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 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
I wish I could run away, to a magical place.

Where I would be happy, with a smile on my face.

I could be young, and have a new start.

I would never grow old, or have a sad heart.

There is no worries, and there is no fear.

I would have many friends, and lots of cheer.

We would play all day, and all night as well.

I think it would be heaven, instead of hell.

But alas... there is no, never never land.

I can only be me, and not Peter Pan.

This life that I live, is lonely at best.

I've built the strength, to survive any test.

After I grow old and die, a ghost I will be.

Haunting these people, who are hurting me.

I shall get revenge, in a tormented sort of way.

Reeking havoc in there lives, until there dying day.

I guess that will be, my never never land.

I guess that will be, where I make my last stand.

I will laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more.

I will have lots of fun, without being a bore.

And so I leave you, with this thought on your mind.

Today might be hell, but tomorrow you must find.

A way to get even, and a way to have fun.

Because in the afterlife, it is them that will run.
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
As I sit here in my

Ivory Tower

Holding the cards but none of the power

It dawns on me; why am I here?

Logic and reason just doesn’t seem clear

Cars, Holidays and Money do not mean a dot

Yet there’s envy in your eyes

You want what I’ve got

Do think that my kingdom is happy and gay?

Sun always shines

A life so divine

Well… you know the old saying…you know what they say

If you think it’s so great…walk in my shoes for a day

Tedious boredom
Fruit full fit to burst
Never a pleasure
Always a curse

So next time you crave my life

Dear Friend

Close your eyes tightly…pretend

And remember as you sit in my Ivory Tower

You’re holding the cards but none of the power.
Life's river's so wild

We may never cross it

Temptations lure us

But the chasm's too far

Love's a blessing or curse

For better or worse

I'm ready

Whenever you are
Copyright Louis Brown
She sketches the outline

Them darkens the pencils

Adding traces of fine shade

Time passes and her skill shows

As the picture begins to form

To stand out for the viewer to see

Each drawing is with loving care

They are like children to her

Nutured and made with love

Fairies dance with radiant colour

You can almost feel their smiles

The art glows as if it is alive

There is magic on that paper

That comes alive when you look

The perfection of a true artist
copyright Chris Smith 2010
The sweet aroma of love-spell scented candles
Prior to dinner, overtook me stunningly.
As I made the table and set the fine mantle
For my love, my life, my one fair lady.
Her glare so enticing, as she stepped down the stairs,
Seductively wearing a black pearl silk dress.
Her beaming smile, her unsurpassed gif to share.
Holding her neck, our first sweet caress.
Sassy yet classy, I hold her she’s mine.
We share this great moment; our souls intertwine
Sudden a gasp, there go our lips.
So luscious, so tender, our very first kiss.
Exuding great passion our kiss follows through
Then, I whisper in her ear, “Baby I Love You”
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
 Nov 2010 Flower Scent
Without the sun
The moon has forgotten how to shine
I always thought it was made of cheese
I guess i was wrong
I wonder at your beauty, strong
Your height tells me you've stood there long
Your beauty protrudes from limbs so grand
Providing cover where you stand...

You glisten in the morning dew
As the sky does lighten
A mother robin does joins you, true
Upon your sturdy arms, which, do her brighten...

Your provide such shelter
From the helter-skelter
For creatures, such as squirrels and possums
Above the wildflowers' lovely blossoms...

Now and then, a cat does race
To, frantically, its quarry chase
And, bird do find your crown
Helpful as they look around...

Sometime ago, you were but a shoot
Which could have been stomped underfoot
Now, you show your majesty
By having grown into a tree.
Copyright  David Sjolander 2010
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