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Devon Oct 2013
Wish I may
wish I might
be the dream
you dream tonight
while I cry
over thoughts of you
not  fully formed
not ever through
I hope the lights
are gifts from you
but they turn before
the gift comes through
I can't count the times
I spent the night
wishing you were here
but instead I fight
the demons laying
by my side
who grew from wishes
I can't hide
you know i'm yours
and you made me fear
that you would forget
i'm waiting here
and fears come true
tonight it seems
that forgetting me
wasn't a dark dream
so wish I may
wish I might
be the dream
you remember tonight
Devon Oct 2013
All the cars turn right
before they can complete
the thought they have formed in my mind
Devon Sep 2013
they're real
they're always there
nothing is a coincidence
I miss you
I call
you've moved on
without guilt
you don't miss me
and thats okay
because you deserve everything good in this world
you deserve to be happy
but it still stings to know
i'm just a phonecall
thats my sign
to get over you
get over myself
move on
stop crying like some stupid little girl
who had her favorite toy taken
move on
******* it
why can't I move on
it's because you're still real
still here in my mind
but for you,
no matter what you say,
science proves it
i'm just a phone call
Devon Sep 2013
you feed my nerves
and delight my mind
I think for you
inspire me so
I am not an insect
nor man
for I am no fool
I acknowledge I am nothing
and delight in that fact
I can exist like a scholar
if my only goal
is just to be
I am underground
Devon Sep 2013
my blood is blue ink
not black not red
but blue
free flowing ink
that needs to be
upon the page
its lust for paper burns its casing
that does not show its full majesty
blue ink flows freely through my veins
and I wish to let it go
Devon Sep 2013
I will lay red
with three letters
in one syllable
list fast and harsh the
lines as follows
dark bore from my soul
inadvertently so
eventually creating the vertical
Devon Sep 2013
It is the summer that burns my heart
so pure
a virgins soul clean of touch
but a soiled heart broken and used
so artisticaly done
and willingly accepted
the memories of touches past
seer  upon my mind far beyond
the words on the page
the look of pure ink

Your angel kiss is my muse
your lips my ground to
grow from
my roots have planted with your own
you are my own
and I your willing
willing repeat
willing constituent
willing sea
to wait
to kiss your wounds
and lap at your words that have captured my devotion
you are my story
the shape of my nerves
I feel you in each breath
you are my own and I wish
for nothing more
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