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5.7k · Aug 2016
Wind Chimes
Dangling bangles in rhythm of light,
colorfully shining right into the night;
Caressing my ears with magical tones,
dancing on air while my mind gently roams.

Lovely to hear and so sweet to see,
the motion of sounds in a song that's free;
Notes call to the sky with a fresh melody,
my very own voice sings the harmony.

In Autumn we sense those mystical sounds,
of spirits awakening this time around;
Each breeze sends the chimes out into space,
with pleasure and smiles no cloud can erase.
3.8k · Nov 2016
Silhouettes on Sand
The arrival of the night on distant shores,
completes the cycle of relentless waning hours;
In circular repeat of day's end glories,
we softly whisper life's reflective stories.

With moonlit skies as constant company,
our feelings caught in wondrous reverie;
And love is but a boastful source of care,
when suddenly the sky grows dark and bare.

But in the swirling essence of the night,
we set about to make our memories right;
In tossing sway the rumbles of the waves,
allow us to submit to what we've craved.

Approaching dawn with sunlight from above,
finally satiated by passion's whirlwind love;
Our shadows fall like twins upon the beach,
as knowing smiles creep gently 'cross our cheeks.
3.5k · Aug 2018
Behind Closed Doors
Persuasive notions locked away,
in many minds that go astray;
When working along cryptic lines,
which falter during chaotic times.

While hidden in a separate space,
these musings tend to be erased;
Forgotten now in empty spheres,
dissolve as echoes of chronic fears.

Perhaps society has been foretold,
of magic tales so brave and bold;
Yet through the mastery of lies,
they disappear before our eyes.

Inside the quaintly shuttered room,
the words seem subtle but still in tune;
When wanton tales aroused before,
a complex world of closing doors.
2.8k · Apr 2018
Essence of Enchantment
Among the swaying elm trees,
are whispers from on high;
The words are slightly garbled,
but their sweetness flows in sighs.

Each lilac touches wayward hearts,
with deepest blue and velvet glow;
The daffodils sprout yellow wings,
reaching out to join the show.

And hummingbirds sip honeyed wine,
from the feeder hanging nearby;
We watch as the finches gather,
shining golden in the clearest sky.

The lawn seems warm and supple,
as breezes blow in forest green;
Inviting us all to lie and view,
this heavenly springtime scene.

But then the sun retreats behind,
a massive wealth of clouds;
Refreshing rain falls in our midst,
cool and soft as seaside's sounds.

Enchantment is with us every day,
its essence stirs yet calms our souls;
As Gods displays His natural wonders,
life-long gifts that will never grow old.
Welcoming the beauty and joy of Spring (if it ever arrives on the East coast) !!
2.3k · Aug 2016
At Dusk
The mood seems desolate at dusk,
a time when emotions are on the rise;
The shining hours of day are gone,
and mystical images confront our eyes.

Not quite sure of what we see,
in the vastness of the indigo skies;
'Round about the glowing lamps of light,
keenly focused upon iridescent sights.

Are we witnessing life's mysteries unfold,
the way our elders' stories told ?
Yet darker still our evening grows,
shivering, shaking in the windless cold.

Sitting close on our front porch swing,
seeking wonders of imagining;
There they go--the ghosts of our youth,
which beckon still despite the sting.

We're not alone as visions float by,
and dawn reveals what the future may bring.

Frances McClelland
July 17, 2016
2.2k · Nov 2017
Corridors Of Hope
The long bleak halls that bear surprise,
of mirrored shadows' invisible eyes;
Cast visions that will soon repent,
from illusive dreams' opaque fragments.

The drafty corridors in frigid cold,
where icy shards loom large and bold;
A mansion where no one knows his place,
exuding its echoes from time and space.

Perhaps the wayward hours will appear,
holding to account these walls of fear;
While they search for evil's antidote,
the complexity of answers remain remote.

Yet hopeful images still seem at play,
as smiles overshadow those paths of gray;
Conquered souls are willed to start anew,
when destiny's light shines into view.

As witness to evolving notions here,
once the winding road becomes so clear;
Are glorified by heaven's pearly gate,
from captivated souls consumed with faith.
2.0k · Aug 2016
Seasons Change
At last the sun decided to recede,
and dismal clouds suddenly appeared;
In grey-green puffs of swirling smoke,
while crystal rain fell down in tears.

