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Bathsheba Feb 2011
Ignore the weeping wounded
As they wallow in the mire

Fear contamination
Of your heart's desire


Palatable poison of the day


"Have you seen my courage?"
"Is it coming out to play?"

"Not today *Poet

For your words are all but dead
Maybe ...
Next time
Stick to your principles
Instead of rolling over .... playing dead!"

"You have a voice
Use it
Stand tall
Walk tall
Walk proud
Believe what
Believe in

Not the needs of this faux crowd!

"I thought you were a Warrior
A God amongst mere men
But ...
When the push
Came to
The shove



Divorced yourself from Zen

"So here is my dilemma
The knot tight inside my soul
Was this just a one off?
Or will
Always roll

Always roll on with the 'in crowd'
Irrespective of the
Or will


Stand by .... what you believe in?
Stand by .... what you've been taught?"

"Fakes & Phonies
Two a penny
Cut no ice with me
But ...
For the record
I will state
My name is
Bathsheba was just a bit of fun
It held me in good stead
But now ...
I feel the time is right
To lie her down to bed"

"And as I lay her down to sleep
Silently close the door
I know she was a lot of things

But never a poet *****!

She always held her principles
In highest of esteem
She was an individual
But still part of the team
Can you my friend
Say the same
With your hand held on your heart
Or will


Stick your head in the sand
then try to pass it of

Dedicated to the countless fakes and phonies on Hello Poetry

You make me ***** with your pathetic and puerile *******
Bathsheba Feb 2011
Drink Me

Let me trickle down your throat
Dull your senses
Not to gloat

Drink Me

For I will cut you to the quick
Can’t resist
This ******* shallow fix

Drink Me

Theatre of the Obscene
You play your cards just right
We can create
Of all

**Smoke Screens
Bathsheba Feb 2011
Round and round in circles

Trapped within our vibe

Never knowing what is real

I need to unsubscribe

But … how to go about it?

De-tangle from our mess

Eradicate The Cavalier … swamped in our sweet caress?

I don’t think that that’s the answer

I want the onus just on me

Otherwise …  

I won’t progress … to a functional degree

That old fickle finger of fate

Ensnared me in its womb

Life passed by

Clipped wings did sigh

I never stopped to question


Now my pain is open wide

I need to lay me down to die




Teeth clench around our cord

Extraction of my sanity

Will be my just reward


As I watch you whither


Blinded in the dark

I’ll know the futures rosy

Because …

**I stepped up


Bathsheba Feb 2011
Perusing poet’s pandemic prose
A question in my mind arose
Angst aside what have they got
Ill tell you friend
It’s not a lot
Excuses for the lives they lead
Plant the idea
Nurture the seed

Willing victims succumb to their charm
Blind to the harm
The harm of a contrived reality
Dressed up as spirituality
Pretence of a world that doesn’t exist
Sensibility shrouded in gullible mist

Hurt worn as a badge of pride
Careful it’s not misapplied
Lest they see your
Jekyll and Hyde
Wary what’s put out in rhyme
Slowly ******* you in
One at a time

Once the carrot is gobbled up
Once they drunkest from the cup
No holds barred
The game is on
Universally singing the same old song

This life I lead has ****** me dry
Left me often wondering why
Life lived only on the edge
Carefully honouring the kudos pledge
Passion intense is
Their line of defence
Bruised and battered
Tattered and torn
Eternally waiting for life to return

So…Readers beware of the poets lure
Their chosen words are not the cure
This Forum is their new aged lair
In shadows waiting to ensnare
Whilst drowning in narcissistic despair

You’re a fragile soul
With a fragile life
And they will wield their pen
Like a well butchered knife

So please… do not believe that you are The One
You are merely a chapter in a story that’s already begun
Be very careful of all fakes and fraudsters who operate on Poetry Sites !!!
Bathsheba Feb 2011
I love your wicked disrespect

How you absconded and broke free

From the chains that tried to bind you

To the poets code for all eternity

You thought to hell with all that ****

I have my axe to grind

You cast aside the literary bonds

And no longer were you blind

Free you were to use the words

Whichever way you choose

Artfully awakened via the adrenalin  

You released your dormant muse

You do not play with words my friend

Your writes are real and not pretend

No descriptive flowery language here

No metaphors in pride of place

Should you run and hide under the nearest stone?

For being the modern day poets distasteful disgrace

So   …    **** the poet’s philosophies

They can shove them up their ****

I’ll take the lead from you my friend

Liberation from this fraudulent farce
Bathsheba Feb 2011

I cast you out for pandering your ***


You are shameful

On you

I gift this hex:

If you need to be the object of manly gratification
If you have no interest in the freedom or the liberation
Then your life will now be governed by the exploitation
A vessel pure and simple for man’s *******


You are worthless

**** upon my shoe

Read between the lines my friend

Figure out the *clue

For it is in here somewhere

Deep within this write

Nothing's ever as it seems

Nothing's black and white


Does a bloke walk round?

With his ***** hanging out?

Does he emphasize his testicles?

Does he bandy it about?

