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Dustin Price Sep 2014
I was born into the human race,
With an astral purpose

I gaze upon the stars, I am found,
Yet the distance, immeasurable

I am the celestial winds,
The mystery within the darkness

I am a sentient being,
But not of earth

I name this planet home,
It does not feel this way

I miss my home,
My world I've never seen

I feel it drawing me away,
I see it, I touch it, it is within me

How will I reach it?
Maybe through death
Maybe through love
Maybe through compassion

But my oath is simple,
I will return once again, to me
Dustin Price Sep 2014
it truly is a siren sound,
that constant mellow drum,

it is what makes children drift asleep,
when mothers hold and hum

we rely on it so dearly,
to keep us where we stand

it tends to skip from time to time,
when someone takes your hand

listen to them closely,
every resonating tone

your own personal orchestra,
made from fire, dust, and stone

feeding you from dawn til night,
they echo through your veins

they are nonstop like the oceans,
the waves when it rains
Dustin Price Sep 2014
All it takes is one moment,

of strength,
of courage,
of hope,

All it takes is one moment,

to create something amazing that exists forever
Dustin Price Mar 2013
You scream in my face like I'm nothing but dirt,
You wish to cause pain, to degrade and sense hurt

From others, who you believe, are less than your worst,
You trod on my belonging, like my existence is cursed

You use my demons against me, like some tortured beast,
Enslaved in isolation, as a plague never ceased

I have been pushed away, struck by the blade of remorse,
For a burden I do not own, this is not my destiny's course

Join me for our pride, our smiles, our hearts and our voice,
We'll stand together strong, this now is our choice

To be more than a statistic, a dot or a number,
We will awaken now, never to rest or return to the slumber

That has caused so much pain, so much hate and regret,
To myself, to those i cherish, and to those i just met

I used to see beauty in every situation,
Now i perceive only darkness, shadows in repose and rapid degredation

Of a life i once enjoyed, of resting sunsets, and every hopeful dawn,
Where happiness was prominate, and smiles used to spawn

I will take control, and assure i own my life,
For i will now hold my shield to any tyrant's jagged knife

Say ''No More!!!" with me, i say, my dear sisters and brothers,
Raise your voices ever high, scream it out, tell the others

They are not alone, in times of peace and of war,
We will rise taller, together we will soar

It takes but two words to even this endless score,

*I ask of you now, everyone who this reaches, say it forever, two words, "No More"
Dustin Price Mar 2013
Because we are different,

You pass judgement and condemn,

You do not hear our story,

You don't know what we are,,

We cry the same tears,

Just for different reasons,

You do not understand because you try to assume,

Maybe if you took a moment to listen,

You would see who we truly are,

We see beauty through different eyes,

Our words may sound dark but we say what is true,

Our clothes might be black, yet our hearts are gold of another luster,

Never pass hate before knowing our story
Dustin Price Mar 2013
I hide from the sun, bring the shadows and the cold

I flee from the commons, for i shall not fill a mold

You say i am different, you say I am dark

Because I am myself, for i do not bear the mark

Of the millions that follow, someone they only see

I am an original, no copies, no clones, no kings, just me

For I will stand alone, if it means to stay true

I will not fall victim, like have all of you

That have lost their own sight, and their minds alk the same

As to become but a number, not me, you will hear of my name

Written in history books, or etched into stone

You'll know i stood proudly, even if now i am alone

I flee the commons
Dustin Price May 2012
Inside is of passion, of curiosity and grace,
Mysterious intrigue behind a worn, rugged face

Strong arms deceive as there remain a gentle touch,
Yet these arms of soft hold will defend just as much

Of heart and desire just as power and strong will,
For the kiss of his love or for his enemy blood spill

With strong grasp his sword fall upon hatred and terror,
For passion or focus, his aim without error

Just as in battle, may his world seem but lost,
Remain still he fights, knowing full well the cost

Loyalty and honor, his dedication hold strong,
For his love he does protect for his heart see of vast wrong

The evil and hate which his eyes have looked upon with amaze,
Yet for the love in his soul corrupt not loving gaze

Return home he shall, his march forever be clear,
For his love there doth wait, and it remain forever near
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