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Dec 2021 · 93
Anderson M Dec 2021
Ease…into the flow
Live and let live…evolve…thrive
Dance…to your own song.  

Gravitate toward
That which ennobles heightens…
Impassions the soul.

Tap into the now
With every sinew of self
Milk the now very dry.

Befriend the mind space
Acknowledge constant chatter
Let go as it comes.

Refrain from putting
Things in closed pigeonholes
See bigger picture.
Nov 2021 · 64
Anderson M Nov 2021
A dalliance with chance in absolute nonchalance…
Happening to be in lady luck’s good graces for once…
Crystallizes the instances when out of the blue
We get to experience circumstance in some new kinda hue.
Gratitude escapes definition, it’s larger than life
When it takes root, anything that alludes to strife  
Is looked upon from a position of insight
And an immense presence of mind…that’s might.
Being on cloud nine becomes norm
Rather than the exception and the pressure to conform
Is dialed down expanding the scope of one’s imagination
Setting the stage for idea proliferation.
Every waking moment a myriad imaginings manifest
It’s highly unlikely not to acknowledge how much one is blessed.
Jul 2021 · 115
Wu wei
Anderson M Jul 2021
A leaf glides…effortlessly to the forest floor
As if guided by some mystical force…
Akin to a wave “destined” for the shore
It bristles with certainty that it’s on the right course.
When it rains…pitchforks…the eagle doesn’t fret
Or “sweat it out”…it’s a prized chance to rise
Above the situation…quite literally, not necessarily to get
Sky’s attention, maybe just to affirm where its strength lies.
Millipede’s slow, adopt nature’s pace
Destination is in sight, rushing’s ******* into the wind.
Each step is monumental taken with poise and grace…
Pausing every so often to catch a breath and unwind.
As opposed to clutching at straws, being still is paramount
Rome wasn’t built in a day, all “subtleties” count.
Apr 2021 · 169
Versace on the floor.
Anderson M Apr 2021
How it hit the floor…
Dramatic levitation
Through taut space and time.

Chandelier’s lit
Coaxing playfully, ornate
“Festival of lights”.

Dreamy melody
Seeps outta a gramophone
Velvety delight.

Air’s alive, festive
A blend of calm and upbeat
Layered steamy ambiance.

Mind is a mash-up
Typical tasty mocktail
Tad delectable.

A lot meets the eye
Perception’s a circus of
Bland perspectives.
…interaction with reality…is mostly listless, when we pay a little more attention, being awed is almost inevitable.
Mar 2021 · 116
When logic takes flight...
Anderson M Mar 2021
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown,
A daredevil chance at advancement and progress.
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

Being in the belly of the beast’s sickening to the bone,
Discomfiting and a tad demeaning, fraught with distress
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown.

One might wonder how much one can condone.
Being caught in the crosshairs is the best moment to assess.
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

A stiff upper lip to mask a frown
Will keep the peace so as not to appear under duress
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown.

It’s fairly hard to be attuned to adversity, everyone’s a greenhorn
Nevertheless, it should spur us to be hot on the heels of success
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.

Superstition takes one’s eyes off the prize, hence likely to bemoan
Fallibility rather than take the bull by its horns; a caricatured mess
Chaos is a ladder to a more conducive unknown,
Maybe it’s defeatist to react to it with scorn.
Feb 2021 · 75
Candlelit finesse.
Anderson M Feb 2021
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
All thoughts coalesce toward eternal bliss
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Every possibility for longevity is worth a try
As we care to relive the moments with a kiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

In the grand scheme of things, we are small fry
Even though we plunge headfirst, fast, into the abyss,
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

We won’t shy away from rich servings of apple pie
As we expend all efforts to ensure nothing’s amiss
Underneath a star-spangled night sky.

When life catches us in a lie
We’ll rise above it with finesse, it’ll form part of our reminisce.
No moment spared to catch a sigh.

Amidst all the lows we won’t miss a high
Everything spruced to perfection with practice
Underneath a star-spangled night sky
No moment spared to catch a sigh.
Jan 2021 · 75
Some nature walk.
Anderson M Jan 2021
Hills bestride valleys,
Rivers flow unobstructed
Endless miles on end.

Lush sunflowers bloom
Bristling with reverence for
The warm morning sun.

Epitome of nurture
Smiles, aloof yet accessible
Bespoke elegance.

An eagle goes for
The ****, swift and resolute
A rewarding catch.

A walk in nature
Stretches sore “limbs “calms the mind
Unique panacea.
a strand of #haikus
Jan 2021 · 75
Chocolate hourglass
Anderson M Jan 2021
A few inches shy
Of six feet, all pay homage
Acutely spellbound.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Hope springs eternal
A burbling fountain of
Positivity and undying
Passion, maybe it only
Yields to the passage of time.

