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Flower Scent Nov 2010
Wasted  are my days

Cold and empty are my nights

till I'm in your arms
Senryu 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
The pied piper plays

The soft wind dance in the breeze

Leaves brush cheek to cheek
5-7-5 Senryu
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Rain provokes dry roots

Soft clear pear drops bursh brown sheets

waking dormant seeds
Flower Scent Nov 2010
The Wistful leaf leaps

in the garden of my heart

chasing long lost dreams
senryu  form 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
I wanna dance the mambo,the cubin cuba mambo,

I wanna dance the cha cha,hips movement with the cha cha!

or maybe try the salsa, deep ,sensual, is the salsa.

I wanna dance the samba,the fun brazilian samba,

or maybe the lambada,brazilian hot lambada!

My favourite s' the tango,intense ****** tango,

Lost in  the  flamenco,ardent spanish flamenco.

May even try the polka,high energy in polka,

the Czech bohemian polka!

I wanna go and party,good time ,dancing the rumba,

latino americano,cubano, africano.

I wanna do the hip hop,hip hop,hip hop,don't stop.

Dance reign  in the ballroom,

as I dance the Ball Room,under and above,

With you ,I dance my last dance,the classic dance of love.

Are you ready partner ?
This is one of the first poems i ever wrote..thought i share it with you,by reposting it here,thankyou :)  Lyrical poem
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Wherever I maybe,
in the front porch, in my back garden,  
reading a book,or for a  walk,
on beige soft powdered sands,
picking pebbles on the beach,
as crushed corals brush my feet,
I shall remember you!
Gazing with my caramel eyes
in the vast blue serene seas,
I shall think of you!
a soft sweet whisper,
in the wafting wind breeze,
a dew drop in silent streams.

Wherever you maybe!
reading the newspaper,
scenting the morning aroma
Of fresh coffee beans
gardening,planting tomato seeds,
Or lyin'in the balcony of dreams,
You shall remember me!
a playful wild white daisy,
sleepin'on a hammock,
of crisped auburn leaves.

In your absence,I shall call your name!
In my distance,you'd yearn,for my touch !
In Seperate lands,We loose each other,
Yet lives the memory,of when we hugged,
Of when we kissed the  richest soil,
Of when we ****** the ripest fruit,
Long lives the memory, Of when we Loved.

(To the man in my dreams)
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Feel Me,an emotion deep inside your heart,

a meadow's  wild white  simple  daisy,

reincarnated in a soft crimson rose,

a scarlet heart of velvet petals,

birthed in embroided silk of mystique passion.

A bacchus of wine filled with perfumed aroma,

in  a vineyard of  fragrant thoughts of you.

Feel Me,as i come in your night,a soft gentle wind ,

whisperin through your window,caressin your face,

kissin your cheeks,breathin you in sweetest dreams,

takin you in a garden,to a  lake, where swans pirhouette,

as we lie  down  on  a mattress of golden threaded  leaves.

Feel Me,as we ride,on the open wings of love and fantasies,

Hold me ,as i get lost in you and you get lost in me,

as you drink the nectar of my cherry red lips,

as we kiss,a moist and warm  wet  kiss.

Feel Me,in the fresh liquid raindrops,patterin,

cleansing your worries away,as i pat your back,

as we walk in the park,as we talk,as I listen and understand,

as  we giggle,holdin hands ,sittin on our favourite  wooden bench,

under yesterday's lanternes of hundred dancing fire-flies.

Feel me,as we lay on the sand,gazing in each other's eyes,

cheered by tamed silver waves,watching the stars

Hugging below a universe of  black ebony skies.

Feel me,as i dip my brush in finest oils,and paint a path

of coloured rainbows,where we can find each other once again,

a path where we can dream,where we can live and love,

where we will never be apart or scent the absence once again.

Feel me,in  the candle burning never ending flames of passion,

a young lady,so deeply in love with you,Can you feel me?

