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Evergreen Pines Oct 2014
i have two families;
one i'm very close to,
the other i'm related to.

My blood family i see everyday.
As for my second family,
Everyday a memory is made.

the one i get along with more,
is the one i see more,
and that's closer to my age.

yeah, i got two families.
my blood i was born with,
And the one created with my friends.
i'm not bragging, i'm just grateful.

did anyone see what i did with the title?

Want to know: hint: song from Tarzan.
(you just gotta "putyou'refaithinwhatyoumostbelievein")
I am
                             A dancer
                             A writer
                             An artist
                             A musician
A creator
                             But if you
                             To see
What I create
                             A dance
                             A story
                             A painting
                             A song
I would
                             Turn Red
                             and Deflect
Your attention
                             I am
                            My creations
Will let you
                            Judge me
                            Criticize me
                            Hate me
                            Mock me
They are
                            A piece of me
                            A thought
                            An emotion
                            A fleeting moment
And they are
So if I show you
                            I trust you
Please don’t betray my trust
Repost if this is you.
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
Mirror, Mirror in a room,
what you reflect is not gloom,
yet you bring some lives to their doom.

Mirror you are full and empty,
you reflect a dummy,
and will show an envy.

Mirror, Mirror you aren't useless,
you show the art and dreamless,
and some explains nothing is flawless.

Mirror, Mirror, reflection of what i see,
tell me who's dull and lively,
and show the real and phony.

Mirror, Mirror you say what is true,
the fact we all must make-do,
is that we all really love you.
i'm not narcissist or anything, but i do rather enjoy mirrors(manly for physics)
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
being in a fandom is like life;
there's only one way out
and no one wants to leave...until someone comes along and ruins it!
but event then, you'd rather die than leave.
Evergreen Pines Sep 2014
say the definition of 'religious'
and then i'll tell you if i am
Evergreen Pines Aug 2014
our lives have happy moments,
they also have their sad moments,
yet all of our lives will end the same.
but is it a happy ending? or a sad ending?
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