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6.9k · Mar 2015
Anderson M Mar 2015
Wont rupture one’s
But it’ll preen
One’s sense of keen.
just ruminating blindly over the unforeseen
and how I can assimilate them into my life routine
achieving a consistency of the inconsistencies of life
Anderson M Mar 2015
True eternal Greatness
From a fountain
Of abject humility.
Eminence,distinction near look a likes
of the phenomenon that's greatness
a phenomenon that quite distinctly
escapes distinct definite placing.
guess it does a lot of "face saving"
6.2k · Sep 2013
Unspoken gratitude*
Anderson M Sep 2013
I look me in the eye
Then look around me
I instantaneously heave
A loud silent sigh of relief
It’s a heartwarming realization
That mine insecurities
Are a mere drop in the ocean
in the expanse dichotomy of
inconveniencing cicumstance
That most people willingly or unwillingly
Find themselves in
A silent inward prayer is all
That I hurriedly mumble
To He the perfect engineer
of life itself.
5.4k · Jun 2017
A star-spangled night sky.
Anderson M Jun 2017
I like to stare listlessly
At the night sky for long
Durations of time, as if my
Gaze will compel the stars
To align to breathtaking ends.
Alas, they stay put,budge they
Don’t, a sneer streaks my
Face as my pride’s hurt.
And a tear droplet materializes
On the corner of my eye.
Maybe the moon prefers her
Star friends to remain as they’re.
Dazed,amazed,but the night's sky's unfazed
4.6k · Nov 2013
The luxury of hopelessness.
Anderson M Nov 2013
A church mouse’s despondent muse
Is like a fuse
Melting as soon as it features in its brain
It does potentiate a pitiless migraine.
Bubbly spring in its step
A misstep
Seemingly a rare occurrence
Like a snow ball in hell, perchance.
A truce
With Zeus
To spare it
Bedeviling suited for a society’s #misfit.
Poor....poor church mouse
It's too poor to afford
the elusive luxury of hopelessness
are we thus rich enough
to afford it??????
4.0k · Jan 2014
Toxic Flower
Anderson M Jan 2014
She got star dust sprinkled evenly
Within the shorelines of her ravishing eyes
And stardust, pristine naïve look benignly
Creasing her soft supple aristocratic face no need to accessorize
Her posture upright and poised
Elegance, charm and grace effortlessly effused
By her, emotional hazards posed
By a presence so spell-binding, one will be amused
At the hypnotic effect experienced by
All and sundry
Though she turns a blind eye
A scathingly sultry
look suddenly evident on her sweet face turned sour
She undoubtedly is a toxic flower.
Ever been at a cool chill spot
then an angel of a lady passed by
and you'd forget your 'wares'
and steal a myriad stares
3.8k · Oct 2013
Panacea of social ills
Anderson M Oct 2013
Soft underbellies of corruption, impropriety and moral decay
Blatantly masquerade as societal bulwarks to aggression and disintegration
Minions fine-tuned to dance to the tune
Of godfather functionaries champion  
Progressively retrogressive causes that follow
The course of destruction.
Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
Reason and logic persuade otherwise
It’s thus “safe” to conclude that
A compassion filled individual
Quintessentially embodies a positively radicalized individual
Wielding immense unbridled power
To impact society in ways unfathomable
Whilst in complete understanding of the fact that
“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”
Are you that compassion filled individual??
Society's dynamic...a conglomerate of mismatches literally baying for each other's blood
2.8k · Oct 2013
Eccentric gymnastics…..10w
Anderson M Oct 2013
I see you
And my heart instantaneously
Somersaults in delight.
But you don't see me
you seemingly have on imaginary sunglasses
that hinder your sight of me
your sense of feel is inconvenienced too
cause you don't feel me.
2.8k · Jun 2013
Bespectacled cynicism.
Anderson M Jun 2013
Society, the embodiment of human securities
Is in reality the stark confirmation  
Of a conglomerate of screaming insecurities
Begging….its leaders….fervent introspection

Bending logic is an art perfected by all
Regardless of creed class or stature
No wonder the walk is seemingly a hard laboured crawl
Culminating into deep exposed…
psychological sutures

