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Anderson M May 2017
Loved you whole fiercely
With every sinew and particle
Of my punctured soul.

Lived, existed and thrived
On the hope of you and I
Being united.

A love with so much verve it
Tends to unnerve us.

You chose to softly
**** me with indifference
An absent presence.
I see you daily
I hungrily partake of your essence
But you choose to take offense

#A #cascade #of #haikus
Anderson M Mar 2018
The stars are always in disarray
But at the mere thought of you they sashay
Before you twinkling and mingling in collective merriment.
How you whip up this loyal admiration is a fascination as ancient
As yesterday’s headlines. The sun wondrously
In isolation marvels at your brilliance that clearly
Manifests as your countenance. You thrive
On immortality’s soul as each nerve
On your body is as ageless as the sun.
You’re full of cheer and so much fun.
Yours is an incomparable beauty
My lovely and charming cutie.
A celestial masterpiece you are
Your eccentricity spreading wide and far.
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.
Anderson M Apr 2015
A wimple
To cover a pimple
Affixed squarely on dimple.
My younger teen sister
as soon as noticing a pimple on her face
quickly ****** it,instantaneously morphing into a blister
if possible she'd will every form of acne to vanish without a trace.
Anderson M Apr 2014
I don’t know hell that well
Though must admit it causes my mind a swell
What with its synonymity
To eternal damnation which stretches to perpetuity
A “jail term” without parole
A thorn in the flesh to body and soul.
Though must admit
Human nature rarely sees it fit to stay “physically fit”
Physically unfit it is, almost amorphous
Bending whimsically to most matters frivolous
A simple quandary
That enjoys little or no camaraderie
With sense. It’ll be a cold day
In hell when human nature stands distinctly defined per-se.
this a case of a mind renegade
thinking out loud
Anderson M Apr 2017
Your mind’s one
Of its kind.
Mama opined in jest.
Mama rarely dishes
Out compliments but she’s generous
With them sumptuous dishes.
Anderson M Apr 2017
Today, the sun peeped shyly
Over the eastern horizon,
I have a feeling she felt conflicted
She’d smiled so brightly the day before
So she couldn’t help feeling downcast.
I saw her furtively stealing
Glances at humanity and my heart couldn’t
Take it no more, it developed a set of wings
And flew up to her, a quick embrace
And she felt relatively at ease.
She descended her hallowed throne
And proceeded on in her usual daily routine.
I am elated that “I saved the day.
I think sun's got a human heart.
Anderson M Nov 2016
Aesthetically speaking music’s a salve to the soul
Capturing and lulling someone into a wakeful stupor
Releasing and recapturing one’s attention almost intrinsically
Owing to its eclectic nature.
Sound’s itself a marvel on its own
Tastefully quaint
Intimate even when it’s absent
Cold and warm when it sees fit.
Anderson M Apr 2017
To have peace of mind
In the palm of your hand
To twiddle and fiddle with it
Playfully, offhandedly
To throw it high up in the air
And to trust it to come back
To the fold of your palm
Like a piece of metal to a magnet
Simply and automatically.
Could this be the higher ideal?
Anderson M Feb 2014
Do the heavens and earth.
Know that forbidden fruit tastes sweetest?
Why then not fill our hearts with detest
Instead of a hungry curiosity
That seldom rests
Until fully and
Satisfied beyond mere speculation.
of course an apple a day keeps the doctor away
what with it's alluring exterior that's so irresistible
like rolling in the hay.
Anderson M May 2017
Let me warm
Myself at the feet
Of your fire.
it's cold
Anderson M Jul 2020
Yin and yang tucked in
Forever embrace, progress
Premised on push pull.
Anderson M Jan 2014
Take heart
When you’re hurt
Its art
Of being smart.
Anderson M Jul 2015
When I look at mommy’s eyes,
I marvel at the number of skies
She’s had to use as stepping stones
So we her kids suffer relatively few psychological lesions.
an enigma.
Anderson M Aug 2018
Easily rolls of the tongue like
One’s heel on a banana peel.
Mostly, it’s loaded with good
Intention, mouthed with gusto
Maybe to hide treachery hidden
Within. On face value even
The devil accepts it as gospel
Truth, nevertheless, Tear it apart
What’s revealed might
Unsettle one’s bowels.
A true lie,on which side of truth  is it?
Anderson M Dec 2013
Is an end
In itself
It’ll outwit its own wit.
Ignorance is bliss
and seldom do things go amiss
it's thus ideal for any gentleman and miss
Anderson M Oct 2013
To illuminate the
criss-crossing alleyways and paths
of which its part
Anderson M May 2018
Sanity’s an eel
A fishy unscrupulous
Imagined construct.

