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Does my failure mean that I am doom, no of course not.
Does it mean that I am lost in the very next life.
No it only means that I am imperfect, without hope.
Unless I allow a Loving Savior to work within me.
I shall never be perfect not here on the earth anyway.
But I shall be one day , once I receive the new body.
So yes I shall fail and yes I am not perfect here on the earth.
But this does not matter as long as I keep trying to change.
They may be small leaps but the Lord knows our hearts.
So as long as I keep trying there is still true hope for me.
874 · Apr 2017
Help Me To Stand
Help me to stand in times of storms.

Help me to stand in the times of Pain.

Help me to stand in times of struggles.

Christ help me to always stand firm.

Help me to stand with others in Prayer.

Help me Lord, to stand up for you here.

Help me to stand in times of struggle.

Help me O God, to stand , even in times.

Where everyone else here fall down Jesus.
862 · Jun 2017
I Shall Stand
Because you are in it, so I shall stand firm in it.

Because as long as you are in my Life here.

I shall stand firm, and never give up in this Life.

Because you are in my Life, I shall stand Firm.

For there is none other that Loves me Like you do.

There is none other, that I Love like I Love you.

As long as you are in my Life, I shall never give up.

For you are so Special to me, you mean so much to me.

So  I shall stand Firm, never giving up but standing firm.
852 · Apr 2016
We Trust You
O Lord, we whom believe are new Creatures in you Jesus.
We live by your promises, that you have given to us God.
Through the power of your Holy Spirit that lives within us.
I thank you for everything that was done for us on the cross.
We shall allow you to use us as well as our gifts here Lord.
To reveal you to those that are seeking you seriously God.
We know that all of your ways are the right way to live.
By trusting you alone to carry us to the finish line here.
So that we may hear you say well done my child well done.
849 · Nov 2015
Not A Poem
my mother pass away today please keep me in your prayers
844 · Jan 2016
When God Overcomes Us.
When the Holy Spirit overcomes us an second time.
When he overwhelms us with his Great Mighty Power.
Using us to reveal his Mighty appearance  to this dead world.
When he shows the world through our beings that he is God.
Thus drawing many unto his Mighty Throne room above.
Then we can gratefully proclaim that we have been used.
By the Awesome Saving Lord and God Christ the King.
For this one purpose we each have been created for here.
To reveal the only True Hope that we can cling to.
835 · Feb 2016
Today Is Your Day
I pray that today shall be your very best day of all.
That you shall see the little things for what they are.
The things that reveal Christ to each of us daily here.
For to be Loved, by those that you hold so precious to you.
To have an warm breeze come up from behind you.
To have someone buy you coffee or something else.
For to finally be shown the biggest blessing of all here.
To be use to draw others to our Living Savior and God.
For we were put on this earth to bless others not ourselves.
825 · Jun 2015
There is so much darkness in this world.
So much evil, selfishness, feel good , and greed.
So much abuse, murdering, and **** as well.
So many people are hurting these days we live in.
So many people are blaming it on a God that loves us.
Because we do not understand , why its happening.
Well the best answer that I can think of is freewill.
He gives us all Freewill to do whatever we choose.
The evil demons gets into people minds speaking to them.
To do the evil that you see in this dark world we live in.
God does protect people to a certain point but still there is Freewill.
817 · Aug 2015
The Height
Something that I realize about those in the bible.
That disappear long enough to be saved by Jesus.
