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wavesofdarkness May 2015
I've never truly loved something as much as I love you
It's almost like it doesn't matter my skill
It doesn't matter who I am, how I am
It just clicks.
You're like a light in the dark shadow
You brighten the day and shine on my heart
My heart is overjoyed when I think about you
And I think about you as I reach for the stars.
wavesofdarkness Jul 2014
You're so welcoming
You're here for anyone, with open arms
You love all of the people around you.
Yet, when you open your arms in your
Short sleeve knit
I see scars
Scars all up and down your arms
Some old
Some new
And it makes me see
Someone so beautiful
That makes everyone else
Feel so beautiful
And loved
Can feel so worthless and unloved
And I see now.
I see why you are the way you are,
           You're so welcoming
                 To everyone
  Because no one ever was to you.
wavesofdarkness Jul 2014
Time is all I need with you
I don't need a bouquet
Or a dinner
In fact I'd rather not have either
I just want you
You and time with you
I don't need to talk all the time
Though the sound of your voice
Is beauty to my ears
Just the feeling of being with you
The silence that let's love flow through our bodies
Is what makes me feel alive
Makes it worth it
Makes me love you more
Just time with you
Can do so much
Even in silence
  Jul 2014 wavesofdarkness
Let’s have a conversation with no words,
where only each other can know what is heard.
We take a moment of silence for those we have lost,
and that silence for a moment repays the lives it had cost.
Words are only as powerful as the emotions you put behind them,
and as the effort you use to hide them.
The steady meter of your breath, the constant beat of your heart,
It is a symphony, a work of art.
  Jul 2014 wavesofdarkness
You are the reason
I wake up every morning
with a smile on my face,
And also the reason
it disappears by the end of the day
  Jul 2014 wavesofdarkness
I wanted to write
a poem about me,
but I couldn't.
Because I have no idea,
who I am.
If only there was a discovery channel for yourself, some team of experts "This is a Jonathan..." Maybe I need my own baseball card showing what I should do.
I don't know
If I'm tired or depressed
But all I know
Is I don't want to leave my bed.
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