**Beings are bedevilled by a roving myopia
Craving a farfetched grandiose utopia
That’s why a bespectacled cynicism
Is ironically of essence…to neutralise a deep rooted parochialism
2.7k · Jan 2014
Opaque Transparency.
Anderson M Jan 2014
Glitzy gowns, crisp suits
Dainty personalities, well-groomed gentlemen
The crème de la crème of society
Poised reveling in an aura of importance
Flex their financial muscle
In the name of philanthropy.
Handing out gifts to hoi polloi
Their hands gloved
Smiling from ear to ear
Their noses twitching
Apparently un-accustomed to the “smell” of poverty
Has poverty…a smell?
Self-aggrandizement overwhelming their souls
Having warmed the hearts of the downtrodden
It’s a deal…sealed
2.6k · Oct 2013
Stupid in love....10W
Anderson M Oct 2013
No tears
A myriad fears
Mixed feelings
Heart wrenching heartbreaks.
The scourge of the 21St century
Isn't AIDS or Cancer or the likes
it's an amorphous disease in the heart
eating away bit by bit
the life out of an individual.....sad...;-(
2.4k · Oct 2013
Life in 3D
Anderson M Oct 2013
My acute dementia
Seems to precipitate the need for immediate euthanasia
A hurried departure
Through the aperture
Deep set in the hollowness of time
Because essentially life’s been a lackluster mime
Imbibing flawlessly flawed ideas
That inform my capricious
Nature to various stimuli
It’s a life story based on a true lie
Frivolities interspersed with grave concerns
The myriad adjourns
Futile attempts at mitigating
A self-imposed galling.
Anderson M Oct 2014
Squalor and affluence
Live off each other’s benevolence
Albeit unknowingly.
or are both parties in the know
of each other's entrenched underhandedness
in subverting fate's uncanny ways.
one thing's for sure...
in their wake, a lot evidently is to be desired and abhorred.
2.3k · Oct 2013
Simple complexities.
Anderson M Oct 2013
A river flowing against its course
As if to floss
Its rare peculiar uncanny ingenuity
A notable case study of ambiguity.

An estranged lover unceremoniously
Literally butchering his offspring mercilessly
In cold blood
For having been dragged through the mud.

The undercurrents of change overriding
Entrenched seemingly myopic tendencies which aren’t binding
Causing irrevocably reversible state of affairs
Care not to be caught in the crosshairs.

A hopelessly optimistic romantic
Head over heel in love with the mystique
Aura of eccentricity effortlessly effused by
Her, she indeed worth a try.

Myriad circumstantial conundrums
That is cause of the inevitable humdrum
So characteristic of life
Answers a trifle few and the lackluster enthusiasm rife.
Frantically chasing the wind
hoping against hope to catch it some day
will that day ever come
so that my chase is ended
and peace finally finds eternal abode in my heart.
2.2k · Feb 2014
Cute Aggression.
Anderson M Feb 2014
Miss kindle is one of a kind
With a funny way to unwind
And one hell of a heavenly sense of humor
To add to her emotional ‘accolades’ that sends a tremor
Down my emotional spine
Causing a fuzzy indescribable state
Of emotional affairs, she a soul-stirring land mine
And that quality of hers is innate.
When am home and am sited on the couch
She makes herself feel comfy
On my lap while I take coffee
Mine hands making the much needed ‘approach’
She’s one fluffy bundle of joy
Adorably endowed with an eccentric sense of warmth
She my lifebuoy
Who keeps my spirits afloat when am doing my math.
her highness miss kindle
is our adorable cat
2.2k · May 2017
Rain, rain go away.
Anderson M May 2017
It’s raining, drizzling
I am walking in the rain.
The heavens are weeping gracefully
Their faces hidden from sight
I dance and prance in the rain
In jovial nonchalance, lost in thought
Wondering, marveling and wringing my mind dry
Why the heavens are beside themselves
In such an out-pour of emotion.
Well, I truly don’t know why the heavens weep.
2.0k · May 2013
My Utopia
Anderson M May 2013
Grandiose and lofty it may seem
Nevertheless it’s a thought that captures
A dream I consider supreme
It triggers a spontaneous feeling of rapture
Whenever it crosses my mind.
It’s that a lawless society is an empowered society
The premise being that life is kind
Lending credence to society imposed piety.
As succinct as it is,
It sums up my simple idiosyncrasy as me
It’ll be a paradigm shift that’ll put my mind at ease
And fill my heart with glee.