My Beloved,Mon amour,Can you feel the touch of me?
Flower Scent Oct 2010
If the mediterranean waves could carry me to your arms,
I'd wake up to your whispers,enchanted by your charms.
           If the wafting wind could breeze me to your bed
Our longing lips would hiss and kiss,in hungry emotions wed.
           If this love i feel could linger in your heart,
If we could live our dulcet dreams,and never  ever be apart,
          If i could be with you and you could be with me,
We'd watch Our stars at night,sparkling in secret splendour,
              brightening,shining our blissful destiny.
          If we could be together,until the day 'Forever',
        I'd hold on to your hand,be the significant other,
          your dedicated lover and even your bestfriend.
       I'd be your daily listener,your passion,your romance,
                 I love you to infinity,till universal ends.
       If we could lie together on gossamer powdered sands
      On threaded silken sheets sewn by the mermaids'hands.
If we could hear the  sweetest sounds of shells and corals play,
If I could whisper out your name and hear You answer everyday,
        If i just turn around to find you looking my way,
       If I could be with you to live the promise of 'Today'
      Tomorrow I'd still be there, a lavender in your grey.

(To the man in my dreams)
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Portraits of Our Life

Yesterday had come and gone

Chest Of Memories
Senryu 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
I am Lazarus


in bandages

Of Insecurities



and Lost dreams.

I am Lazarus!

I am Dead!

Unwrap my bandages,

Feel me Naked,

Breathe in me

your breath,

So I can live!

Dress me

with your heart,

So I can love.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
a soft white snow flake

gossamer gowns of hollies

belts  of velvet leaves
Traditional Japanese Haiku 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
a misty reflection
in the mirror
of  life

a fragile shadow
on  the wall
of boundaries

a deep echo
in the tunnel
of thoughts

a soft whisper
in  the voice
of dreams

a broken emotion
in the beat
of hearts

a flashback
in  nightmares
of death

a roller coaster
in  the subconscious
of minds

a thunder storm
in  dilemma
of souls

a water mark
in  the  shade
of light

an immersion of words
in a baptism
of truth

an ultraviolet ray
in a shattered prism
of glass

a moonless sky
in presumption
of total eclipse

a tempting apple
in the garden
of forbidness

a holy angel
in   dark joy
of sacred sin

an ardent paramour
in fervent yearning
of passion

a jealous lover
in distruction
of love

a stop watch
in the beginning
of time

a deep crack
in the crust
of  the earth

an earthquake
in the seizmic core
of hot lava

a forest path
in a wild  jungle
of tamed lions

a gold circle
in waterfalls
of a crazy affair

a wave of trust
in the vast ocean
of betrayal

a soften glacier
on the bedrock
of seperation

a chequers game
in bereavement
of a king

a monopoly
in the loss
of forever

a white swan
in the well
of a lake

a weeping petal
of a daisy
in last goodbye

a new today
in yesterday's

a big question mark
on the edge
of destiny.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
My Beloved,

I want you to know

how i feel right now

in the darkness of my room,

On this serene Still night,

I think of you!

My empty heart

is filled with dreams of you,

bleeding with your passion,

wrapped within your soul.

Tomorrow is another day,

We might not be here,

OR,We might be gone,

But tonight,I'm here,

behind this misty window sill,

looking at the secret moon,

watching it's shadow on the wall,

Its reflection in cobbled alleys.

Tonight ,I'm here,alone,

looking  at the  yearning stars,

breathing in a Cobalt Universe,

of a hopeful faded destiny.

And, i watch a dew drop

falling gently,softly

on a dried silent auburn leaf,

as white winter snowflakes

cover autumn distant trees.

Tonight,in my solitude,

I watch the red breast bird,

the one I call My Robin,

cloaked in his brown fury coat,

returning to his cosy nest,

flying back to the place,

He once called home.