The night seemed in an endless whirl,
of lightning bolts and blustery winds;
I closed my eyes when thunder raged,
and pulled the covers to my chin.

My room appeared as black as coal,
its shadows foretelling ageless tales;
Of great mysteries from ancient times,
while words dissolved into ghastly wails.

Soon awakened from restless slumber,
with profound relief at what I saw;
The burnished golden bloom of day,
as summer had turned into shining Fall.
1.6k · Oct 2018
The Rustling Leaves
Go ahead and feel the breezes,
brought to us by the wind and rain;
As the rustling leaves tell their stories,
some of joy and some of pain.

They whisper nightly as dark descends,
upon our sleepy little town;
Forgive me now, they'll often ask,
not wanting to be left alone.

Tears drip softly from those trees,
as their leaves let go and fly;
To the yard in which the children play,
in crisp bundles towering high.

Wild laughter permeates the air,
as each child decides to climb;
And the rustling leaves feel solace now,
when finding their place in time.

Crackling red the Autumn glows,
a roaring fire in every tree;
Brisk waters from the rain above,
cannot dampen their energy.

For Nature gives its soul to us,
from visions that often stay;
Within our hearts for countless years,
and never drift far away.
the gift of Autumn is upon us with sights and sounds that glow, opening hearts around the town, feeding off the restlessness of Nature !
1.4k · Mar 2019
Raining in the Desert
It was impossible, it seemed to me,
that twilight came so swiftly;
And with it coolness of the night,
and relief from restless drifting.

Wrapped in a towel of perspiration,
I lay on the desert's mounds of sand;
The crescent moon became my friend,
while watching it curve just like my hand.

But whispering wraiths arrived to haunt,
my vivid dreams of black and white;
Exposed to the darkness up above,
where nothing appeared quite right.

The moon dissolved in silent tears,
while shedding its silver sheen;
And with a touch of Merlin's wand,
gathered waters so clear and clean.

The desert rain fell with intent,
to wash away my mortal dread;
Dripping down from the crescent's mirror,
to reflect upon my earthly bed.

When I awoke it was eerily quiet,
the towel around me had dried;
No longer alone in a desert world,
I reached up and touched the sky.
1.3k · Nov 2016
The Mirrored Lake
Along a path of flowers there lies,
a gleaming lake that mirrors the skies;
In gentle glow from the sun above,
which lights the lilting waters of love.

We sit and watch each portrait shine,
in the forest green of leaves divine;
While glancing azure in shadows cast,
each sparkling sign from seasons past.

Magnificent in its glorious stream,
the lake will wander like a dream;
In curious images' rise and fall,
which dance to heaven's saintly call.

And then enveloped by the night,
the lake provides a glittering sight;
With translucent sheen it wanders far,
leaving mirrored traces of the stars.
1.3k · Aug 2019
The angels' harps play a sacred tune,
while planets dance around the moon;
In subtle strains our spirits rise,
and leave us grateful and starry-eyed.

Recalling life as it once seemed,
this vision floated inside a dream;
In many days of endless chants,
the angels' harps cause us to dance.

When voices touch each other's hearts,
there's always a sign creating sparks;
And with that strong secure emotion,
then lives connect with pure devotion.

No longer chilled in fears of life,
all folks fly far away from strife;
The added wealth of kinship stands,
as children sing while holding hands.
1.1k · May 2019
So Rare
The perfumed scent of lilacs,
spills across the room;
Dew-drop eyes flutter slightly,
with an air of confidence.
A lace-edged handkerchief falls softly,
beside her wicker chair.
She moves like a ballerina,
in midst of a graceful dance.

I've seen her in the garden,
while the sun is burning bright;
I've seen her in the moonlight,
kissing lovers a fond goodnight.
She radiates a special warmth,
which flows with easy charm;
And tenderly she crosses the floor,
to grasp her partner's arm.

So rare we see such loveliness,
that speaks to all around;
And when she's finally whisked away,
one dares not utter a sound.
For this fine and delicate lady,
is a vision and delight;
Like embers from the fireplace,
that sparkle through the night.

