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Feb 2016
In his eyes I see the truth, that's why I believe,
In every word he speaks, that's why I don't leave,
I don't even understand sometimes, what he does to me,
For some reason I can't stop, as hard as it may be.
His aura is contagious, he inspires me to go,
His words repeat in my head, that's why they are all I know,
His instructions are my life, I gotta get this dough,
As long as he keeps it pimping, I will be his ***.
Others don't understand it, honestly neither do I,
But when I think of the alternative, I can only ask why,
I'm not a square, that will never again be my life,
I'm married only to this game, I will never be anyone's wife.
I'm the real thing, a real one, he made me this way,
Until he makes me leave, that's how long I will stay,
No other could have me like this, I don't listen to what they say,
Juice is a real one, the only one , who I will ever be down to pay.
No squares allowed!
Written by
Desiree sixx  phoenix
     Lior Gavra and Got Guanxi
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