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Elena Nov 19
i'm frozen
stuck in a trance that i can't get out of
what's going on
why can't i move
i see something
from the corner of my eye
what is it
please help me
release me from this solid state
i'm terrified
it's getting closer
they're right next to me
i can't see their face
their evil is radiating in waves
i can move my head
i can finally see their face
only to see that
it's me
i'm frozen in fear of myself
I'm Evil
Elena Nov 19
i have demons
i know i do
they torment me
every second i breath
i need to live
but i crave to die
why why why
do the demons behind my eye
continue to destroy
without a sense of time.
Elena Nov 19
Hello little daisy
Do you bloom here often,
under the weeping willow
during the summers eve
Dear little daisy
so small and frail
will you be here when I get back
I want to pluck you
and keep you to myself.
Please little daisy
I'll make you a home
you will live with me
and thrive from dusk till dawn
Goodbye little daisy
I can't pluck your delicate stem
but I will be back tomorrow
to enjoy this day again.
Elena Nov 19
How long,
will I continue to feel this pain.
How long,
will I continue to sit in agony
How long,
are the thoughts of her hands wandering going to poison my mind
How long,
am I going to sit here thinking that you're going to come back
How long,
till I release myself of the burden called your name.
How long,
till I'm free.
Elena Jul 24
A heart as broken as shattered glass
Anger ran through her
She used to be bubbly,
With a heart of gold
Now she wallows in self pity
Her body screams for sweet relief,
She is held back by demons
He ruined her,
He shattered her heart
All she can do is swallow the hurt
He was never sorry
She was broken
Elena Jun 14
changing profile picture
being on instagram
not texting me
forget me
me being paranoid that you don’t love me
body hating
you hate me
forget me
I’m stupid
i’m scared
i’m sorry
forget me.
seeing you be on every social platform but not being able to respond
am i being lied too
does he really feel how he says
i’m stupid
i’m sorry
i’m not okay
forget me
Elena Apr 4
i wish that you were here with your arms around me so i could fall into a peaceful slumber
i wish that you were here so we could just sit and i scratch your back like old times
when you were my sleepy angel by at side
on those lonely night where i was restless you would call
i wish you were here

— The End —