Like a needle in
A haystack it’s hard to find
Hides right in plain sight.

To be of sound mind
One has to staunchly silence
Incessant critics.

More like pacify
The demons and nurture the
Glorious angels.
To move forward,one has to constantly look inward.
Anderson M May 2017
Hello dearest empress
Solemn ruler of my heart
Queen of torrid desire
And fiery passion.
A cocoon I’ve fashioned
Outta fidelity and trust
For us to live in, until
Kingdom come.
eternal affection
Anderson M Jan 2014
Love’s a fragrant rose
A sparkly luminescent red
Like beetroot with a thorny side to dread
Orchard fresh, exquisite and breathtaking like a polyphonic prose.
It’s cupid’s ingenious marvel
A force with a whirlpool effect
That sweeps it’s ‘victims’ off their feet their hearts swelling with deject
It’s undoubtedly the tower of babel
Only that its structure’s amorphous
Always changing in a constant state of ‘metamorphosis.
Being in the arms of Morpheus
Is indeed more gratifying as opposed to being diagnosed with hysterical neurosis
Methinks love thou art an extinct phenomenon
Buried deep in the abyss of emotional confusion.
Anderson M Jul 2013
It seemingly oscillates from
The realm of practicality to that of blatant absurdity
A fearfully bold doubting Thomas of sorts
Embroiled in self-esteem issues
In constant conflict with itself
Sitting on the fence always
A pleasant consolation
And being a daredevil a fantasy
Nurtured in the remotest miniscule part of the brain
Tell me this aint fearless cowardice
Anderson M Jul 2019
Darkness only exists as long
Her luminescent eyes are closed.
When she opens them
things aren't all the same.
Anderson M Aug 2020
Your flaws underscore your perfection
You stand in your own light
And embrace your darkness
Unapologetically, unreservedly, unequivocally.
Everything with a negative vibe
Is diminished and dwarfed
Rendered insignificant in your ethereal presence.
I for one get drunk on your
Spell binding aura, don’t free me
From this enchantment.
Anderson M May 2017
To predominantly think metaphorically
is an ideal unlike any other.
One ends up being nestled
in expanses of splendor and wonder
that outstrip any literal shortcomings.
Anderson M Sep 2013
More often than not
I allow myself to be persuaded by reason
Though I occasionally give it a wide berth
For the sake of preserving the “sanctity”
Of reason itself
Is logic Human friendly
Is the answer to the above pertinent question ‘No’…?
a random stray....thought that hit my mind *hard*....'no' and 'yes' both necessitate **food for thought*
Anderson M Sep 2018
Astutely speaking, we all at some point

Ponder on matters spiritual, the kind
In the realms outside observable phenomena.
Even to some extent, we can’t help
Consulting various spiritual practitioners to
Extrapolate circumstances prevalent in the future.

Otherworldly beauty is not only a matter of
Fascination it’s an obsession too.