They ended up going to the Height to be saved.
Like Peter ,when the angel came to save him from Herod.
For this explain why the soldiers did not see him escape.
Because the Angel pull him into the Spirit realm then.
When he was out of danger , he was back in this realm.
The Spiritual realm is called the Height in the bible.
By pulling someone into there , they can be rescue.
From the enemies here in the physical realm we live in.
812 · Apr 2016
God Bless U
May Christ bless each and every one of you, my friends.
May your day be smooth, and full of tremendous Joy.
May everything that you touch bless everyone that you know.
May you be one of Christ most blessed servant to others.
May his Great protection of you be like Psalms 91 protection.
May your heart always be filled with Love for everyone.
May everything that you love, be pure and Holy too.
May your nights be filled with rest and peace always my friend.
808 · Jul 2017
Let's Live
Let's us Live, even while slowly dying here on the earth.
Let us Love , even while we are slowly dying here friend.
For no matter what, we are all slowly dying in this life.
Because no one Lives forever, no not one person here.
So while we are slowly dying , let us allow God to use us.
To help those whom see no hope here on this barren planet.
That draws no hope, because they know not our God.
For only he can bring us true Hope while we are slowly dying.
So let our Life bear witness to the True Hope through Christ.
Let our Sorrow build within us a true Testimony of real Love.
The Love that is unconditional one without any strings attach.
Let our Actions speak much Louder than any of our words.
800 · Feb 2016
Beautiful Poem
Your poems are beautiful Earl Jane smile you are truly gifted.
Margaux, you are an saint with true story telling in your blood.
Patty M your poetry is beautiful as well thank you much.
There are so many poets whom poems are so beautiful.
I wish that I could name each of you  in a poem here on Hp.
I just want to say just how thankful I am seeing your beautiful poems.
This is the very last poem with beautiful in the title thank you all.
For blessing me with all of your beautiful words and poems too.
799 · Jan 2016
You have an great purpose here bon the earth.
For your Gift with words can bring healing to many.
Your Gift of song can be use to Praise the Creator.
You are Awesome. I appreciate you and your Gifts.
You shall become an World Changer through God.
Even changing just one single Life here is an Blessing.
For that one life is boss very Precious to the Lord God.
You have no idea what shall wait for you afterwards.
After you have allow Christ to use you to help that one person.
This goes to those on Facebook as well in changing 1person life.
It does not always mean with words it could be action as well.
I meant by Action is you can change one person life through prayer poetry or speaking life into their life or you can spend your life helping showing them that they are special through money and other ways.
797 · Apr 2018
Not a Poem
Sorry I have been fighting depression keep me in your Prayers love you all in Christ.
795 · May 2017
Our God
Our God is not dead, but is Rejoicing in our Victories.
Our God lives because he is the Christ the Living God
He is no fantasy, but the reality the Saving Savior God.
All of our Pain, Suffering, and Sorrow that we go through.
Shall be a work within us to reveal Christ within us.
For Christ wants to use us to bless those whom knows him not.
He wants to heal all whom comes unto him , everyone.
For by Healing, he is being reveal through everyone who is healed.
Thus then the world shall have no excuse because he did reveal himself.
790 · Feb 2016
Your Beauty Poems
In my oppion you all deserve a light everyday for your poetry.
They can be beautiful while revealing your hurts and suffering.
Or be beautifully written by you and the Christ together here.
Just as Brandon, Alyssa, Catherine, Gary,FJ Davis, Leeann. Mark.and Paul.
