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Donnie Ray Oct 2018
So subtle was the messenger's words,
I am no prophecy,
But an enclosed letter with words of ardent sadness.
I am no Human either,
I meant to say you the perspective.
I am no bird no animal,
not even the oxygen you breathe,
I am no woman you lust for,
in your lucid ******* dream.
I am just the truth that time has sent me to creed.
for you pray your god for your good ,
blame him for your curse.
The lies you see through,
the rumors like cheese lands that you spread.
I am no mesiah sent by your god.
I am the words that time has entitled me to breach
prophets wars and gods
Donnie Ray Sep 2018
"The cacophony you've been making is no worth to mine"
  I know I am your stealing your time,
"No you are stealing my life".
  Yes, and it is true,
As if the choice that I made with ******* and ****,
  Is what I have done and what I take,
with pleasure and pace.
"you have never said you have been ***** before,
  No of course not,
"Cause you won't believe that either "
With all that said coming from a liar,
And all I been subjugated prior.
And all that I said,
That a guy I thought was my friend,
Had his hands all over my body unwanted to be hold,
And all that you said was so stone cold
"A man does that thing to another man be bold"
laughing out like the like another cigar puffed and smoked.
And they would bleed me through my nose,
If I revolt ,
As if I had no right,
to fight,
or be heard,
or cry.
"Cry" sounds like a curse,
Bidden into man from birth,
like a weakness that no man can bear.
So a liar who's been ***** must be draped to bear
the stake,
Cause a man liar should be *****
Donnie Ray Sep 2018
My questions are not with you,
But existence that consist me,
As matter of fact "I" a single syllable,
That defies me more than you,
that steadily declined it's emphasis to fill the everlonging void of expectancy within you.
My sentences don't starts with I but you
With changing faces but constant adverbs.
Donnie Ray Sep 2018
I dig deep into
the aghast of past
A blasphemy of prudence.
A heart starved for your trust,
but none the less I break,
You distant yourself
Like the waves that never reached the shore.
I hear the bells as the spoke these melancholy,
through the whispers like winds on swift swords edge.
for i would lose you time and again
because you would trust with your trust issue
Donnie Ray Feb 2018
I love You,
Not always.
But on days,
When you sit beside me,
Drinking your fine colombian coffee
Through the red draped
Wine lookin lips of
Which is just fine for a hunter to be hunted down,
Using nothing but the cupid arsenal,
That is tough to found,
With your bewildered look,
Straight at me
And that supraventricular tachycardiatric smile...
God those are the nooks,
That sinks me in
Like a fish on a hook,
Ready to be fried,
On a pan of love,
Yet mesmerised,
On why the hell I see
Heaven in you.
I love you,
Not everytime,
But on a park to be strolled,
Caped with the spring
As your feathered finger parades through my arms
And we have your talk,
Of how that little man with a monkey hat,
Toppled of the cycle he rode,
As the face slammed on
The concrete road,
To get a glance of your
Beauty facade.
And how that made me laugh.
Your laugh.... the sounds of symphony,
Better than the next door boy playing guitar ,
Trying to impress you,
Unknown of the fact,
That you are surrendered
To my tunes.
But I love you,
When you give everything
To my arm,
And I surrender to your charms,
A kiss of naked secret,
Just so we live through
The road ends,
As the sun waves hands,
I'll be there to love you,
Always beside you.
Not that we don't love but not everday is a spring's cologne though
Donnie Ray Dec 2017
what if there was no war,
no uncanny screaming of the aghast,
no blasphemy of the past ,
nobody had to breathe their last,
No ******* ten years old,
with a vestbomb as their told,
to wear it
As 'their allah  sees it,
how young and bold they are.
No shedding of the tears,
from the eyes that waits ,
for their father and brothers,
and fears that last ,
No blood that shall gear from their mass.
What if there was no soldier to die ,
only You and I,
Together end this solemn execution of the nicer soul,
and be bold enough to give them hope,
draping them in brightest colors of life
and solicit the world to be in it.
What if...............nevermind
These are hoax with no light,
They probably are somewhere in the dark,
For there they would always bark
#war #poetry #world #people
Donnie Ray Jul 2017
Yes it is mandatory for me to smoke,
and I should do that quite often.
If words to speak are less
and love has been a hoax,
moving with the sway of wind,
  blind as Harry Potter's cloak,
that I have never seen a knife,
  so blunt to stab my heart,
Then yes I need to smoke,
at least ten cigarettes a day.
For it is hard for me to unfold,
  the wraps of your memoirs around me,
the moonlit smile of your lips,
slithered down gently on mine,
like the night sky was now complete
  with its stars.
Do you recall those days?
do you.
Probably not,
  because you were busy finding,
the parched soul that needs *** drops,
  In a bed that I made love
and you just had *** on
  you were blind,
you  had forgotten
  what it meant
to say, someone, I love you
  and act upon by being physical,
and so I smoke,
  because I loved a girl,
who was pious in her heart,
  who laughed like a child,
who flew with the wind,
   who I knew had a dream
and no desire.
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