As if in a dream she signifies,
the ideals of true romance;
The way we'd want ourselves to be,
if we only had the chance !
For Leslie Gayle, RIP !
955 · Dec 2017
Tinseled Treasure
Hanging flirtatiously from each branch,
the sparkling sheen of tinseled treasure;
Rising high cloaked in forest green,
alive with winter's joy and pleasure.

Icicles shine in their silvery light,
within Nature's captivating scene;
Bewitched are we who stand and watch,
mirrored reflections in flashing beams.

In all its glory the bounty glows,
magnetic in its magical gleam;
A Christmas gift for all to share,
within a blessed heavenly scheme.

And with a star placed high above,
soon a mystical sight unfolds;
As golden streaks of ancient lore,
share timeless tales for young and old !
930 · Apr 2019
The Circular Climb
At rest, the motions seem sublime,
as we prepare our circular climb;
The winding 'round of colors' whims,
beneath the rock's exotic gems.

As the tale entrusted to our elders,
life's epic journey starts to smolder;
The planet's rage urges from its core,
and soon our days will be no more.

So moving quickly to escape our fate,
from the destiny of trials and hate;
Now gathering missives from the sun,
no longer fooled by anyone.

We face the climb just as we must,
before our hearts turn into dust;
and cheering on are clouds of rain,
Which spill onto our wounds with pain.

But then we see the course return,
exempting souls from hurt and scorn;
While climbing high yet much too far,
we've failed to capture heaven's star.
Keeping our 'eyes on the prize' can be dangerous ! Proceed with caution.
893 · Aug 2018
Echoes from a Distant Love
Totally shrouded in stark memories,
within the walls of echoing voices;
My bones are chilled and frozen now,
while remembering painful choices.

The sunlight fading into dusk,
with purple streaks of a bitter sky;
As one final ray of amber light,
gently streams into my tearful eyes.

The porch where love had been professed,
lay paint-chipped and desolate in gray;
My words are stuck inside my throat,
I struggle but there's no more to say.

And while the Autumn breezes blow,
through the bronzed and wistful trees;
Their sighs will carry our old sweet song,
among the damp and trembling leaves.
845 · Apr 2019
As Blossoms Fall
The cherry trees dance while blossoms fall,
as if heavenly angels have come to call;
And willing winds fly through dogwood trees,
their leaves dotting landscapes from the breeze.

All this occurring in a dream-filled land,
of poets and prophets in glory's stand;
And gardens overflowing with daffodils,
waving yellow flags from giant hills.

The glancing birds fly off to greet,
in sunbursts' skies of colorful treat;
And rainbows curve their way to gold,
a cherished gift for both young and old.

Delicate as the blossoms may be,
their worth is greater than that of the sea;
While continuing to shed fragrant melodies,
and reviving sweet springtime's reverie.
708 · Nov 2018
The Stillness
In faith perceived a chance to mourn,
and learn to love without the scorn;
Of hatred's voices through the years,
which claim the soul in haunting tears.

With peacefulness to rule our days,
we wander together through the maze;
Of tortured anguish that presents,
a force we need to guard against.

The seasons bear the fruits of love,
from heaven's Host who lives above;
In missives sent so loud and clear,
from angels which are flying near.

In stillness of the whitest light,
no longer torn apart by night;
Those ghastly hours melt like ice,
in solemn words relieving strife.

And so the echoed hearts arise,
to chant their wills to thus survive;
Despite the sadness of the past,
we hear the prayers arrive at last.
704 · Apr 2019
A Thousand Doors
Meandering minds recall their place,
with fraught emotions tangled;
Appearing in a shadowy world,
where words are torn and mangled.

In recesses of profound desire,
when fiery images lose their way;
Through many doors they've wandered,
yet their souls are tossed and frayed.

Again and again this fire deploys,
a fiercely bound intention;
To rise among the smoke and ash,
lifting hope for mass redemption.

So many doors from which to choose,
for the fractured shells of every man;
Laying undisturbed to diffuse the flames,
in the wild and wind-swept rain.
653 · Aug 2016
Lavender Dreams
While dancing through the floral fields,
where pungent scents abound--
My soul is filled with loveliness,
like nothing else around.

