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elina Jun 2016
dried flowers look
as if death is
warm and enthralling,
that it's more than
bleak and black.

red drips in

is ripping apart
flowers, blossoms
a crime?
shrieks, murmurs of

is it okay?

elina Jun 2016
it is raining,
with a smokiness
lisping through the
stifling air.

the haze tightens
its fist around my
neck - red tremors
in my eyes

the trembles of the
fog are grace in my
ears; but smoke alarms
still tick in these halls.
stumbling through dreams
elina May 2016
a little aeroplane fluttered
on the fluffs of water in the
dim grey skies

i smile. freedom
is such a struggle to achieve.
my hand rose, and i waved.

the little aeroplane waved back,
stripes of white left behind. the
little aeroplane flew lower and
waved me back twice.

the skies pulsed. a quaver shook
my earth. i wasn't smiling anymore.
my hand wasn't moving.

a little black dot flapped, coiled,
streamed, trembled, fell. i found
i was rippling, as seas do on
their lonely paths.

and i realised:
oh. it's me.

elina Mar 2016
can fool so easily;
yours are of yellow shades,
reminding me of gold
in your soul
and honey glistering your lips

i can see always
the intensity of your ardour
reflected in hues of my
madness for you

warmth is you.
i find it so simply
when i'm beside you

you lead me to fields
of dandelions, poppies,
daffodils, yellow wildflowers;
and your sunny eyes grin
when i skip around in
such yellow freedom

you give me daisies
and laugh whilst i
make a crown to
put on your head

why does flower
rhyme with power?

all i can see
is amber
embedded in your locks
and pools of fire

why do the flames
control you?

yellow is turning reddish

you give me now
tulips, roses,

i dye my
just the
way you like
in crimson shades

our home is filled with
rubies not
gold or suns

i note the walls
blushing when
you come

can i still
call it


can be fooled
so easily
prequel-sequel to 'i might'.
elina Mar 2016
on the cracking roads
lined with glistening snow;
it's slithering closer
to being lonelier

white crunches so beautifully
beneath my black feet,
trickling with
drip drip drip

i kneel,
something stinging inside me,
and stab a bare hand
into the gleam

light emerges as flush
fascination becomes me;
rouge fingers caress
at you. and sparks

crispness softens
into supple in my hands,
forthwith i have a sphere
of frost and ice

i know what to do

you're near
i sense it

fists clenched
in frigidness,
i rise,
warmth slipping
from my eyes

i walk

at once,
i'm holding nothing
the cold has faded;

**you become ice.
elina Mar 2016
remember you
as you danced so gracefully
in the beats of the night and love,
locks of hair fluttering in the wind
and glittering eyes grinning back at me

but then
you turn your back
and i'm reminded of red
hurried apologies.
darkness bellows within you

some part of me hopes
you're better than this;
the walls are seeping
cracking but
you don't see

i spot holes and
tears in the diva
you weren't always like this
or that

dandelions and giggles
and shades of sunsets are now
tainted with you

i can't leave
i can't stay
i can't

will you?
domestic violence needs to be stopped
elina Feb 2016
they say
storms are people
or souls are to be passion
in us
for you used to be
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