Nebulous concept of time
Erring “eternally” and “simplistically” on
What’s presently of importance.

Yachting through unchartered waters is an
Everyday normal, for “experts” and
Amateurs alike, one can only
Rely on one’s “selfhood”.
Nothing lasts forever,the most
abiding reality of impermanence.
Cursed blessing.
Dec 2020 · 259
Dimpled perfection.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Reflective surfaces are always at odds
Whenever they encounter your likeness.
Denial or utter awe, they’re always
In sixes and sevens, stunned, transfixed.
Maybe some time spent with the gods
Will shade some light on your finesse.
Meanwhile get drunk on the praise
Poured to you in droves, reverence unmatched.
The hollows in both your cheeks
Symmetrically affixed, make you one for keeps.
A simple parting of your lips
Warms and mellows the hearts of skeptics.
You are incomparable
Ravishing, luscious and hell delectable.
It's the kind of beauty that enthralls,
haunts and holds one captive.
It finds room in one's mind and heart
and sets abode,stays rent free
permission notwithstanding.
Dec 2020 · 102
Counting stars.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Sky’s holding its breath
Myriad stepping stones, twinkle
Twinkle happily.
Dec 2020 · 380
Feliz Navidad.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Frenzy a plenty
Ecstasy galore
Laughter’s a heartbeat away
Intoxication’s the norm.
Zappy and happy-zoned.

Nights spent in euphoria
Angst barely touched with a ten foot pole
Verily a time to be merry.
If time could stop and we’d
Dabble in stuff
As nonchalantly as during these festive times
Delusions would be rarer.
Anderson M Nov 2020
Rhetoric almost always diminishes truth
Entertain the perspectives espoused
Just don’t draw any conclusions
What’s unspoken shades more light.
Truth's too noble for mere words.
Sep 2020 · 141
Anderson M Sep 2020
Smell of nostalgia
Permeates one’s consciousness
Inspires bittersweet.
Sep 2020 · 1.4k
Ocean eyes.
Anderson M Sep 2020
A conflation of
Hues filled with lush mystery
Unmatched artistry.
#Portal to #soul.
Sep 2020 · 120
My two cents; Covid
Anderson M Sep 2020
Change is constant
Opportunity’s like lightning, strikes once
Virtue’s a circus of perspectives
Information’s the currency of trade.
Diplomacy’s in the hands of halfwits, conveniently so.
In the meantime,history's taken a back seat
beside itself in mock astonishment
Actually enthralled as everything unfolds.
Aug 2020 · 363
Angel of mine.
Anderson M Aug 2020
Your flaws underscore your perfection
You stand in your own light
And embrace your darkness
Unapologetically, unreservedly, unequivocally.
Everything with a negative vibe
Is diminished and dwarfed
Rendered insignificant in your ethereal presence.
I for one get drunk on your
Spell binding aura, don’t free me
From this enchantment.
Aug 2020 · 100
Anderson M Aug 2020
Butterflies in full bloom
Embody an exquisite form
Akin to a rare and an
Unmatched ethereal like
Transcendental likeness.
In as much as beauty is subjective
Fairly speaking, a glance
Upon these creatures
Leaves one in awe.
Jul 2020 · 183
Advance or retreat.
Anderson M Jul 2020
Yin and yang tucked in
Forever embrace, progress
Premised on push pull.
Jul 2020 · 210
Loosing face.(True fiction)
Anderson M Jul 2020
At the mention of
Fiction, truth cries foul, what with
Utter make belief.
What's stranger than fiction,truth surprisingly...
Are they both cut from the same cloth?
is there need to have clear distinct understanding
of the two,or would we be rather "drunk"
on the confusion.
Jul 2020 · 209
One wish...;-)
Anderson M Jul 2020
To turn into star dust
upon my last breath.
Oh what a beauty
to twinkle in perpetuity.
Anderson M Jun 2020
Sense seldom plays ball
Prefers to play hide and seek
Instead, oddly still.
Jun 2020 · 220
Happy Dance
Anderson M Jun 2020
Two left feet in sync
Worries, mist floating away
Always happy zoned.
#Happy-zoned #haiku
May 2020 · 217
Anderson M May 2020
Mirror mirror, though art an
Inspiration, much actually
Rests on your face
As all look up to you.
Go easy on the womenfolk
Engage them with some kindness.
#Acrostic.....Beauty's a mirage.
May 2020 · 117
With us through it all.
Anderson M May 2020
The sun showed up today
Briefly, on the eastern horizon
She wasn’t decked in glory
As is usual, was rather forlorn instead.
She flashed a quick sad smile
Feebly, then disappeared
Where to? Who knows?
I believe in her secret hideout
She did a silent prayer
And kowtowed to some “supreme
Authority countless times.
Methinks she cried too
And hoped things would be
Back to “normal” soon.
Finally she must have fallen
Into deep sleep. Sad and alone.
The sun feels us,our sorrows,joys and pains...She's with us through it all.
Dec 2019 · 1.1k
Anderson M Dec 2019
In moments
Of utter helplessness
I seek solace
In silence.
Human ingenuity is expanse,there are moments though when sense appears to be a lofty ideal,unattainable.
Anderson M Oct 2019
Trudging down memory lane
Struggling, to stay sane
Everything’s off course, going against the grain
Fear everything will be in vain.
Action is fast paced
Challenges are best outfaced
And for peace of mind replaced
With glossy anecdotes unspaced.
Moments are punctuated
With sad smiles, interspersed
With joyful tears, matters unparalleled
And this applies to all even the thoroughbred
It’s high time to put cart
Before horse, make it chew khat.
To ask why
Might soothe the soul
Needless to say it might
End up in a long-drawn sigh.
Jul 2019 · 340
An earthly deity.....10w
Anderson M Jul 2019
Darkness only exists as long
Her luminescent eyes are closed.
When she opens them
things aren't all the same.
Jul 2019 · 1.2k
Will of steel...10w
Anderson M Jul 2019
The thrill is in the ideal
Fire up your will.
That which is hard to attain
ultimately is
worth one's while.
Jun 2019 · 468
Positive thinking....10w
Anderson M Jun 2019
When one meets a rock
And see an overzealous egg.
Facing it head on,unflinchingly.
Jun 2019 · 184
In your presence.
Anderson M Jun 2019
Time is the illusion that it is
As everything is at ease
And the fact that you are such a tease
It’s such a breeze.
There’re moments when we don’t see
Eye to eye and we aren’t each other’s cup of tea
But we don’t bark up the wrong tree
Still stay true and swim in our own sea.
Every moment though short is treasured
Our penchant to toy with the absurd
Leaves us having mastered
The art of life how sad.
As the spectacle and allure
Of existence is fazed like bland couture.
Frazzled and fazed.
Anderson M Dec 2018
Hiccups in time
As joy and pain
Partners in crime
Push and pull heartstrings
Yet heart’s “intact”.