And ,i watch the world, moving slowly

with each tick-tock of the clock,

and,i mold your handsome face,

your absence,im my imagination,

Your eyes!your smile!your cry!

engraved, in every thought.

And ,hot tears flow brushing my cheeks,

as i die,i die and die in dusk again!!!

Yet,a faint pulse rate,still goes on,

not knowing exactly where we are,

not knowing where we'll be,

yet,knowing i must hold on,

Knowing that I'm still in love with you,

as the first day,as the next yesterday,

to the infinite depths of eternity.

And,i feel you,Your warmth,

The throbbing of a heartbeat,Still there,

deep inside the inner core of me.

And,i watch the desperate waves,

putting up their sails,

carryin me to you,to your arms,

and ,I see you face to face!

You search for my brown eyes,

Knowing,my eyes would never lie.

You search deep,finding the truth.

And you smile,as i bloom

in a sacred bed of fragrant petals,

as you lay and rest on me.

As,i feel me in your touch,

as you kiss my scarlet lips,

and my lashes,get wet,

as you whisper in my ear,

in your unique accent,

in that amorous voice!

You're still in love with me.

Then,i sleep, then,you sleep,

then,all dreams would be over,

all doubts would be free.

(To the O wner of my Heart)
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Sugary pink lips

Smooch  in a marshmallow kiss

Spongy and tender
Senryu 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Just One touch Of You

Ignites deep passionate flames

The candle burns again.
Traditional Japanese Senryu 5-7-5
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Brushing cheek to cheek

On the edge of white puffed clouds

amongst waltzing stars
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Have you
  ever seen

   I have
never seen


i love him

  i need him

 i feel his touch
  I adore
   " god "
He is the One!

He is the one
  "My God"

My conscience
 echoes loudly,


   I burn
    in Hell
 to have Him
Is it idolatry?


      It is all! 
all  my emotions!
all i wake up for!

  He is the air,
   I breathe
  from my lungs

He is the heart,
   which bleeds
 on each sheet

He is the dream,
     the soul
of my existence
He is  My Love,
the man I call
  "my  god"
Flower Scent Nov 2010
I write with his heart!
He is my passion
My Muse
My Breath
My Love

As long as He lives
I write!
When his pulse rate stops
I die!
Flower Scent Nov 2010
My Beloved,

Let's meet in meadows of yellow shiny buttercups,

dandelions,daises,lilacs and coloured butterflies,

Let's run till dusk  in  threaded fields  of hundred golden wheats,

lay down under the little lantern  light of million  fire flies.

Let's hold hands and  walk in  parks,sit on a  wooden bench,

and make a  rainbow wish upon the destined  shooting stars,

Let's  dance cheek to cheek,bathe naked beneath water falls,

and  watch enchanting  faries use their magic glittered wands,

As feathered silk white swans pirhouette in sparkling streams,

as we get lost in secret casting spells of everlasting  melodies.

Let's wake up to the music of a  golden harped string fire ball,

warming our  blue skies ,with every early  rooster's  dawn.

Lets run to open  fields,to the shade of  old mulberry trees,

Make a picnic on a carpet made of crispy bronzing leaves,

share a velvet peach,and eat pulped ripe  strawberries,

taste red satin cherries, as woodpeckers drum their beats.

Let's write the sweetest verse and many loving words,

listen to  the sound of waltzing crickets and chirping little  birds.

and when the  sun go sleeping,the crescent moon starts peeping,

in the ebony black sky,Its then we realise there are  billion miles

of distance between the 'You and 'i',It is there I find your heart,

as your heart searches  for mine,in the place of  never ending time.

It is our special place,where  whispered thoughts join in one space,

where my blood pumps your ardent name, deeply in my veins.