The gentle breeze caresses,
each row of colored flowers--
A place where one could lie alone,
and meditate for hours.

I've wandered daily to the hills,
where green and gold tones meet--
And the light fresh touch of lavender,
remains the ultimate treat.

Faintly blue and purple hues,
enliven nature's scene--
Each soft wisp of lavender dust,
recalls a Provence dream.

Imagining a little French girl,
skipping merrily down each aisle--
With tall strands of native flowers,
while wearing an enchanting smile.

Someday I'll visit this country town,
in rural, rustic France--
And comb the lacy fields of lavender,
whenever I have the chance.
625 · Sep 2017
Under a brilliantly chilled blue sky,
the dusky cedars grow in strength;
While the serenity of newly fallen snow,
glitters in the sunlight's timeless bend.

Lost in an echo of angel's footsteps,
I seek the dimmer sanctuary of shade;
Hiding my inner thoughts from open spaces,
as the winter's sun burns sharper than a blade.

I hear the ringing rhapsodies of cardinals red,
spreading their sweetest notes across the plains;
While resting in the ragged twisted treetops,
the munificence of music's charm remains.

My thoughts were once a clamoring onslaught,
of tormented memories from my current loss;
Yet now my heart's awakened to a paradise,
as I silently relinquish that ill-fated course.

With one deep breath I rise amid the ashes,
of restless slumber's curse which held me back;
But with this wondrous world in resolution,
the hunger and the thirst no longer last.
583 · Sep 2017
Clear Sailing
The placid sea called out to me,
on a path to find the sun;
My ship was blue as blue could be,
and swiftly did she run !

The glowing haze that prompted me,
to sail in unknown waters;
Had caught my eye for many years,
I'd known its sense of wonder.

The days before I took this trip,
I lay in pastures green;
Just watching sparks fly from the sun,
while pondering my dream.

Perhaps I'll never get there,
but I've simply got to try;
For my heart belongs to smiling days,
of sunshine in my eyes.
578 · Nov 2016
A Walk with Destiny
The intoxicating freshness of autumn,
with trees swaying in defiance of nature's change;
And the singed dusk crackling in fiery red,
competes with final scents of summer's claim...

A profound sense of possibility lingers still,
fulfilling hopeful views released by fate;
While love's luminous lantern's constant burn,
arises in aromatic lushness at the gate.

Triumphant in the numinous effects,
that brings humanity falling to its knees;
Watching leaves drift softly by in random,
as stars align like ships upon the sea.

Impulsive winds begin their haunting play,
to sounds of aimless footsteps from the stairs;
And in the garden's fading wisp of flowers,
soulful mysteries dissolve in varnished air.
566 · Jun 2019
As Music Lingers
We sat on the porch watching stars,
the night was supple and warm;
Into the sky we sent our dreams,
being mesmerized by its charms.

Next door a record played aloud,
a song we'd never known;
While holding hands we hummed along,
and the music became our own.

A blissful evening of deepest love,
began with just one kiss;
It seemed our dreams had come alive,
with heartfelt joy we dare not miss.

And as the notes floated through the air,
we exchanged a solemn vow;
To dance through life as husband and wife,
while remembering the 'here and now'.
530 · May 2019
Celestial Sighs
The night was calm yet glowing,
with a sky so full of light;
I wondered if stars were singing,
a melody just as bright.

The children tucked into their beds,
and the autumn air so clear;
It's as if the song had come along,
just to tingle in my ear.

I walked among the pumpkins,
the leaves fell crisply there;
Along the coral pathway,
with the song still in the air.

Then suddenly I heard a cry,
from the hearty maple tree;
Reflected in the shine of light,
it begged to be set free.

So I began to sing up to the stars,
my favorite song of love;
And as my voice grew louder still,
celestial sighs came from above.

The peace I felt one eerie night,
can only be described;
As angels watching from great heights,
to keep our hearts alive.
The sky is filled with heavenly hosts,
who help us all survive !!
485 · Mar 2019
The Clearing
It was a day of brilliant sunshine,
one that rarely lasts;
And with a sky of deepest blue,
a wonderment was cast.