The existing realities are grim        
         Stupefying for lack of a better word.

Andy Bryn.
2.0k · Dec 2013
Literal Lateral inversion.
Anderson M Dec 2013
Mirror! Mirror!  On the wall
Though art the cause of many a fall
What with them endless hours adjusting and re-adjusting
Visages to desired perfection mindless of the misgiving.
Wearing masks in a variety of color
In a bid to entice a bachelor
With whose heart she’ll most disconcertingly hold ransom
Anticipating a blossom
Of a methodically engineered relationship
Minding her speech lest a Freudian slip
Nips at the bud
Her good “fortune” exposing her as a fraud.
Perfect imperfections, perfectly mirrored
By an imperfect mirror…**absurd.
2.0k · May 2013
Anderson M May 2013
Thou art so conniving
You conspire to purge me of my sense of reasoning
Leaving me bare to suffer the perils of an incongruous world
Belittled by all and sundry
Or how else do you explain a scenario where
The words I am sorry are too heavy a spittle
To be spoken to a loved one to whom I’ve wronged
Severing a lifelong relation in the process
Could be am being too ******* you
And that you are so patronisingly benevolent
Condescendingly overseeing my rise up the social ladder
Trouncing and prancing on the shrewd and their kind
Either way I salute your ingenuity
Indeed keep up the uncanny spectacle.
1.9k · Mar 2015
Selflessly Selfish.....10w
Anderson M Mar 2015
Does being
Selfless make oneself
More of a human being?
And does being Selfish make oneself
less of a human being?
1.9k · Dec 2013
Cosmopolitan exclusivity.
Anderson M Dec 2013
Unity in diversity
This is indeed an exaggerated paucity
Of information by think tanks
Advancing this school of thought regardless of their money in banks
Towns and cities boast of cultures varied and eccentric
Despite a people having an intrinsic
Nature of sense of purpose and wherewithal
Matters accentual,
An amorphous issue subject to constant change
Either way it’s a cake in the oven of fabrication, hope we don’t cringe
When fruits of this intellectually deprived charade
Become realized by a people with minds renegade.
Isn’t it “well-placed” being a pessimist?
Of the mind than an optimist of the heart hence an intellectualist
Even delusions can be entertained
up to certain instances when the invincible
parameters of reason and logic essentially lack tolerance
for grandiose whims of minds nonsensical
1.9k · Oct 2013
Ice princess.
Anderson M Oct 2013
Tears as brittle
As glass cascade lazily down
Her rosy cheeks leaving behind
Indelible outstanding imprints

They reveal  a brokenness
A vulnerability  that’s so
Sweet and scary almost
In equal measure

Her eyes know not the
Splendor of a radiant sparkle
They downcast and a
Shade darker than normal

Naivety meekness and innocence
Jostle unabated within her eyes bounds
But seldom if never
Do her fears see the light of day