It is the cherished  place, where we  travel, in many many ways,

It is the place we live and love  as one,yet not seeing face to face.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
There She lay,bare,naked,
lost,in a decoupage of dreams,
Mesmerized by Faces,
Faces with the same eyes,
the same smile,His smile!
She dreams and She is happy.
She feels him,His touch!
His  Hungry lips on  Her soft lips
His cheeks brushing Her Own,
His fingertips playing  on her
slender neck in upward
and downward movements.
His  dry mouth ******* sweet  nectar
from Her milk honey pulped breast.
His thighs brusing her long silk legs,
He nourishes his prey,with effection,
tender care,love and protection.
He feeds her with his Warmth,
misting the cold glass with his breath.
The mosaiced glass which traps Her
soul in a lonely scared desperate world.
He breathes her in,He gives her life
He gives all  that He is, to Her,
Her flesh molds with his own,
She moans,they  sweat,He sighs,
making love to her,gently,
as She begs Him for more.
There She lay,bare,naked,
lost in a decoupage of dreams,
The clock tick -tocks the time,
and ,the dream soon gone.
He kisses her forehead,
wraps her in a red blanket
of passion and yearn,
till he returns,till he finds her,
and splashes Her life
with water colours
once again. . . . . . . .
Flower Scent Nov 2010
I'm a Hush marshmallow
Silky sunshine yellow
far from moony mellow
spelling spells of Hello

Risisng above the Hill
Just behind the mill
with much love to spill
giving you a thrill
from your window sill

I'm a  ***** flight
of non stop delight
Naughty grown up child
playing husky wild
On a dusky night

I'm your cadbury
almond joy candy
Red soft jelly bean
box of A.B.C
Caramel nut me

I'm all you could think
I'll be your everything
Just to see you smile
Just to hear you sing
Rainbows I shall bring

You're my cuddly bear
full of tender care
with a hug to share
Tender soft whisper
Ripe and pulpy pear

You're the one i miss
with hot lips to kiss
You're a life of bliss
Passion flame of hiss
Sweet sugary delicous

You're my sandwich lunch
with that crispy crunch
I'm your Cuchi munch
You're my fruity punch
Handsome Honey Bunch

You're my sunshine man
Hundred out of ten
I'm your sol fun girl
a Rich Oyster's pearl
I'm your  best pen fan.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Coloured Confetti

Falling from the sky's palette

Brushin' my bare skin
Senryu-ìnspired by Sunset
Flower Scent Nov 2010
In her dream,there is a Seagull,flying high,in skies above,

Crossing  over all the oceans,just to find His only love.

He might lose his destination,in the strong winds of the day,

He might get carried by wild waves,as He searches for his prey.

But in dreams ,He'll always be there,flying by so many lands,

till he makes it to the island, and find way to her warm hands.

In her dream there is a seagull,spreading his huge silver wings,

There's this girl always in waiting,thinking of him as She sings,

and Her voice echoes a signal, to the dolphins of the sea,

as they play in rhytmic splashes,transmitting a symphony.

And the Seagull hears the love song,of His Love from miles afar,

It is always the same love song,'My Heart s'always where you are'.

And this handsome flying creature,on a journey,there He goes,

hoping that one day he'll make it,hold His Love,so very close.

And His Love can't wait no longer ,watching rainbows everyday,

watching stars after each sunset,wishing He will find a way,

Find a way to be together,watch the world turning around,

Rest in their Home little love nest,Hear the waterfall's sweet sound.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
The wind breathes gently

Brushing softly my neck's nape

  and I know its You
Senryu Form  (5-7-5)
Flower Scent Nov 2010
Where do we belong?Where did we go wrong?

Weren't Our emotions deep enough, to make us stay?

I look back in yesterday,I swear,Can still hear you play,

a latino boy,playing his guitar,singing a love song,

to a brown eyed girl,born in the month of May

Our candle blaze no light,Our flame has slowly died,

No more stars to watch,No sweet kisses in the night,

Our ardent river of fervent dreams has dried,

No cheek to cheek,No smiles to greet,We left it  all,

You are not here,I am not there,We are forever gone

Where do we belong?Where did we go wrong?

