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you are golden,
like the sun on the sea,
you ride through me.

as the rays on a dusty window,
you shine, you shine,
reaching, making yours mine.

orange and dewy,
shine through canopies,
the warmth, your warmth,
it's growing inside me.
I can’t bear the silence between
The silence that cannot be seen
You my dear are silence between
For I can’t take the silence between

We drift apart like the silence between
Between our hearts that cannot be seen
I can’t take this silence between
For you are the silence between
Didn't mean to make this public
My mother's waters gave me birth
and wrinkled, I came to her arms.
So, wrinkled, will I leave this earth;
beyond its sorrows and its charms.
How sorrowful and soon, the dusk
will not be held back by our cries
and I within this worn out husk
lie down again, and hope to rise.
I dream of other waters now;
where joy and love and comfort are.
Where, to pain I need never bow,
beyond some bright but distant star.
Such afterlife I'll never know,
unless I slip this earth -and go.
Alight the sun and moon are in the skies,
Attending to the passing of the great.
A burning light will leave our twinkling eyes,
With passing time, we reach the dreaded date.
And though the lights are here, the sky is dim,
The premature pathetic fallacy,
Even nature herself cannot hold in,
The blinding sorrow she too feels for thee.
And though with sadness we anticipate
Departure of a kind and bubbly friend,
We shan't forget to say, before it's late,
Goodbye, good luck, we're with you 'till the end.
And don't forget your trendy, cool nature,
Or joyful outlook which makes you so pure.
I frickin' didn't want to use thee bc that's really gay but hey ** I needed a rhyme
As I was standing in the rain and snow,
A striking ray of sunshine split the sky,
And spilled on me its golden honey glow,
The shining star that caught my fading eye,
And as the shadowed grey parted within,
Excluded by the incandescent light,
The brilliant and captivating grin,
Spread all across the sky to paint it bright.
As I am standing in the pelt and pour,
This blanket grey above shut out what shone,
The ghost of warmth I felt, I still feel more,
Though gentle glow I loved once now is gone.
I wait, for still my spirit does not wane,
Nor hope that I will see my sun again.
Five o'clock shower;
Perhaps, it's a bit early,
But, better than none.
Is this one even good? Probably not.
Am I up early,
Or am I merely up late?
This, time will not tell.
Bet you can't guess when I thought of this one.
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