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You left me and stole my youth.
I’m now fully hollowed and empty like a vessel.
My soul perished.
Lost without you like a skeleton without its bones.
My flesh is a lie just like you.
I’m a walking contraindication that’s living, but dead.
The beast is unleashed while I perform
an illustration for you with this Ouija board.
Please be warned—crossing me is problematic
as I unleash these screaming demon hordes
on a backstabbing family of zealot fanatics,
and a smiling two-faced scheming *****.
When a baby dies will it be mourned?
Like a fetus crying smothered and frantic,
dangling at the end of the umbilical cord.
Should I reverse my thirst, or unleash my scorn?
Does the devil sharpen his blood-red horn?
He is perched on your church feeling satanic,
I rehearse each verse from the pages torn
to disperse from earth my blood and magic.
We’ve always sailed among the stars, for they
Do swim around us in their hemisphere
The sea’s a map whereon is writ the moon
In all her moods and whims and vanities

And too the sun, for he flies east to west
And so if we but trace his path across
To Sidon from the Pillars of Hercules
We calculate our course by his long wake

Oh, yes, we sail across the seas and skies -
                  But I would sail the starlight in her eyes
Read the last line as italicized.
 Aug 2016 Cunning Linguist
Everything feels fake
While I try to reintegrate
I'm so expanded and 3D is so contracted
I'm not even turned on, I'm not even attracted
The way people live, the way people see
3D thinking is a waste of my energy
I'm unenthused by the boredom of this plane
Everyone wants to be in control, everyone wants to stake claim
Stick with profound, stay away from profane
Chill like a tree, step away from the propane
Don't set fire to yourself and your path
Give people room to breathe, no one cares about your wrath
People are so preoccupied with looking like they're cool
But in reality they're nothing but a tool
Now don't get it confused
With something you can use
It's someone that will abuse
They don't care about your views
They only care for what they choose
Which is something where they win and you lose
What is this place with billions of minds
With trillions of thoughts that will be our demise
Self loathing, hatred spewing from one mouth to the next
There's rarely anything spiritual about modern day ***
There's no making love, just hurry up and ***
There's no facing problems, just drink beer and ***
How did I get here, is this really what I have to see
I know what my purpose is, to show people how to be
Not like a preacher, just hand them the key
I know the truth and I live by example
Come see me and I'll give you a sample
Some fall in love when they get a taste
The rest run away in all their haste
Thinking that they're better and smarter and cool
But running from truth just makes them a fool
There's a place and time for what I have to say
But it's not for everyone and it's not everyday
People who hear me are the ones who are supposed to receive
They have a greater purpose if they're able to believe
Knowing there's so much more than what we can see
Go beyond the physical, peak into 5D
Dear Poet Friends, this was a comic poem written in a lighter vein way
back in August 2008, when ‘breath test’ was being carried out by the
Delhi police to check drunken driving. I was not involved, only my
imagination! Hope you like it. Thanks, - Raj.

That first large peg of whiskey gives you its
real authentic taste.
Two pegs seem too inadequate, and the drink
seems a waste.
After three pegs you begin to say now this is a
real drink.
For it makes you feel all at ease when into the
couch you begin to sink.
And with the next one, all barriers begin to
Your problems now take on wings, and there
is nothing you cannot solve!
And when your friends pester you for that
last one for the road,
You can hardly refuse them, though your voice
begins to choke!
Then finally during your drive back home when
the breath test on the road is done,
Those policemen look all amused, though you had
all the fun!?
You get a ticket, or pay a fine, or even land-up
in jail;
Promising to your wife all the while, that you
will never drink and drive again!
                                            -Raj Nandy, New Delhi
 Dec 2015 Cunning Linguist
Enslaved by the Mind
slaves of its cravings
Likes and Dislikes
chained with tangled strings
Enslaved to the world
Repeating circles endlessly
Networking and Socialising
What are we trying to sustain?
Enslaved to our misery
Nature's calling in evolution
Selection and Elimination
A thousand folders to maintain
Let's think about something else
Something made of love and light
Pause and Rethink
God's most precious gift is- free will
Let's embrace the random
A blessing in disguise
Willingly take a step towards freedom
Know what it's like being
A Free Being
Let's acquit ourselves of the guilt
Annihilation of all that carried since
that's not truly you
All it takes is a moment's will
A decision to break on through
Let's think about something else
something made of light and dark
know that dark too has its part
embrace them both alike
Let's familiarise with ourselves
in our aloneness
the Unclouded being
that's not static but shall forever flow
for if it wasn't for the Sun and Moon
we wouldn't know
Know what it is being
A Free-Being

 Nov 2015 Cunning Linguist

• let the
ticks on
my wri-
or   that
of     my
pulse    •
for  what
i fail to cle-
nch in fist•in
my heart, nev-
er falters; never
  ■11            ^              1■  
■10                 I                 2■  
■9                    ●----->         3■  
■8                                      4■
■7          ­                       5■

with each tick of
the hand • is a
glimpse into
the uncert-
ain future
• let  slip
the  loo-
se   gra-
ins     of
lose the
al  gaps
to bring
 Nov 2015 Cunning Linguist
here near,
you   exist
so far•fur-
ther    than
my   vision
could  ever
kilometres away is wh-
ere you are•faraway land on a distant beach•let
foreign winds drench my senses•let the offshore sand greet
my feet • let us come to a consensus....• that soon our gazes
would me-
might sur-
face by the
end of this
th the dawning of mo-
rrow's morn•grant me the wings
to take flight • put me on a plane

and render me airborne
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