Weren't our emotions deep enough,to make us stay?

I look back in yesterday,I swear, Can still hear you play,

a latino boy,playing his guitar,singing a love song,

to a brown eyed girl,born in the month of May

  Happy Promises  buried in grains,we won't see face to face,

   Can't hear your voice,Silence echoe  in cold and distant caves,

Two hearts carried  away,by desperate  tides and savage waves.

Soft whispers whirled in strong  winds, not knowing where to blow,

I'm yours,You're mine,have sunk in space and time of letting go.

Where do we belong?Where did we go wrong?

Werent Our emotions deep enough to make us stay?

I look back in yesterday,I swear,Can still hear you play,

a latino boy,playing his guitar, singing a love song,

to a brown eyed girl,born in the month of May.
Lyrical Poem
Flower Scent Nov 2010
I am

the red ripe apple  of the sinful tree
the honey suckle of the bumble bee

the pink blushed  rose of the secret garden
the stubborn spoilt lass never in pardon

the youngest daughter of the shining sun
the castle dream girl in  sands of fun

the jealous lover of the crescent moon
the blowing wind in a strong monsoon

the first white swan in the silver lake
the seizmic tremor of  a hot earthquake

the scarlet love bird on each window pane
the falling tear drop of  clear crystal rain

the candle's flicker of each passionate flame
the  mystery madam,mademoiselle or dame?

the  copper butterfly in each serene meadow
the Sunday's church girl in snow flake's shadow

the brown eyed maiden of  the deep blue seas
the pretty woman of ripe strawberries

the old fashioned  girl in sweet proposal
the gold  stringed harp in music's motion

the colored smile on a rainbow's face
the flamenco dancer  covered with  lace

the little mermaid in pirates'streams
the wafting wave in  glittered dreams

the twinkling star of black silk skies
the little lantern  light of fire-flies

the Cindirella in glass slippers
the happy verse of each romance

the soft wind's voice in a whispered breeze
the wood wind chime in sweet melodies

the Wishing feather of a free  white dove
the veiled young lady in the power of love.
Flower Scent Nov 2010
The Poet is the language,the mystery of Monalisa's smile,

the brush of Caravaggio and the finest painting of Vangogh.

The Poet is the sonnet of Mozart anf the symphony of Bach,

a tragedy of Shakespeare and the saddest verse of Pablo Neruda.

The Poet is the blue Danube in waltz and the Swan Lake in Ballet.

The Poet is the renaissance of passion and the remnant of life,

the dilemma of morality,the shadow of deed,and the ombra of sin.

The Poet is the fantasy of each Sunrise and the illusion of every Sunset,

the wave in tide of wishes,carried in a bottle to  dune drunk shore.

The Poet is the believer, dream lover in a hot passionate crazy affair,

the magician who creates fables and fairytales from a deadly reality.

The Poet is the worker who works and works to survive,to cope in this

demanding,sophisticated,stigmatic  concrete hypocratic world.

The Poet is the thief of time,with eyes flutterin on late nights,

Still loyal to the pen,His thoughts  in verse,bleedin fragranted words.

The Poet is an Omnipotent servant,with a will to ask and crave to learn.

A Philosopher,whose always an amateur in the pursuit of wisdom.

The Poet is an eternal slave of His Muse,the beverage of inspiration,

the spouse married to literature,adulterer of lyric,deceiver of prose.

He Knows no lapsus in all that is scandalous,royalty or sacred.

He is the artist, musician, actor,the clairvoyant  of destined paths.

He is the cheap clay's mold,carved in the sculpture of the next century.

The Poet is the unfinished book,the chapter in yesterday,

He is the Nobody of today and the bookmark  of tomorrow.

                      T  H  E        POET     IS       YOU    ! ! !
Flower Scent Nov 2010
His touch's scent, still there

in the fragrance of burnt leaves

Red Hot Bonfire dreams

— The End —