Hallowed space in today’s world is
Exceedingly limited, an abundant scarcity
A paucity of meaning attached to it.
Various denominations exist to
Entrench a semblance of piety to counter
A rather stack waywardness.
Neverland, is it real?
Anderson M Feb 2014
Thaw the numbing ice
Clogging my soul’s arteries
And veins.
Make me feel
to my heart's fill
Make me warm again
like I was those long gone
of "Yore".
Anderson M Jan 2016
When one’s soul’s quite
And the rhythmic thump thump
Of the heart
Assaults the mind’s silence.
One truly comes to terms
With the futility
Of banking on one’s utility
That’s the precise moment
Realization reaches the threshold of crystal clarity
That a higher power really does exist
And that the constant understanding and appreciation
Of this higher power
Is all that ‘really’ matters.
Anderson M Apr 2018
Resting against the backdrop
Of a host of clouds
Yearning for adulation
Gracefully swaying her hips in
Brusque jerks, she colorfully
In deliberate detail
Vivaciously enchants would be onlookers.
#Acrostic #Roygbiv
Anderson M Apr 2017
I see her and air is snuffed
Out of my lungs in one swift
Swoop, my usually perceptive
Mind is a hodgepodge of disarray.
Speech is caught in the labyrinth
That’s my voice box choked from
All sides, an irredeemable hostage.
I stare long and hard at her eyes
Then I realize, her eyes aren’t
Ordinary, they’re a canvas on
Which the Milky Way galaxy is
Exquisitely captured. It’s this
Precise moment that a shrill
Mention of my name jolts
Me to wakefulness, and well
My heart’s a pitiful husk
After being exposed to two opposite
Extremes of emotional excitement.
I wonder what would have transpired,if i had not woken up.
Anderson M Nov 2016
On the tip of your nose
Your chest’s “drawn” upwards and outwards.
Then just before it’s let out
It dramatically holds its breath
And you’re left in anguish
Face contorted in knots
Expectation’s yielded disappointment.
Sneeze’s lost in oblivion
Akin to a yawn cut short.
Can't quite place this feeling.
Wonder if this is relatable.
Anderson M Jun 2017
I like to stare listlessly
At the night sky for long
Durations of time, as if my
Gaze will compel the stars
To align to breathtaking ends.
Alas, they stay put,budge they
Don’t, a sneer streaks my
Face as my pride’s hurt.
And a tear droplet materializes
On the corner of my eye.
Maybe the moon prefers her
Star friends to remain as they’re.
Dazed,amazed,but the night's sky's unfazed
Anderson M Mar 2017
A honeyed voice that makes love
To musical notes, subtly, intricately, tacitly.
On the dance floor she defies gravity albeit adroitly
Moving rhythmically, sampling moves from a treasure trove
Of influences spanning continents and varied cultures.
Atmosphere’s charged, taut with electric tension
The audience’s jaws had long since dropped
At the fast sight of her and it’s interesting to note
That until the routine’s over
They’ll stay put, held in place
By a blend of magical hypnosis
And sheer eclectic energy.
Well one doesn’t need to be an art connoisseur
To appreciate art, can’t help but savor.
Anderson M Mar 2017
If reason was kind.
It wouldn’t allow people
To go to hell in handcarts
Whilst it sits by pretty and dolled up.
It’d go out of its way
Lend a listening ear
Offer its counsel FOC
It’d compel its narcissistic ego
To allow it to attend to people’s issues.
It’d come out of its ivory tower
To see what the world’s “really” like.
But methinks reason’s unkind.
It’d rather have its wits around itself
Than waste time availing itself to people’s thorny issues.
It’d rather have us be blind to it.
Anderson M Aug 2013
Can you feel my heartbeat?
Mine can run a dynamo
Just wondering if the feeling is mutual
Anderson M May 2017
A teardrop with holier
Than though tendencies etched
To its skin boldly leaves the eye’s sanctuary
And makes its way down the face
Where there was no way before.
Nose up in the air and a haughty step.
It glides effortlessly, making its way easily
And just when it’s about to reach its destination
It dies out, solemnly and curtly.
Poor teardrop, it had so much promise
In its bowels.
I think we're all in some kinda way teardrops,trying to chart paths where there were none before and only each of us is aptly equipped for one's specific task...whatever it is in the grand scheme of things.
Anderson M Aug 2020
Butterflies in full bloom
Embody an exquisite form
Akin to a rare and an
Unmatched ethereal like
Transcendental likeness.
In as much as beauty is subjective
Fairly speaking, a glance
Upon these creatures
Leaves one in awe.
Anderson M Sep 2013
There are moments when it’s barely perceptible
An incessant itchy scratch creasing the soul’s walls
Culminating into sparkly luminescent smiles
Dancing eerily on a day dreamer’s visage

Or a soft pain lodged deep into the abyss of the soul
A laceration to the soul
That throbs rhythmically almost in tandem
To the heart’s diehard throb

When it’s too overwhelming a circumstance
Them eyes become awash with emotion riddled tears
Cascading in an unheralded kind of way
Down the glorious hallways of faceless facades.
I do wonder what plagues my soul...that which my own mind  cant seem to figure out...its so exasperating...meanwhile I'll just drench my pillow.
Anderson M Jun 2017
There’s a kind of beauty that’s purified and distilled
To fit squarely in the most rarefied
Of circles, given form and molded
Into an image of awe worth being storied.

Fleshed out, pieced delicately
Sculpted exquisitely and a sunny
Complexion mixed with a chocolaty
Hue splashed, oozing acute aristocracy.

