held his rosary in my hands;
Promising my father I'd "keep the faith,"
that would lead me to the promised land.
Jan 3 · 66
In Captivity
The night was reflected in yesterdays,
of perilous haunting's sphere;
Which wandered into my current days,
through ominous waves of fear.

While shaking off my deep despair,
forsaking my soul's desire;
Looking forward sent me to the clouds,
erasing the present's ire.

The future seemed an awkward spot,
which never truly saw the past;
While silently watching worlds collide,
sending sparks from nature's blast.

So where now do I go from here ?
The darkest days are done;
I'll close my eyes and wander alone,
as my arms reach toward the sun.

But the captive heart freely understands,
its place within time's plight;
And rising from the ashes brings,
hope which leads me from the night.
Jan 3 · 152
The Saddest Thing
Love hangs from the tree of happiness,
it often dangles and tangles its leaves;
Between the shadows of waning wonder,
calling out for someone to believe.

It floats from memory to memory,
scattering pictures throughout our minds;
Often it seems shaken and restless,
forging its visions from another time.

Scrambled missives falling from the sky,
reaching beyond the cool grassy hills;
Where the tree of love awaits its call,
disparaged--yet holding still.

But the sun arranges for brighter days,
which alight in joy and glory;
The saddest thing now flies away,
from the pain of an anguished story.

Then love nestles in the heart of town,
where the folks have seen the shine;
And share their gifts of friendship,
as love beckons to all mankind.
Jan 1 · 436
Winter Solstice Sings
The streets covered with snow and sleds,
children no longer lying in cozy beds;
Sleep is a waste when the outdoors calls,
this new season brings merriment to all !

Spinning like tops while skating on ponds,
seeing ourselves mirrored in icy lawns;
Snow-forts built with love and care,
frost nips away in the clean crisp air.

Building a snowman up on the hill,
down feathers fight off the icy chill;
Sharing with friends many Christmas treats,
slipping and sliding to a jolly old beat !

Songs on high from the chirping birds,
cardinals calling out their sweetened words;
As an evergreen sits so majestic and tall,
a welcome wonderland of joy for one and all !
Post-Christmas memories of childhood fun !
Dec 2019 · 72
On Safe Ground
The world spins and twirls with incessant churning,
never falling--merely floating--across the horizon;
The magic cornerstone of our daily existence,
despite the pull from many parts unknown.

Once a small child flew up into the galaxy,
wandering with curiosity and inner trembling;
Stars ignited their own fire to warm her heart,
and comets scoured the sky while reassembling.

But then her cries were heard by heavenly angels,
to soothe the fears within the child's soul;
Scrambling onward to create the healing powers,
which sent words of light and love which was their goal.

Yet when the lonely child was hence recovered,
from the blackened night by the awesome Grace of God;
A sparkling zephyr propelled her through the whirlwind,
where she landed blessed and safe upon the ground.
for my great-niece, Nicolina Grace, who is battling leukemia. So far, she's winning the fight !
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