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Desiree sixx Feb 2016
In his eyes I see the truth, that's why I believe,
In every word he speaks, that's why I don't leave,
I don't even understand sometimes, what he does to me,
For some reason I can't stop, as hard as it may be.
His aura is contagious, he inspires me to go,
His words repeat in my head, that's why they are all I know,
His instructions are my life, I gotta get this dough,
As long as he keeps it pimping, I will be his ***.
Others don't understand it, honestly neither do I,
But when I think of the alternative, I can only ask why,
I'm not a square, that will never again be my life,
I'm married only to this game, I will never be anyone's wife.
I'm the real thing, a real one, he made me this way,
Until he makes me leave, that's how long I will stay,
No other could have me like this, I don't listen to what they say,
Juice is a real one, the only one , who I will ever be down to pay.
No squares allowed!
Desiree sixx Feb 2016
You don't know strength until you have been a real ***,
You have no idea how deep this **** really goes,
Its not for the faint of heart nor you squares,
Too much of the game is not being sold but shared,
The cold breeze that chills your bones at night,
The dark eyes of other girls standing under the streetlight
They don't understand our struggle or see our strength
They only know the bad and try to stop it at any length
Yet we all share the same vision with similar goals
Inspired to stay down by his game that has no holes
We have all been given instructions to carry out fast
Breakin a trick make him give you his very last
Show him your down for him add it up
He will take care of your trap and stack it up
Every real 304 stands up when her folks is around
Every real p loves a real one who's down for his crown
Some say its silly to pay a **** your hard earned doh
But it races through our veins so when he sends me I go
Maybe I'm a dreamer and he is the merchant of dreams
And I am investing in our future crazy as it seems
But when he speaks I believe in the words that are spoken
And I make sure that I don't get too deep in my emotions
A **** is a born and from day one he is already game
To build himself a stand up *** and and get his fortune and fame.
So a message out to those of you who don't know
They say pimpin ain't easy but it takes true strength to be a real ***.

— The End —