Just beside the woodshed,
a garden glowed of Spring;
An awesome sight of color,
urging the birds to sing.

Open air and fields of gold,
that graced our tiny town;
Daisies, lilies, and tulips reigned,
as queens of great renown.

Our eyes would delight in early light,
of sheer delicacy and sustenance;
Fanciful thoughts swirled in our heads,
of pixie dust and angels' dance.

And in a childlike vision formed,
a bright clearing upon the land;
Of cherished moments still calling us,
like the sea always meets the sand.
456 · Aug 2016
Whenever humans contemplate,
in hours of wintry rest;
The snow-capped mountains scintillate,
from a far-away distance.

And storms eradicate some sites,
while dismal is the day;
But rising high are rocky peaks,
which toss the clouds away.

A steely sky with amber glow,
paints a chilled and frosty scene;
While watching through the window,
one can almost feel its gleam.

Spirited souls warmed by the hearth,
still wonder if it's all real;
The ticking clock strikes midnight,
as the night stars thus reveal.

Then sleepy eyes are haunted,
by the spectacle they see;
And dozing in their comfy beds,
their thoughts run wild and free.

For solstice nights seem brighter when,
emotions travel from mind to soul;
While snowy days and evening's light,
bring every dream that's left untold.
443 · Oct 2017
Haunting Voices
Removing doubt from subtle strains,
of musical messages that remain;
Connecting hearts to wondrous themes,
while learning all their plans and schemes.

Recovering from an ancient blast,
in the ruination of the past;
Mere mortals go where they can find,
a place to ease their troubled minds.

Where one hears songs of serenity,
which erase all life's calamities;
The past stays far away from here,
and the present shifts itself in gear.

These haunting voices thus replay,
their tumultuous tunes of disarray;
Yet in the vast and wondrous night,
guardian angels follow us in flight.

Sweet sounds now touch our fearful souls,
as we search to find our faithful role;
In God we place our hopeful prayer,
whenever life seems beyond repair.
438 · Nov 2016
When Illusions Evolve...
Change can be our faithful friend,
despite the dreams that often end;
And shown the door for our own sake,
while other paths our visions take.

When such illusions hence evolve,
in grandeur of miraculous love;
The universe explodes in space,
with stars that render heaven's grace.

A natural course would be to run,
in varied ways to chase the sun;
Enraptured by the planet's whirl,
we watch the moon as fate unfurls.

These moments hold a secret plan,
which mystics cast upon the land;
And soothes our inner souls to rest,
as we embark on passion's quest.
436 · Jan 1
Winter Solstice Sings
The streets covered with snow and sleds,
children no longer lying in cozy beds;
Sleep is a waste when the outdoors calls,
this new season brings merriment to all !

Spinning like tops while skating on ponds,
seeing ourselves mirrored in icy lawns;
Snow-forts built with love and care,
frost nips away in the clean crisp air.

Building a snowman up on the hill,
down feathers fight off the icy chill;
Sharing with friends many Christmas treats,
slipping and sliding to a jolly old beat !

Songs on high from the chirping birds,
cardinals calling out their sweetened words;
As an evergreen sits so majestic and tall,
a welcome wonderland of joy for one and all !
Post-Christmas memories of childhood fun !
423 · Nov 2018
The Tides
The sea appears before our eyes,
with tides that wash and sanctify;
And lifts our spirits toward the sun,
where golden rays connect as one.

They sanctify our souls within,
with crystal waters erasing sin;
And cleanse the ache of angry ire,
extinguishing all the raging fires.

While resting on the burning sands,
we contemplate our lives' demands;
With hearts aspiring to simplicity,
and Wills designed to set us free.

As we watch the rolling of the sea,
the tides tumbling fast and furiously;
We sense that angels rise above,
to demonstrate God's eternal love.
Hope springs eternally in the never-ending flow of the sea !
399 · Oct 2017
Sweet Water's Serenade
Sweet water flows from saintly hills,
each honeyed drop of amber;
Rambling downward in lush cascades,
filling golden pools of nectar.

Those drizzled sounds reverberate,
among the mountains' craggy stones;
As subtle strains of melodies,
infuse love's enchanting tones.