Never say never
Even stars are just stepping stones
Whenever, wherever shine on

Years well, will come and go
Every second counts though
Aspire to “live” every waking moment
Respectfully paying homage to “Nature’s torment”.
Nov 2018 · 269
Snow White.
Anderson M Nov 2018
Sweet soul, honey’s a diminutive
Niceties she religiously
Observes, her second nature.
Wit and acuity suffuse her mental faculties.

When she smiles, yin and yang appear indistinct
Heaven and hell seemingly merge to one
Inescapable from each other.
Time stills, serenity prevails, though fleetingly.
Eternity is “forever” trapped in her luminescent eyes.
Snow white(acrostic)
Oct 2018 · 303
Kill me quick.
Anderson M Oct 2018
Glass of scotch in hand
Fiery feeling knocks living
Daylights outta me.
A fast release to oblivion.
Sep 2018 · 1.7k
A piece of heaven.
Anderson M Sep 2018
Astutely speaking, we all at some point

Ponder on matters spiritual, the kind
In the realms outside observable phenomena.
Even to some extent, we can’t help
Consulting various spiritual practitioners to
Extrapolate circumstances prevalent in the future.

Otherworldly beauty is not only a matter of
Fascination it’s an obsession too.

Hallowed space in today’s world is
Exceedingly limited, an abundant scarcity
A paucity of meaning attached to it.
Various denominations exist to
Entrench a semblance of piety to counter
A rather stack waywardness.
Neverland, is it real?
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Memory lane.
Anderson M Aug 2018
Yesterday’s but a drop
In the ocean of the past.
Its sorrows, joys, triumphs, defeat
Highs, lows all crushed to a uniform
“Consistency” In the crucible of experience.
And so every so often
With the frequency and urgency
Of reaching yearningly for a cookie jar
We reach out to the repository of experience
To live through once again
The moments that inspired either awe or consternation.
Each waking moment, we replenish the contents
Of this cookie jar so it never runs out
Thus partaking of its essence into the unforeseeable future.
The now’s fodder that feeds into the udder of experience,and oh,how we like to milk it dry.
Aug 2018 · 878
A good lie
Anderson M Aug 2018
Easily rolls of the tongue like
One’s heel on a banana peel.
Mostly, it’s loaded with good
Intention, mouthed with gusto
Maybe to hide treachery hidden
Within. On face value even
The devil accepts it as gospel
Truth, nevertheless, Tear it apart
What’s revealed might
Unsettle one’s bowels.
A true lie,on which side of truth  is it?
Anderson M Jul 2018
Does beauty transcend human subjectivity?
And what qualifies as pretty?