Plus so many other great authors of these beautiful poems.
Or write dark but beautiful poems as I said before my friends.
Just as Elsa, dark and beautiful, Wolf among others thank you.
Or just write beautiful poems with no intended purpose.
Just as Rye,VOD, Dash Switchblade,John Steven, and Pax.
I appreciate you all, for all of your inspiration and encouragement.
778 · May 2015
The Storm That I Am In
The storm that I am in is very harsh.
It drowns me at times, in it deep waters.
The evil one has it demons attack me.
But my Savior shall protect my life here.
For even though I may suffer much here.
The rewards in the very next life outweigh.
The sorrow that I may go through in this one.
Trusting in the Creator to help others overcome.
To see Christ the Loving God as he really is Good.
My purpose may be to fall to the bottom of the waters.
So that you may use me to draw others out of their storms.
To help lead others to your perfect Goodness is my Joy.
774 · Oct 2015
Only You
You are the supplier of the Air that keeps me Living.
You are the supplier of the water that I drink to keep Living.
You are the Supplier of Life, so that I may keep Living.
You are the Supplier of Food that keeps feeding me here.
For you are the one , that has spoke me into being here.
For you are the one, that keeps me Living my Life here.
For you are the one, that breathes new life into me here.
For you are the one, that keeps leading me through this road.
For there is none, yes none like you here on the earth.
For there is none, that lifts me up like you do here.
Only you can save me, yes only you  are worthy My God.
769 · Mar 2015
Overwhelmed By You
I get overwhelmed by your Love, by your goodness as well.
I get overwhelmed by your Mercy and I feeling Joyful now.
I have no Life without you, I have no peace without you.
My Life would be nothing but an empty existence here.
There is none like you, only you can bring Sunlight to me.
Only you can heal me, there is none like you in the universe.
I shall fall upon my knees and worship the ground you walk on.
For there is no purpose without you, no existence at all.
Only you can bring true meaning to my life , only you God.
769 · Apr 2016
Thank You So Much
Thank you all so very much, for speaking life into my poetry.
Thank you for caring so much for other people as well here.
Thank you for writing beautiful poems here on hellopoetry.
Especially the ones about your inner pains, my Friend thank.
For both kind of poems , God can use to heal others here.
For the ones that are honestly written from your experience.
Cam be use to show others that they are not alone here.
Thus revealing Hope to those that at the moment feel no Hope.
But there is truly Hope, he died for our sins two thousand years ago.
768 · Dec 2015
Walk away from Self-destructive behavior.
Keep reminding yourself that you have self-worth.
For with the right attitude and Christ help doing it.
You could so easily be the miracle in others lives.
Self-Worth seeing the truth that you are not junk.
That with the help of the Living Savior at your side.
You can allow him to become the difference in other lives.
For we as people can not change our lives or others.
But with the Help of Christ we can become world-changers.
763 · Apr 2016
You All Are Special
You all bring , Great Joy to me your encouraging words.
For your words are beautiful, but your friendship is Great.
I have been so blessed, but getting to know each of you.
You each have truly blessed me as well as inspired me too.
You are all very amazing people, I want to thank you all.
For you all are very special to Christ and to me, friends.
I just do not want any of you to forget the most important thing.
That each of you , are truly gifted as well as being amazing people.
752 · Oct 2015
I Am Thankful
I am thankful for a God that saves.
One that loves me without ceasing.
One whom knows me, yet loves me anyway.
One that give.