A symphony emanates with flair,
as sparrows join in harmony;
And with their chirping notes of joy,
embodies a touch of fantasy.

The sumptuous springs below the hills,
where all of nature comes to play;
Revive the air in fragrant scents,
yielding life's glorious serenade.
392 · Apr 2018
In The Evening
When the daylight dims its shiny face,
among the sky's exuberant show;
Our hearts are mellowed by the mist,
and once again the moonlight glows.

In the evening when the whispering trees,
tell poignant stories of a summer's love;
We hear their mournful voices crying,
to reach heaven's starlight up above.

The night grows soft in perfumed air,
of sweet jasmine, wisteria, and violets;
The canopy on high becomes a rainbow,
of varied hues from a sumptuous sunset.

A hush soon envelops this welcome scene,
while hearts embrace its wonder and romance;
The porch-swing sways as subtle tunes,
caress us with the joy of Nature's dance.
383 · Jun 2018
Silence Speaks Volumes
Into the shade of darkness falls,
emotions of fear and sorrow;
Emptiness lingers in the void,
with no purpose for tomorrow.

Yesterdays' ghosts haunt every move,
disturbing all signs of hope;
Confusion casts its cryptic spell,
as anguished hearts attempt to cope.

As if spun into a web of doubt,
the silence bears its weight;
Whatever prospects for the truth,
soon vanished beyond the gate.

Perhaps each soul's' awakening,
penetrates through broken glass;
And scattered remnants of their light,
gently fall within our grasp.

The barriers of thoughtful minds,
recede toward outer space;
And quiet voices thus proclaim,
those words revived with faith.
376 · May 2018
Free Again
My heart was broken---then frozen this year,
few words of solace did I hear;
Loneliness engulfed my mere existence,
feeling lost and trapped into resistance.

Releasing all my energy was not in play,
feeling sorrowful and angry every day;
Alone with thoughts of the distant past,
as tears ran slowly down my wounded face.

Then a new love suddenly came to me,
relieving all the pain which conquered me;
My heart gladly mended into place,
as serenity blessed me with its grace.

Yes, you freed my soul to find love again,
you chipped away at the bonds of chains;
And smiling now with the misty dawn,
I feel comfort and safety in your arms.
When you least expect it, love fills a void !
368 · Dec 2017
Count the Ways
It seems our lives are merely a reflection,
of countless subtleties of imperfection;
But God looks from above with perfect eyes,
ensuring all mankind won't be denied.

He sees our endless struggles multiply,
like visions of great ghosts that quantify;
Each lowly spirit's grappling with contention,
while managing our hopes with pure intention.

The sacred ways of heaven blossom full,
in magnitude of gifts that make us whole;
The beauty and the wonder of the world,
will demonstrate His love in glorious rule.

His gracious manner showing us the way,
of letting us decide the course we take;
Yet even in our darkest hours of sin,
we'll know His heart forever shines within.
365 · Sep 2017
Watching the crescent moon hang low,
in a curious curve of sumptuous grace;
Gold and silver sparks dance around it,
lighting the sky while shooting through space.

This scenic vista is just the beginning,
of the heavens blooming in all their glory;
As if poised to float clear down to earth,
relating a true and timeless story.

From my window as I contemplate,
the mystical message lying in store;
I sense a downward shift of energy,
revealing a path through Nature's door.

The moon knows when to change course,
but it always has intentions to share;
Each beam of light that dazzles the earth,
and freely wanders in the vast open air.

Then lulled to sleep by moonbeams' spell,
those cosmic flashes through the night;
Will urge and ignite everyone's dreams,
bringing us solace and sheer delight !
354 · Oct 2018
Whispering Voices
Beyond the creamy ice-milk sky,
where snow-topped mountains reign;
A world of alabaster white,
proudly shimmers in its domain.

The howling winds whirl overhead,
where wintry birds proclaim;
In glorious voices from above,
as they chirp their sweet refrains.

Within a sphere of crystal wonder,
reflecting mirrored shadows from afar;
The whispering sounds of angels' breath,
shower peace from a new snowfall.