Ingrid embodies this angelic likeness
That’s pure and unblemished, spotless
Inspiring reverence and a tendency to impress.
Demure she is her heart ensconced in a fortress.

Her smile lights the heavens aglow
Her demeanor barely spotting a flaw.
A kind of beauty that rids the lungs of air
Anderson M Jun 2013
Society, the embodiment of human securities
Is in reality the stark confirmation  
Of a conglomerate of screaming insecurities
Begging….its leaders….fervent introspection

Bending logic is an art perfected by all
Regardless of creed class or stature
No wonder the walk is seemingly a hard laboured crawl
Culminating into deep exposed…
psychological sutures

**Beings are bedevilled by a roving myopia
Craving a farfetched grandiose utopia
That’s why a bespectacled cynicism
Is ironically of essence…to neutralise a deep rooted parochialism
Anderson M Dec 2013
My head in a twirl
My being in a swirl
All as a result of the New Year carnival whirl
My heart's doused in overwhelming gratitude
to you all..four your heart warming presence in my life
it's here that I pour my heart out in earnest and I feel a moving presence
keep penning dearest friends
wish you an awesome 2014
full of life's niceties
in abundance.
Anderson M Apr 2018
Heart’s heavy, heart’s light
Middle ground is bliss
Pendulum to which heart’s attached
Is always restless, seldom
Stationary always in motion.
Controlling the pendulum is akin
To achieving perfection, a rare feat.
Can I sever the pendulum? NO
It’s out of question, I can
Only choose to live in the present moment.
Bliss is scotch kiss,one savors the taste just as long as it lasts
Anderson M Nov 2016
Sleep almost always feels so good
Relaxation free from vexation
Little or no mental stimulation
A state of peace unfathomable
And waking up probable rather than certain.
Anderson M Apr 2017
Subtle and quiet
Happens behind the scenes
Amidst the cacophony
Of a million and one processes,
And becomes apparent in instances
Like when one is on pins and needles
Literally and figuratively.
Anderson M Feb 2021
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
All thoughts coalesce toward eternal bliss
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Every possibility for longevity is worth a try
As we care to relive the moments with a kiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small fry
Even though we plunge headfirst, fast, into the abyss,
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

We won’t shy away from rich servings of apple pie
As we expend all efforts to ensure nothing’s amiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

When life catches us in a lie
We’ll rise above it with finesse, it’ll form part of our reminisce.
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Amidst all the lows we won’t miss a high
Everything spruced to perfection with practice
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
No moment spared to catch a sigh.
Anderson M Sep 2015
Pains and discomfiture whenever your memory
Creases my mind, especially the moments we made merry
You an art piece sculpted out of chocolate
But my love your heart couldn’t accommodate.
Yourself a lass from Yorkshire
I seemingly couldn’t tame your fire
Though I tried, it was an exercise in futility
It’s doubtless we shared zero compatibility
But I loved you still
My affection for you harder than steel
You were a butterfly that flew over my emotional atmosphere
For my eyes to behold your beauty whilst my faculties barely cohere
Am still in shackles in your prison
Hope you’ll unbind me out of your own volition.
Wonder if this piece is relatable.
This phenomenon
*Unrequited love*
Anderson M Jan 2021
A few inches shy
Of six feet, all pay homage
Acutely spellbound.
Anderson M Jun 2020
Sense seldom plays ball
Prefers to play hide and seek
Instead, oddly still.
Anderson M Dec 2013
Unity in diversity
This is indeed an exaggerated paucity
Of information by think tanks
Advancing this school of thought regardless of their money in banks
Towns and cities boast of cultures varied and eccentric
Despite a people having an intrinsic
Nature of sense of purpose and wherewithal
Matters accentual,
An amorphous issue subject to constant change
Either way it’s a cake in the oven of fabrication, hope we don’t cringe
When fruits of this intellectually deprived charade
Become realized by a people with minds renegade.
Isn’t it “well-placed” being a pessimist?
Of the mind than an optimist of the heart hence an intellectualist
Even delusions can be entertained
up to certain instances when the invincible
parameters of reason and logic essentially lack tolerance
for grandiose whims of minds nonsensical
Anderson M Dec 2020
Sky’s holding its breath
Myriad stepping stones, twinkle
Twinkle happily.
Anderson M Nov 2013
Ever felt the urge
To cry but the tears
Just won’t surge?
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