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Emily Marie Feb 2015
Sometimes I like to pretend that I don't exist.
   I like to look up at the stars and ignore them.
      I like to listen to the silence for fun.

I pretend I don't exist because practice makes perfect,
   So I just keep practicing
      And practicing so one day I can just stop.

   Stop acting.
   Stop worrying.
   Stop pretending.

Sometimes I like to pretend that I don't exist,
  Because that means my problems don't exist,
      And there is no one waiting for me.
Like I'm floating deeper into oblivion.

But then my silence is broken
   And I am alive again and reminded that someone depends on me
      And I can't leave just yet.
Like its inconvenient for someone else that I leave right now.

But practice makes perfect
   And I can't stop practicing.

I like to pretend that I don't exist
   Because it gives me hope that someday
      I won't.
Emily Marie Dec 2014
Does any of this actually mean anything?

These jokes,
   My blushing cheeks,
The time we spent together.

  This feeling is completely foreign, it feels like a flesh eating disease my stomach.

Every time I see you I can feel the oncoming zombie apocalypse that lives with in me, begin to stir.

Staring into your eyes makes my chest beat so hard they can feel it in Alaska.

Which is where I want to honeymoon with you, because I figure by the time we are married we will need an isolated bunker, far enough away from civilization so we won't become zombies too.

But if we do, and if you have to be the one to **** me ,spare my eyes,
   So I can always remember exactly what it was that ended the world.

For you, my darling, I would start 10,000 apocalypses.
   To keep you, my darling, I would end of the world.
This is a part of my series of proses "The Well-Written Thoughts of a Teenaged Girl".
Emily Marie Nov 2014
Oh! Creativity,
Why do you  runneth away from me?

You tempt me with your golden locks,
and knock my head on every surface when I attempt to understand you.

My poor mind is restless,
I'm rushing through my poetry
So I can take my time and figure out who my muse is meant to be.

But right now,
My dear,
My head hurts.
I have no clue.
Emily Marie Nov 2014
Tell you children about mental illnesses that run through your family and reduce teen suicide rates.

They more they know, the less isolated they will feel.

Tell your children about mental illnesses that you or your relatives have had and you might not need to know how to live with someone who can not live with themselves.
Not a poem, just an important message I believe everyone needs to hear. Spread the word, spread the love, spread your arms and share a hug!
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