. Margaux   1 minute ago
I am thankful for this life as His gift-
The life that gives me chances and choices
The life that trains and teaches me how to stand
The life that I should live to its fullest
s without expecting my freedom.
I started this here poem and its not finish if you like it add to it Love you all with Agape love.
751 · Apr 2015
Live To The Fullest
Live this life to the fullest not worldly fullest
Live to aid others, live to love others as well.
Do not give up in this life, but allow the Holy Spirit.
To lead you through life, stand firm and trust God.
Live life overcome all the obstacles before you here.
For through the Holy Spirit you have the power needed.
To do great things through Christ our Savior God.
For we are Spiritual Super-heroes through Christ Jesus.
For we were not put here to fight the super villains'.
But to love them into repentances for love is our superpower.
742 · Jan 2015
We Can Make A Difference
Though Christ Love we can make a difference.
For we can allow Christ to use us to help others.
We can make a difference in other people lives.
Because we honestly do love them unconditionally.
We can make a difference in their lives through love.
Because in this world of today , love does matter.
Because we also allow our God to use us to heal others.
Cause there are so many hurting and broken people.
We will make a difference cause we really want to help others.
To find him as well, to become healed and complete in him.
740 · Apr 2017
You Are
Beautiful one, you are more Beautiful than a Golden Sunrise.
You are more Sweeter than a whole bakery restaurant too.
You are the driving Sun warmth brushing against my face.
You are the fresh Pool of water that feeds the thirst of the thirsty.
You are everything that I always need and want as well.
There is none other that I would choose over you always.
You are the Fresh Fruit that fills my Hunger every time.
You are the sweet sound of a new born first cry too.
You are the touch of the warm breeze against my arm.
736 · Aug 2015
We Are Royalty
Sometimes in life we have to walk alone, but fear not.
Christ is beside even though you can not see him there.
Sometimes Christ separate us from everyone else now.
For he needs to train and teach us certain things here.
For in us , he raising up prince to lead certain people,
For each of us are royalties, our Kingdom is new earth.
For Christ is King and we are Princes and Princesses.
People from another world, we are only passing through.
For we are here to reveal Christ to the masses here.
So that they too can accept him as their Savior as well.
728 · Jul 2017
Give Me
Give me a Purpose, with a Reason to keep Persevering here.
Give me the Heart of a Lion, and with the Love that never fades.
Give my Heart an unlimited amount of Love for those who's lost.
Give me your Knowledge and Wisdom to show others who you are.
Give me your Peace, your Strength , and your Heart for the Lost.
Give me your undying Love for all whom needs you which is all.
For there is not one person, whom needs you not we all are sinners.
Whom does not deserve your Grace, and Mercy as well Lord God.
We are all Slowly dying, while we are Living in this here Life here.
For not one shall Live forever except you Holy One the Christ.
For we all are Slowly dying while Living in our own little world.
There is nothing that can save us, except you the Holy Savior.
Whom stole our Hearts, while we were yet enemies of each other.
Yet you still Bless us and Love us, even way back then Lord.
There is nothing that I desire more than to Feel your Presence.
To know that you still are Leading me toward home in Heaven.
723 · Sep 2015
Your Desires
To let go of thy desires, to pick up your desires.
By far is the Greatest of Sacrifices O Holy God.
Because by letting go of what we desire the most.
To pick up what you desire from us the very most.
Is by far the wisest of decisions that we can ever make.
For we can not see our future, but you seen it long ago.
So I would rather trust you,  then  to trust myself always.
For you only want the very best for me in everything.
So here I am use me to reach out to everyone you desire me to.
720 · Mar 2016
Even Now
Even now, through all of the pain.
Even now ,with all that I have felt.
Knowing that you always deliver me.
Even now knowing nothing can stop you.
For all that I been through here Lord.
I know that I should be dead now.
But you are always in charge of every thing.
Even now, I am always safe with you God.
For no matter what you are God.
716 · Mar 2016
I Live For Jesus
Even though I still struggle with sins in my life, here on the earth.
I sin less then I did a year ago , he has forgiven me for the sins.
For on the cross, he died for my sins so that I may be free,
For no not one can get to heaven for his works here on earth.
But by trusting in the only one that lived an sinless life here.
You can get to heaven through him, the Living Savior the Christ.
For he loves you so much that even if you were the only one.
Whom believed in him, he would have still went to the cross.
Because he loves you and me that much, that he feels we are to die for.
But this is the greatest part he raised up again and sent the Holy Ghost to us.
709 · May 2017
Because of you, I have no fear nor worry in my life.
Because of you, I can face tomorrow every single day.
Because of you, I do not need to fear death at any time.
Because of you, I have everything that I shall ever need.