Her eyes speak a dialect
That would mind boggle linguists
Of reasonable repute
And render them obsolete
She undoubtedly a goddess
Of pure emotion and acute sensitivity
Eyes speak
not in concrete words and syllables
but in abstract ways
only discernible to those
with a warmth a fire
a comforting heat
in their hearts.
1.9k · Jul 2013
An austere heart.
Anderson M Jul 2013
It seemingly oscillates from
The realm of practicality to that of blatant absurdity
A fearfully bold doubting Thomas of sorts
Embroiled in self-esteem issues
In constant conflict with itself
Sitting on the fence always
A pleasant consolation
And being a daredevil a fantasy
Nurtured in the remotest miniscule part of the brain
Tell me this aint fearless cowardice
1.9k · Nov 2013
Sultry and sleek.....10w
Anderson M Nov 2013
Melody out to
Tug at my heartstrings
My lady’s voice.
A honeyed polished version
of Mariah Carey's.
breathtakingly sensuous with
a hint of naughty**
1.9k · Jul 2013
*Light of dawn*
Anderson M Jul 2013
She an Athena
Her enchantress Georgina
Endowed she is with a flirtatiously hourglass physique
Every contour gracing her lithe body breathtakingly unique
Her fair peaches-and-cream complexion outshines the sun’s radiance
Oozing luxuriance
Irrefutably a masterpiece of refined aesthetic artistry
Sparking chemistry
Her nightingale voice reverberates softly
With the incessant whistling of the wind, such a novelty
She my Achilles heel
And am head over heel
Hopelessly brainlessly unmistakably insanely in love
I bet I’ve got some nerve

Cupid is such a marvel,....
1.8k · Jul 2013
*Political correctness.*
Anderson M Jul 2013
Gone are the days of yore
When intellectualism was a preserve
Of the privileged and distinguished in society
A family ‘heirloom’ passed on to succeeding generations

Over the years the human mind
Has morphed into a think tank of awe and bamboozlement
An object for advancement…and destruction almost in equal measure
A portal to self-destruction

Political pundits passionately discourse in the corridors
Of power over an issue as mundane as   food taxes
Am ****** if this aint a move to subjugate the populace
Whilst reveling in the guise of representing the best interests of the electorate

It’s a slap in the face of reason and logic
A soiling and tainting of mother earth’s unconditional benevolence
Extended to her humble earthlings as bountiful harvest
But a means of self-aggrandizement it is for the politicians and their loyalists
Apparently this is *
political correctness
I beseech the heavens to confer upon the technocrats of this world **common sense**'s kind of a novelty to which they are unfairly or selectively denied
1.8k · Oct 2013
Anderson M Oct 2013
On the seashore ensconced
In great walls of coral rock
a crab and his mate
interlock in a vice griplike
embrace rolling from side to side
My first attempt at
writing a tanka...
1.8k · Sep 2013
Anderson M Sep 2013
Like a wave toast in the
Ocean, my love for you
Will soon ebb away.
Anderson M Apr 2015
A wimple
To cover a pimple
Affixed squarely on dimple.
My younger teen sister
as soon as noticing a pimple on her face
quickly ****** it,instantaneously morphing into a blister
if possible she'd will every form of acne to vanish without a trace.
1.7k · Aug 2013
Free fall
Anderson M Aug 2013
I once had my mental faculties in check
And my heart’s pacemaker functioning relatively normally
Didn’t know you’d be a pain in the neck
Causing my heart to oscillate solemnly
From acute insanity to imagined bliss
Gravity’s power rendered dysfunctional
And I plunged heedlessly into love’s abyss
Evidently an amateur radical
My ego prostrated
My emotions infatuated*
Am indeed yet another statistic
Of cupid’s uncanny antics.
just wish could tame Cupid's ingenuity...too...bad...wishes aint horses
1.7k · Oct 2013
Nature’s Ballad.
Anderson M Oct 2013
A bullfrog serenades his mate
With a booming baritone in anticipation to conjugate
Whilst the wind hums softly
Dry leaves rustling incessantly.
Within the vicinity, bees buzz
The air abuzz
With beautiful chirpings from birds
Visiting colorful flowers and buds
For nectaries
Nature’s nitty gritty pleasantries
The wind croons in a haphazard harmony
A bearable monotony
Of sorts
All these are exclusive happenings in exotic resorts.
Nature is the epitome of harmony
serenity kind of a peaceful confusion of sorts
1.7k · May 2013
Unrequited Love
Anderson M May 2013
This phenomenon does indeed
Circumvent logic and render the cliché
‘LOVE IS BLIND”….a defunct concept
Almost alien in societies replete with
People savouring the blows
Of emotional tug of wars.
It’s a thorn in the flesh…..
An enigma that’s so audacious
It dares defy the very essence of the human existence
Which undoubtedly is Human intellect
It surely does wreak sweet havoc
And leave in its wake
Irreversible destruction
Care not to be featured in its myriad “conquests
random reflections of a seemingly disgruntled soul
1.7k · Sep 2018
A piece of heaven.
Anderson M Sep 2018
Astutely speaking, we all at some point

Ponder on matters spiritual, the kind
In the realms outside observable phenomena.
Even to some extent, we can’t help
Consulting various spiritual practitioners to
Extrapolate circumstances prevalent in the future.