Timeless questions cast in stone
On the answers curtains drawn.

Hither and thither sprawled splendor
Inviting mind’s eye to wander.
Would you care to let your eyes wander
on the things that inspire wonder.
three 10w pieces
Jun 2018 · 414
Anderson M Jun 2018
Some truths,
With ***** feet
Unabashedly tread on
People’s souls.
Rendering them forever unclean.
May 2018 · 395
A look inward
Anderson M May 2018
Sanity’s an eel
A fishy unscrupulous
Imagined construct.

Like a needle in
A haystack it’s hard to find
Hides right in plain sight.

To be of sound mind
One has to staunchly silence
Incessant critics.

More like pacify
The demons and nurture the
Glorious angels.
To move forward,one has to constantly look inward.
Anderson M May 2018
On the seashore
Her back an arrow
She marvels at nature’s flawless flow.
Luxuriant hair cascades to caress
Her waspish waist as if to stress
The point that it’s a beautiful mess.
As the waters make fleeting
Acquaintance with the seeming
“Stationary" shores, her figure’s spellbinding.
Her dress hugs her lithe frame tight
As all manner of inconsistency takes flight
And what remains is an ethereal sight.
It’s clear as crystal that grace
Is outstanding and seldom commonplace.
Bought a new phone,couldn't help
capturing this  sight
inspiring time to pay homage
even if for a split second.
Apr 2018 · 473
Writer's block.
Anderson M Apr 2018
Words go in hibernation
They hide deep where
Nothing can seep, we search,
Seek, ***** even probe
To utter dismay.
Why do they do this?
I think it’s so
Their potency is intact
Especially in the face of abuse,
Misuse and overuse.
At their own 'opportune' time,
they make themselves manifest
when we least expect.
At this point I might caution that
one ought not to despair.
Apr 2018 · 375
A rainbow's Curtsy(bow)
Anderson M Apr 2018
Resting against the backdrop
Of a host of clouds
Yearning for adulation
Gracefully swaying her hips in
Brusque jerks, she colorfully
In deliberate detail
Vivaciously enchants would be onlookers.
#Acrostic #Roygbiv
Apr 2018 · 631
The wow of now.
Anderson M Apr 2018
Time hiccups exactly sixty times
In a minute, maybe it’s to affirm
That it too is mortal, that it’s got
A life of its own and that it’s absolute.
Who or what controls time? Who knows?
Isn’t it sand, escaping right through
Our hands no matter how
Hard we tighten our grip.
As happenings quickly become the
Revered fabric of the past
Maybe it’s best we live to the fullest in the now.
And how do we live to the fullest in the now?
Apr 2018 · 438
If only.....10w
Anderson M Apr 2018
We could love and be kind
With no strings attached.
save for the heartstrings.
Apr 2018 · 299
Anderson M Apr 2018
Heart’s heavy, heart’s light
Middle ground is bliss
Pendulum to which heart’s attached
Is always restless, seldom
Stationary always in motion.
Controlling the pendulum is akin
To achieving perfection, a rare feat.
Can I sever the pendulum? NO
It’s out of question, I can
Only choose to live in the present moment.
Bliss is scotch kiss,one savors the taste just as long as it lasts
Mar 2018 · 455
A celestial masterpiece.
Anderson M Mar 2018
The stars are always in disarray
But at the mere thought of you they sashay
Before you twinkling and mingling in collective merriment.
How you whip up this loyal admiration is a fascination as ancient
As yesterday’s headlines. The sun wondrously
In isolation marvels at your brilliance that clearly
Manifests as your countenance. You thrive
On immortality’s soul as each nerve
On your body is as ageless as the sun.
You’re full of cheer and so much fun.
Yours is an incomparable beauty
My lovely and charming cutie.
A celestial masterpiece you are
Your eccentricity spreading wide and far.
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.
Nov 2017 · 349
The face of eternity.
Anderson M Nov 2017
Sun’s face is ancient
Yet it’s new and fresher than
Cucumber each morn.

Smoother than fine silk
Face’s not roughed by pimple
Just simple and plain.

A big honeycomb
Dripping with lustrous sweetness
Unending nurture.

Round without blemish
Goddess of light and polish
And unencumbered.

Is she old or young?
We can agree she’s ageless
An old youthful soul.
A strand of haikus.
Sep 2017 · 566
Anderson M Sep 2017
When words are deemed superfluous.
Maybe it’s time to make a fuss
As how else other than in verse
Would one attempt to pass
A message across to a large mass.
Just wondering how life would be
without the convenience
of the presence
of words.
Anderson M Sep 2017
A fountain of tolerance
Burbling with gusto
And unending vigor.
If I loved you like I love myself,how'd existence be like?
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