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  Nov 2020 Nola
Kafka Joint
It looks,
Like we are on the same page
Of two different books.
  Nov 2020 Nola
Kafka Joint
I am still here,
It's somehow disturbing,
Even for me.
  Nov 2020 Nola
Kafka Joint
There are good days
And there are bad...
Well, years.
Nola Oct 2020
It all started somewhere in the winter
I begged for a love as my anxiety grows thicker
Endless quest to fufill your soul
The sense of home, it never felt so dull
But in that winter's eve, everything is going to change
Somehow im at peace, i don't feel rage
Maybe it's time for me to start writing a new page.
I gave it my all, but i always end up rotting in a cage.
Everlasting story of my worthless days.
Where you've constantly inviting me to stay.
And those poems written about youth love,
Growing up broken hearted, feeling so ******* small.
But as time goes by,
I realized all we said are just words with no meaning, and all of this is an illusion, fraud and a lie.
Nola Aug 2020
Look to the sky,
And tell me what do you see?
A vast shade of blue
Or is just me?
Or maybe deep colors of the void?
Disappearing into abyss
Waiting for a new chance
To find our own internal bliss
A story untold
Spreading like star dust
Thousands of light years far away
Escaping the gravity , hoping to readjust
Lost in the echo of this endless journey
Lead by the frequencies of collapsing time
As we enter the atmosphere
We begin our quest of climbing into our eternal divine.
Nola Jul 2020
The hardest question to ask
To hold on or to just let it past?
To slip through my fingers?
Or am I just the one who lingers?
All my emotions just thrown away
And all of this drugs wont get me through the day.
Cuz I'm just losing my mind.
With every bittersweet memorie that i cling on
I can't let it go, i won't admit that all is gone.
Maybe I'm just so stubborn and dumb
But I'm afraid that I'm on my own.
And now I'm just losing my grip
I'm falling lower and lower into this blackness so deep.
And all those feelings never said.
Blinded by the love I'll never have.
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