Otherworldly beauty is not only a matter of
Fascination it’s an obsession too.

Hallowed space in today’s world is
Exceedingly limited, an abundant scarcity
A paucity of meaning attached to it.
Various denominations exist to
Entrench a semblance of piety to counter
A rather stack waywardness.
Neverland, is it real?
Anderson M May 2013
She quintessentially embodied the phrase
‘Paragon of beauty’
Perfectly chiselled face
Symmetrical features and a smile that could
Smoulder one’s heart in a millisecond
She had an aura of nonchalance around her
And an umbrella delicately balanced over her head
Despite it being scorching hot
She walked as if in fear of hurting
The very ground she trod on
Attracting surreptitious glances from passers-by.
I stood rooted to the exact spot I had stood ages before
In utter awe and wonderment at the breath taking sight I beheld
Then out of the blue she appeared to be on the verge of kissing the ground
I instantaneously lurched forward to her rescue
She, landing appropriately in mine outstretched arms
The look on her face * priceless*
Discomfiture and fear apparently evident on her face
Soothingly I assured her all was indeed well
Whilst revelling in the idea that I had come to the rescue
Of the exceedingly beautiful lady.
1.7k · Jan 2014
An ache in the heart
Anderson M Jan 2014
Love’s a fragrant rose
A sparkly luminescent red
Like beetroot with a thorny side to dread
Orchard fresh, exquisite and breathtaking like a polyphonic prose.
It’s cupid’s ingenious marvel
A force with a whirlpool effect
That sweeps it’s ‘victims’ off their feet their hearts swelling with deject
It’s undoubtedly the tower of babel
Only that its structure’s amorphous
Always changing in a constant state of ‘metamorphosis.
Being in the arms of Morpheus
Is indeed more gratifying as opposed to being diagnosed with hysterical neurosis
Methinks love thou art an extinct phenomenon
Buried deep in the abyss of emotional confusion.
1.6k · Apr 2014
I met poetry..15w
Anderson M Apr 2014
An instance before my mind
Imploded due to devices
Of its own making.
The mind's simply complicated
1.6k · Feb 2014
Drunk in love
Anderson M Feb 2014
We each partook of our respective
Champagne glasses almost in spot on simultaneity
Toasting to a life full of nicety
Hadn’t we been born with silver cutlery
In our mouths?
Armed with a sense of perspective
But this doesn’t guarantee an alienation of misery
We being hormonal imbalanced youths
Rational irrationality the bedrock
Of most if not all our decisions
We ourselves each other’s stumbling block
Nursing grandiose delusions.
We hence seldom ‘work ‘hand in glove
As we’re “drunk in love”.
Love's blind
literally and figuratively
ever been  *Love-holic*?
1.6k · Feb 2014
The bliss of sleep....10w
Anderson M Feb 2014
After a hard day’s
Toil, a plumber
Craves peaceful slumber.
'notwithstanding' the hunger
eating him up and tearing his stomach asunder.
1.6k · Feb 2014
Of wolves and sheep.
Anderson M Feb 2014
Skim milk masquerades as cream
Wolves self-ordain themselves as custodians
Of the “good” of sheep and that they’re a team
In the quest for universal good, poor proletarians.
A fattened up emaciation
That derails the pursuit for accountability
Paving way for many a loophole
A stranglehold on emancipation
The sheep simply merely sign a treaty
With fate to elongate their back breaking life before taking a stroll
In either heaven or hell, that’s if an afterlife exists.
The wolf menace is thus a malignant cyst
To “body politic”
Posing mind boggling potential harm, worth incisive critique.
Government, a pack of wolves in sheep attire
1.5k · Feb 2014
Icing on the cake.
Anderson M Feb 2014
Ice cream cascades lazily
Down the throat
A hot cold assault
On the throat’s walls
This after a heavy hearty meal.
1.5k · May 2017
A dire need for fire...10w
Anderson M May 2017
Let me warm