A palace shaped by dangling icicles,
where frosty tales of winter's light;
Are coveted in the gentle words,
of poets' profound delight.
347 · Mar 2019
Crystal Clear
The spirits call us through the night,
and touch us with their heavenly light;
No longer shadows borne of fear,
their loving presence wanders near.

And when the song of love they sing,
lifts us up toward Christ the King;
We're changed in ways we never knew,
our hearts are grown and hence renewed.

With wonders of His angels' tunes,
that wander high beyond the moon;
Our empty souls become fulfilled,
which build a world so calm and still.

It's crystal clear at Easter time,
that hope evolves from ancient rhyme;
And grace provided from His death,
brings countless lives their sacred rest.
a Lenten piece, with thoughts of Christ's love and saving grace !
336 · Oct 2017
The Brevity of Hours
Now is the time of fading light,
when summer's sun has said goodnight;
It swiftly left with changing winds,
erasing heat that burns and stings.

The cooler days are brief and bare,
yet often shine with golden flair;
Despite the warmth that's gone away,
we marvel at Autumn's fine display.

With sweaters keeping chills at bay,
we watch the trees in colorful array;
And silvery skies with scarlet streaks,
are heaven's gifts for us to keep.

While ghosts and goblins come alive,
and scarecrows show their frightening sides;
The pumpkin path is swathed in frost,
as the 'Headless Horseman' rides across !

There's such wonder in these hours brief,
with children gathering up each leaf;
Which change to bronze before their eyes,
in the shortened days of Fall's surprise.
328 · Aug 2016
Avenues of Thought
Clinging to the words of inspiration,
marking every moment of elation;
Seeking to propel this last creation,
into avenues of thought and admiration.

Crowded paths of overflowing minds,
convey messages of life in clever rhymes;
Mystic images might often seem sublime,
denoting worthiness of our substantial time.

We go about the day as wonders grow,
and fill the void of empty-headed show;
Words appearing magically in streaming flow,
awakening like blossoms under the snow.

And with the latest work at fingers' touch,
we let the public share in curious watch;
With hope--ideas stir toward faithful trust,
of connections made by willing poets' ******.
326 · Aug 2018
Summer Fades
The ephemeral voice of solstice fades,
in solemn hushes from the sky;
While August melts its perfumed air,
and yellowed leaves go floating by.

Summer dreams define our will,
to follow our hearts' desires;
And when each day is briefer still,
we cling to sunlight's fire.

Looking ahead toward Autumn's face,
with wistful sighs of loss;
We spend our evenings under the stars,
feeling an early touch of frost.

And while the ocean dares to play,
its siren's song of love;
The blackest night can never fade,
when mists caress the doves.
When basking in the early light,
and closing off all doors of night;
Thoughts generate a mighty grasp,
on wondrous imagery of the past.

Enriched by nature's sounds and sights,
we lie in evening's waning light;
The day has come and gone too fast,
and memories break away like glass.

To signify the worth of days,
and nights when angels are at play;
Eternal truth retains its power,
in honest souls from hour to hour.

And rising from a lily pond,
are moments chaste in earnest bond;
No longer lost in illusive rhymes,
reprieved from weariness of our minds.

Time moves along in harmony,
each beat commands a symphony;
Which signifies each valued life,
relieving hearts' intensive strife.

And standing at the water's edge,
self-esteem becomes our pledge;
To honor all that's gone before,
as we enter heaven's open door.
320 · Oct 2018
Whistling Winds
The lovely trees of autumn shine,
in fields of majestic glory;
It's heaven's way to give the world,
a pure and glowing story.

While whistling winds intrude upon,
the corners of our minds;
And the gentle breezes blow afar,
each colored leaf aligns.

As the trembling branches of the trees,
shed all their crinkled leaves;
The bounty of a sacred world,
brings nature to its knees.

The northern winds blow heavily,
with frost and chilly air;
And soon the days of winter rise,
as snowflakes dance in pairs.

