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Jul 2022
As I write my story
In which I am the villain,
Tragic syntax 1st Edition
and this isn’t an allegory

The ****** comes shortly
Yet resolution ignores me
My diction’s airy
And I narrate poorly

I sail along the radial waves
Of a horizon so stormy
But my corpse is the vessel
For all passages forthcoming

I’ll transmit the message
Just don’t cut yourself on the marbled edges
From where the essence of my soul stream
Multidimensionally pours forth please

In the wreckage amidst the scattered debris
My heart is pulled out to sea, in an interstitial spring
Port and starboard, that’s where I’ll be,
(Lost adrift/idle) in your wake I’m surfacing

My skin is the vellum I sketch in all glory
Thereof such love envelops, memento mori,

Time turns the pages as I writhe before ye
I’ll rip every stitch in the seams
of my spine until my binding’s unfolding
And my writings spill onto the floor at your feet
Painting the thoughts in my brain onto the ceiling, walls, & upholstery
Cunning Linguist
Written by
Cunning Linguist  28/M/An illusion of reality
(28/M/An illusion of reality)   
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