Myself at the feet
Of your fire.
it's cold
1.5k · Nov 2013
Anderson M Nov 2013
It’s describably indescribable
Perfectly flawed and
At best bittersweet
All this cause its subject
To human nature an amorphous multi-faceted
Traverse the face of the earth
over every hill, valley seldom
if never will you find an all-rounded individual
this then does confirm that
imperfection is indeed the ultimate
all other factors constant.
1.5k · Dec 2013
Anderson M Dec 2013
How you comprehended my myriad a murmur
My mind can barely understand even with a hammer
Hard hit on my head
I a diaper-wetting toddler nestled in the warm bed
Of your comforting arms
You, in constant vigil feeding me honey-sweet plums
Singing me lullabies in your soft mellow voice
Your seemingly palpable heart always in a state of rejoice
Kindness well-articulated on your visage
Your demeanor that of a revered sage.
Your unmatched audacity to defy odds
Neutralizing all prods
Initiated by inconveniencing circumstance
A goddess of stern indefatigability, your experience in life expanse.
"Mama", the first word I most definitely learned to speak
this a poem for my mama. And all the beautiful souls out there
with whom if life wasn't benevolent enough to gift them to us
I wonder how bearably unbearable life would be.
Anderson M Feb 2014
A needle in a
That’s what true love
So many fish in the sea
with a variety of colour
beguiling shades of gray
finding one with a true distinct colour
is almost equivalent
to a camel going through the eye
of a needle.
1.4k · Sep 2020
Ocean eyes.
Anderson M Sep 2020
A conflation of
Hues filled with lush mystery
Unmatched artistry.
#Portal to #soul.
Anderson M Feb 2015
Choked by a monstrous  
Onslaught of ideals
Embodying collectivism.
Unite and rule
systematically and philosophically
a paradigm shift of thought and approach
from the "divide and rule concept"
Anderson M Feb 2014
My heart tip toes discreetly
In the dark hollow hallways
Of self-doubt and low self-esteem.
Many a times
It trips
Even falls
But still die hardly insistently
Treads on this self-destructive path.
Why it chooses so is a conundrum in itself.
Me look me in the mirror
and me see an abnormally normal
guess not even
a shred of normalcy exists
or are things so very normal
such that I make out to see
the abnormal
in the normal
life's  really going around in circles.
1.4k · Jul 2013
Feeling and emotion.
Anderson M Jul 2013
Beneath the facades of meticulous composure
Rehearsed   mannerisms that are etiquette conformist
And Mechanized body language are underbellies
Immune to society’s manipulation
Storms rage continuously and incessantly
To one’s chagrin and no recourse to assuage
The emotionally grim state of affairs
In sight on the expanse horizon of chance
Feeling and emotion
Have a mind of their own
Which society with its immense
“Instruments of power”
Can’t effectively control
But still the bird’s wings are
Whether by chance or design
Is an issue reserved for the deities
That’s if they do exist.
*I just wish
I lived in a time
when circumstance allowed
my outpouring of raw emotion
without being branded
unethical...or in contravention of etiquette*
1.4k · Apr 2015
Slave to rhyme.
Anderson M Apr 2015
An unholy indisposition to everything sublime.
A tight knot
In the pit of the mind’s stomach
That instantaneously churns whenever any literary aim
Crosses it
Transcending all “schools” of thought
Known and imaginable to man.
Thoughts go a muck
And in no time bit by bit
A mouthwatering piece is birthed and it’s so much fun
Rhyme's simply sublime
and seldom leaves a lime
aftertaste in one's 'literary' taste buds
1.4k · May 2017
Shackled heart..10w
Anderson M May 2017
My heart’s a ball of icicles
In shackles
Of manacles
it's nestled behind an "impenetrable"rib cage.
it can barely "breathe"
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