Remember how the whistles sing,
a tune of changing seasons;
From God above Who tells the tale,
with faith, and hope and reason.
320 · Sep 2019
Misty Rose
The lips which I once kissed,
lying still and cold beneath the damp ground,
those which inflamed mine,
far beyond passion, sound and fury--
having lifted my soul from the muddle of
sheer emptiness--a breathing fire sharply

While lonely flowers lay upon the grave,
the tomb of our anguished goodbyes--
The swells of my heart like a misty rose,
its petals shedding icy tears,
in the twilight hours of frozen air--
turning solemn and bleak as they kiss
My beloved's cheek.
302 · Aug 2016
The Last Goodbye
Walking the path of the Northern Lights,
I photographed the arc of the sky;
Seeming brighter than I'd ever known,
as a glowing stream of stars whisked by.

Today I sat in the church alone,
as many others passed by my sight;
I lit a candle in the corner row,
and felt a wave of silent night.

Where can I go to ease this loss?
the best of my friends is gone;
The loneliness engulfs my soul,
fearing never to see the dawn.  

If only she were by my side,
the Northern Lights would shine for us;
And picture-perfect we would be,
like kindred spirits in outer space.
295 · Oct 2017
Gone now are those we leaned upon,
for wisdom and care throughout our lives;
They've reached their heavenly home above,
where answers are honest and never contrived.

They were the wonders of our souls,
the stars which burned brightly each day;
Everyone sharing compassion and insight,
carving out paths to help find our way.

Now they rest, those thoughtful folks,
those who shared our visions of light;
Sweet memories stir deep emotions when,
we pray and bid them a fond goodnight.

Always look up to those golden skies,
and you'll feel their spirits among us;
The past and present merge together as one,
while hearts are filled with honor and trust.
for my beloved 'elders' who've passed onto a new world.
thank you !
289 · Nov 2017
The Rustling Leaves
Go ahead and feel the breezes,
brought to us by the wind and rain;
As the rustling leaves tell their stories,
some of joy and some of pain.

They whisper nightly as dark descends,
upon our sleepy little town;
Forgive me now, they'll often ask,
not wanting to be left alone.

Tears drip softly from those trees,
as their leaves let go and fly;
To the yard in which the children play,
in crisp bundles on a hill so high.

Their laughter permeates the air,
as each child decides to climb;
Yet the rustling leaves feel safe now,
while finding their place in time.

Crackling red the autumn glows,
a roaring fire in every tree;
Brisk waters from the rain above,
can not dampen their energy.

For Nature gives its soul to us,
from visions that often stay;
Within our hearts for countless years,
and never drift far away.
285 · Sep 2018
Mental Travelers
Writers are often called 'mental travelers',
finding inspiration in imaginative thought;
They follow dreams to many magical places,
and learn about a life that can't be bought.

A story can develop from different angles,
releasing all the joy and sorrow it holds;
Describing wondrous visions from the heart,
with mindfulness of the pleasures that unfold.

The colors of the soul are on display,
they float along with mystery and intrigue;
We find ourselves wrapped up inside the words,
while they promote our aspirations to achieve.

The true poet creates images which survive,
and carry us into worlds of saving grace;
Each verse begins a journey to the stars,
where eager minds discover their 'special space'.
These times apart seem such a strain,
a heartfelt emotional loss;
But now we must think of the common good,
and fulfill a worthwhile cause.

People wracked with pain and suffering,
an ominous sign for retreat;
Yet just when we most need intimacy,
this intensity bears repeating.

The smartest move is not to move,
and remain inside for awhile;
We'll see one another soon enough,
when powerful sources quash the fire.

Still our minds take a daily route,
through webs of life's complexities;
And wonderment will fill the ache,
if hope can set our spirits free.
276 · Apr 2019
Staggering through the ancient doors,
of unknown warriors' repent;
Bravely abiding signals ahead,
despite the shroud of deep descent.

Wondering now what's truly at stake,
when crisscross patterns reject;
The straight and narrow walk ahead,
in the shields' protective ascent.

Crowds which curry fearsome thought,
will soon shrivel up and die;
As slings and arrows pierce the night,
of corrupting phantoms' lies.

A ghost lives on beneath the earth,
its wisdom rules the force;
Which cuddles up to man or beast,
in competition for discourse.

Let others call the crisscross game,
the worst its ever known;
But legal eagles crack the code,
reflected in steel and stone.

And everyone should rue the day,
when miracles have succumbed;
To raging wars that still survive,
in a world that's lost and numb.
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