Because of you, there is Great Joy that is in my life here.
Because of you, I have a Great purpose to fill my hours.
Because of you, I am stronger than I was yesterday too.
Because of you, I cam do anything for you are mt strength.
Because of you , I am Blessed beyond measure as well.
704 · Jul 2015
Forever Love You
I forever love you, I forever worship you.
For you are always good , no matter what.
Only you know our beginnings and endings.
So I shall trust all of your Merciful decisions.
For only you know each outcome of each one.
That we your people shall make each day.
Even though we might not give them a second thought.
We fail to realize that they might come with penalties
None the less the penalty might end up destroying us.
But you whom are our protector fixes them though what you allow us.
704 · Jun 2015
You Are Not Ugly
Remember this nothing that you write from the heart is ****.
Because whether you know Christ or not, he still can use your poetry.
To help bring healing to others, to reveal himself and to show others.
That they are not alone in this here world that we each live in here.
So trust me what you are writing may end up healing another here.
So whatever you do please keep writing out your sufferings and pain.
So that you may help someone to become healed through that poem.
Because isn't that the purpose why you are writing in the first place.
To help others to know that they are not alone in their struggles here.
701 · Jan 2015
Disciple Of Christ
I am a man, whom not perfect yet but I shall work on it.
Because I want to not to look like him on the outside.
But the inside as well, I am striving to be exactly like him.
In every single way, I want people to see Christ in me.
I want to live a life without sin or addiction as well.
For my dream and desire is follow him my God fully.
Showing people that we all can become like Jesus.
We just need to continue to trust that he will see us through.
For he creates miracles , through each of us that allows it.
700 · Mar 2018
My Dreams
My dreams are burning, Letting go of them all .
For my Dreams are filled with Fleshy desires too.
I need to throw them away so that I may pick up your's.
For it is your Dreams for me that shall Last forever.
It's your Dreams, that shall change me and help others.
For my Dreams are selfish, full of sinful desires for me.
But your Dreams for me, are your Desires for my Life.
So I know that my Selfish Dreams need to be burn away.
So that I may Pick up your Dreams , letting mine burn away.
For your Dreams for me shall be connect me to others too.
Our Dreams that you Put in our Hearts shall connect us together.
So that we can help one another, while helping out others.
700 · Feb 2017
Love You Forever
I shall Love each of you Forever and ever.
For you are beautifully created by our Creator.
I have been Blessed by our conversions we had.
I am so Overjoy, by your poetry that I read daily.
For he has created us to Love one another here too.
To fellowship with one another in this here Life too.
Which is what we do here when we share our hearts desires.
We open up to other people on how we feel and Love.
So I am very thankful to have met each of you here on HP.
699 · Jan 2015
Overcome With Love
I am overcome with Love with each of you are all Special.
My heart may have been broken, but each off you here.
Still there is Love for each one of you unconditional love.
A brotherly Love, that shall never cease to exist, never.
For each of you are very special to me, you are all amazing.
For even though we have different parents here on the earth.
In my heart, we are still brothers, and to you all Ladies.
Each and every one of you all are my sisters God is our Fathers.
So I just want each and every one of you all to know that I Love you all.
693 · Feb 2016
Jesus My Desire
Jesus, you are my desire to follow wherever you may take me.
For your Love is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Jesus you spoke life into me while I was drowning in death.
You spoke peace into me as well through all of the confusion.
You spoke Love into me when I was feeling was being hated.
For the truth is I was listening to lies instead of listening to you.
So once you got me in the place of rest, you spoke truth into me.
Revealing your truths to me so that I shall always walk in them.
For to walk within your truths is my most greatest of Joy Lord./
693 · Dec 2015
Ask For True Sight
Whatever you see, ask God  vision to be yours.
For sometimes things are not as they might seem.
For we may be assuming when in fact its not truth.
But Christ can see their heart and show us the truth.
I myself have made the mistake to believe something.
Only to realize that I was believing in a lie back then.
Just ask the Creator to be your eyes into the Spirit realm.
So just trust that the Christ shall reveal to you the truth.
This way you shall leave the Judging to him alone here.
692 · Jun 2017
Sometimes Life Changes
Sometimes the world seems like all is lost for you.
Sometimes this Life does not seem worth fighting for.
It seems like no one cares about you, like all is lost.
Sometimes life seems already like all is already lost.
But sometimes the Impossible becomes possible.
Sometime Christ steps in and change your situation.
Changing your empty life into a wonder fill Life.
Changing your Sorrow into a Joy filled Life.
So instead of giving up on this here Life of yours.
Stand strong, stand firm in this here Life of yours.