I think you know the answer

Just stop and use that brain

Then maybe in the future

Equality will rightly be reclaimed

But all the time you flaunt your ****

****** you ***** in their face

You, my friend

To the sisterhood

Are a ******* skanky **** disgrace

Wake up and smell the Costa

For conditioning is wrong

You need to understand

You cause The Cause to be prolonged

This is my stand

I hold my own

I’m never fazed

By stick nor stone

For I know deep within my heart

The value of my worth

I will never sell my principles

For merriment or mirth

*So … please …. just take a moment

To digest

The words within this write

Unharness faux benevolent blinkers

Because this is our absolute pre-emptive right
Bathsheba Jan 2011
Father ….

As you can see I have been coerced into presenting this eulogy to you on behalf of the family because quite frankly nobody else was prepared to do it!

It is impossible to mourn the man that you were as everyone in this church will bear witness to.

So after careful consideration, I have decided to mourn the man that you should have been.

The husband that you should have been to your wife.

The father that you should have been for your children.

The man that you should have been to the world in which we live.

YOU  failed on all three points.

How does that feel Father?

Not too good eh?

Well … That pleases me …. Yes …. Pleases me.

Now ….

Look around you …. Look at the fruit of your ***** …. Open your ******* eyes.

What do you feel?

What do you feel when you look at us?

When you look at us …. Sat here in God’s waiting room …. In our
Sunday Best and all.

Stuck for words eh Father?

What’s that ….

Well well well …. If a little bit of reality …. Isn’t finally seeping through.

It’s a start ….. I suppose!

Now ….

Let’s start with your wife.

Yes, that’s her …. The one with the look of an animal just released from captivity.

OOOOH ….. She is going to have some fun …. Now that her captor is

She could have had the look of a woman in mourning.




Why Father … Can I detect the merest hint of malice on her lips …. Hhmmm …. Interesting!

Are we just the teeniest weeniest bit concerned now that she has been unleashed?

She could have drawn comfort from the love of her children.

If only things had been different.

We would have cared for her.

Soothed her troubled soul.

Kept her safe within the warmth of the family.

But alas …. There was never any ******* warmth ….. Was there Father?

So do you know what …..

When she is caught dancing naked in the apple orchards whilst defecating on the delightful meadow daisies ….. I’ll be laughing my ******* head off as they cart her away to the nearest loony bin.

Did you really believe your pathetic suicide pact would be honoured?

You created her.

Moulded her.

Made her what you thought that she should be.

So ….. Reap the ******* benefits Father.

Now ….

Let’s look into the eyes of your children.

Oh ….. You see it too.

What a turn up eh?

Is it …..

Is it …..

Dare I say it?

Jesus ******* Christ.


Oozing out of the pores of each and every one.

And who ….. Prey tell ….. Are all these little ones?

Why …. They are your grandchildren.

But you never got to see them …. Did you Father?

They could have mourned your passing too?

But alas yet another generation denied.

By  YOU! …

And your unhinged madness!

If only once you stopped yourself swimming against the tide and gone with the flow.

The fun that we all could have had.

Things could have been so different Father.

So different …..


Can you see how close your children are?

Off course you can’t.

Because  YOU  destroyed that too!

What exactly was wrong with us getting on?

Why did it cause such fear in you?

Why was there always pleasure in pain?

Pure evil you were Father!

And you can wipe away those ******* crocodile tears because they cut no ice with me Father.


I know what you are about.

I have your score.

YOU  can never touch me.

I hold my own.

But  YOU

YOU  needed to control and conquer in order to feel like a man.

To validate your own pointless existence.

Stop ******* crying.

You worthless *******.

We could have gone to the ….. Zoo!

We could have had …. Dinner!

We could have …. Holidayed!

We could have ….. Laughed!

We could have ….. Cried!


You stone walled every opportunity.

Now …..

Look closely at the world in which you lived.

Look carefully at the prison that you created.

No outside influences.


No one ever knocking at the door.

Except Mr James ….. PC plod …. Lived three doors down …. He hated  YOU  too!

You refused to even work.

Such was your level of jealousy.

She wasn’t ******* the:




Jehovah Witnesses

She wasn’t ….

But you were ….. Remember eh Father.

Remember that gypsy girl that you took a fancy too.

*******  HYPOCRITE!

You strutted around town, fit as a fiddle, but refused to leave your wife alone.

And you wondered why folk looked down their noses at us.

You were more than capable of working.

You were fitter than men twice your age.

Such was the level of your obsessive fitness regime.

Shame on you Father!

Shame on you!

So …. Now we come to close.

And in summing up, I would like to say ….

Father …. I will miss you so much …. You have been so important to me …. You have guided me …. throughout the toils and troubles of this here life …. Always there by my side ….. I love you dearly ….. but alas …. It would all be a lie …. One great big ******* lie! ….. The truth of the matter is this ….. I hope that you rot in hell ….. and hopefully that dumb mute ***** of a wife will follow shortly …. If it’s not locked up first !

Goodbye Father  

*It's been a blast!
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