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Anderson M Jan 2021
A few inches shy
Of six feet, all pay homage
Acutely spellbound.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Hope springs eternal
A burbling fountain of
Positivity and undying
Passion, maybe it only
Yields to the passage of time.

Nebulous concept of time
Erring “eternally” and “simplistically” on
What’s presently of importance.

Yachting through unchartered waters is an
Everyday normal, for “experts” and
Amateurs alike, one can only
Rely on one’s “selfhood”.
Nothing lasts forever,the most
abiding reality of impermanence.
Cursed blessing.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Reflective surfaces are always at odds
Whenever they encounter your likeness.
Denial or utter awe, they’re always
In sixes and sevens, stunned, transfixed.
Maybe some time spent with the gods
Will shade some light on your finesse.
Meanwhile get drunk on the praise
Poured to you in droves, reverence unmatched.
The hollows in both your cheeks
Symmetrically affixed, make you one for keeps.
A simple parting of your lips
Warms and mellows the hearts of skeptics.
You are incomparable
Ravishing, luscious and hell delectable.
It's the kind of beauty that enthralls,
haunts and holds one captive.
It finds room in one's mind and heart
and sets abode,stays rent free
permission notwithstanding.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Sky’s holding its breath
Myriad stepping stones, twinkle
Twinkle happily.
Anderson M Dec 2020
Frenzy a plenty
Ecstasy galore
Laughter’s a heartbeat away
Intoxication’s the norm.
Zappy and happy-zoned.

Nights spent in euphoria
Angst barely touched with a ten foot pole
Verily a time to be merry.
If time could stop and we’d
Dabble in stuff
As nonchalantly as during these festive times
Delusions would be rarer.
Anderson M Nov 2020
Rhetoric almost always diminishes truth
Entertain the perspectives espoused
Just don’t draw any conclusions
What’s unspoken shades more light.
Truth's too noble for mere words.
Anderson M Sep 2020
Smell of nostalgia
Permeates one’s consciousness
Inspires bittersweet.
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