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 Sep 2013 Devon
 Sep 2013 Devon
Alexander is a dream come true
He makes me smile
Like the moon does
At midnight

There is this intense
Yet sweet sensation
That makes it's way
Through my veins
Whenever he says
Or speaks my name

He reminds me
Of my favorite
When he plays
His guitar
I get so captivated
As I sit and listen

He reminds me of my
Favorite photographer
The way he captures
Every beautiful

He reminds me of the sun
That shines on me
When I need peace
And clarity

Alexander brings out
The best in me
He brings joy
Such a perfect
Young man

No one compares
When it comes to him
He is my sunshine
When it rains
On my parade

Waking up next to him
Is the best thing
In the world
He makes me feel
He makes me
Feel proud
To be his girl
© Natali Veronica 2013.

Dedicated to my boyfriend, Alexander.
I love him with all my heart.
Proud to be his girl.
 Sep 2013 Devon
maybella snow
a beautiful boy
went to heaven
despite what he thought
of his evils
                  he gave a girl love
                      like nothing else
                        like no one else
that beautiful boy
went to heaven
to be free of the pains
but he left some
              he gave the girl pain
            like nothing she'd felt
                          it crushed her
with her
beautiful boy
in heaven
                                 she lost the love
                                 he had given her
it must have flown away
alongside him to heaven
              because his girl only wants
                        to join him in heaven
                      to feel whole with love
but if she lost the love
maybe she'll never gain it back
     even then if his girl went to hell
she'd be too empty to feel anything

                            but she dreams
              of flying with her
        beautiful boy
in heaven
 Sep 2013 Devon
Spoke No Words
 Sep 2013 Devon
Tears filled my eyes
All he did was
Hold me tight
Said no words
None at all
He just kissed my lips
And I forgot about
Being emotional
Like medicine
He cures my
The pain
I feel
Creeping in
When I am
At my happiest
He makes me feel
So amazingly calm
© Natali Veronica 2013.
 Sep 2013 Devon
you're not mine and
now you'll never be
due to the fact that
you're happily

i had hope for the
longest and
even though this
thought has entered
my mind before,
i always thought that
id be the one who you
said your vows

its a good thing though.
as long as you're happy,
i am.

i just want the best for you.

even if it leaves me
and utterly
 Sep 2013 Devon
maybella snow
i have a heart
despite what i thought
its still there        
but all my energy                            
has been leaked                          
and i wake
i laugh
i cry    
i smile
i live  
i sleep
but i can't find it
anywhere in myself
to love
my heart is taken              
how can i give it      
to another?
 Sep 2013 Devon
Breaking Heart
 Sep 2013 Devon
Can't go on without your love
You are the one I'll always want
I feel like I have found the one
But you don't love me and it hurts
Please forgive me, falling hard
For the one who left me scarred
My heart is empty without you
You're the reason I pulled through
Don't leave me alone here
I'm falling down the stairs
My dress is covered with stains
The stains which are my flaws
Forgive me, I'm losing control
I need your love, I'm so ill
There are no happy pills
Only lows and temporary thrills
Cannot go on like this
You said you'd catch my fall
My heart, it suffocates
You made me feel
Like I had it all
You took my heart
I broke down my walls
Stood for nothing
Now my heart
Is crumbling
My hands are shaking
My knees are trembling
You are the medicine
Why aren't you then?
© Natali Veronica 2013.
 Sep 2013 Devon
Au Revoir B!tch
 Sep 2013 Devon
Your happiness is a joke
And so are your words
Au Revoir, *****.
© Natali Veronica 2013.
 Sep 2013 Devon
 Sep 2013 Devon
shes the
in one
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