For Christ has a way of changing your world.
From one of sorrow into one filled with Joy here.
In a blink of a moment, things can change for you.
For things can change in a split second for you here.
All that you need is to have Faith, trust your God.
For nothing is impossible , for the one who created you.
690 · Dec 2015
May All Be Blessed
May each of you this Christ-mas season feel his touch on your life.
May you see everything clearly this Christ-mas day , my dear Friend.
May his Love and Blessings overwhelm you this here Special day.
May his heart for others, be the same as your heart for others too.
May his people , rush to love upon you with their great love too.
For in my heart I want to share an feast with you all in heaven.
After the Good Lord comes back to get his Loving Church here.
For my heart is to share feast as we each share our own testimony.
686 · Jan 2016
Thank You All
I am so thankful for each of you, for each of you have inspired me.
I feel your pain, I see your struggles yet you still do not given up.
On this Life, nor on the one that has created you and everyone else.
You bless me with the strength of perseverance that you have.
So I want to thank you for being who you are an overcomer.
I know that life is tough , but its the things that we go through.
Then overcome that shall bless us, because then we help others.
Though our Savior, he sends people to us to help them as well.
Showing them his handiwork which is us my friends, family.
680 · Jul 2015
Truth And Light
Truth and the Light, they go hand in hand, they reveal one another.
For you can never have one without the other. they are one.
For the Light shines revealing all of Christ Spiritual Truths.
The Light shall never leave you nor forsake you but save us.
The Light reveals that the bible is truth and heals us daily.
That it also cleanses us and prepares us for the future life.
Because this life is only here transforming us for the next life.
So once you start living to seek the Truth , you shall find the Light.
676 · Apr 2015
I Know
I know that your beauty is inspiring and overpowering.
I know that your Love is real, and encouraging too.
I know that so many are falling away from good these days.
It truly breaks my heart, that so many refuse to get to know you.
For you are our only Hope of having a better life here and in  heaven.
For there is no one Greater then you Lord only you can save us.
For I am a wretched soul whom know no good except in you God.
You have changed so much in me, and you are still working.
You have never gave up on me , even though I did deserve it.
673 · Apr 2017
Lets Stand Together
Everybody needs help, everybody needs others in their Lives.
So please do not allow your Mistrust to push out others whom care.
Out of your Lives, Trust Christ that he shall protect you here.
For you need others in your Life, that Loves you very much.
So stand firm and stand with others whom care about you.
Trust those that Loves the Christ, for you stand together.
You have the same connection that is in your Life here.
You have the same Savior, and the very same value too.
So you work together praying for each other Healing.
You all want the same thing others healing and your own.
669 · May 2015
My Lighthouse
You are the Lighthouse which I dwell within Forever.
For you the supplier of all of my needs here and elsewhere.
You shall give and take away things out of my Life daily.
You give me peace and shall take away my confusion.
For you are the Christ, the King of Kings my Salvation.
You give me love and take away all of my anger God.
You give me abundantly Joy and take away all of my sorrows.
So for all of this Great Loving-Kindness I am Grateful.
I am not worthy of these Great Gifts, but you still give me them.
667 · Nov 2015
Focus On Others
Life is not about us, but rather what we do with it here on earth.
Life is not about making ourselves feel good here on the earth.
But rather making others feel good through encouragement.
For it is easy to make yourself feel good here, some live for it.
But to put someone else needs above one self , that is a good thing.
For its quite easy to keep focusing on your self here on the earth,.
But to focus on others and make them feel better about themselves.
Now this is the beginning of becoming an disciple of Christ here.
666 · Dec 2015
I see so much Light-bringers here , bless you all.
I see true Hope through you my friends thank you.
For it shines so much brighter coming from you.
Ordinary people with such an extraordinary gift.
Drawing me into true Hope and True light from Christ.
This is his gift to each of us, to see the Light in others.
Thus giving us each true Hope through you , he uses.
To reveal life and the Light to others drawing them in.
So I may say thank you to each of you for this gift to others.
663 · Mar 2015
Imperfect World
We all live in an imperfect world, so pray faithfully.
For things to change for people to become saved, pray.
Prayer is the plea to Christ to change this imperfect world.
By praying for those that need Christ, we are praying perfection here.
By trusting Christ, we are handing our lives over to him to make it perfect.
For only he can make our life into something better more perfect.
For he is our mediator between the Father who is Perfect in all ways.
So keep praying Christ perfect will into our imperfect lives here.
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