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288 · Sep 2016
Morning Coffee1
Deeba Sep 2016
A sip from a hot and aromatic
coffee of dusty gloss
and endless froth

in the midst of a dawn
and soothing music
played by the morning birds

casts a spell on your senses
with freshness and vigor
that lasts for the day long.
280 · Sep 2014
Dark rainy nights
Deeba Sep 2014
Those dark empty roads
and those tiny droplets on my car windows

That beautiful moon peeping out of dark clouds
and that herd of stars covering the sky like a shroud

These standing tall street lights
and these barking dogs chasing the red beams like a knight

Brings back the hidden peace and solace.

As the moon makes friends with my god, patting my back, showing my shadow
Makes me realize that my identity is certainly built by my own respectful bound of arrow
274 · Jan 2015
Deeba Jan 2015
Why do we find many reasons to cry, but only one reason to laugh/ smile?
Why do people make life complex, when life is already complex by itself?
Why do we expect so much from life, when we know life doesn't give it all?
Are we only puppets in the hands of almighty God?
Cant we expect, love, feel, chose?
Why do we have to compromise, **** all the emotions to lead a happy life?
Why don't we get what we want?

Why? Oh! Almighty God, when will you answer.
Written in the year 2011. Still holds good.
265 · May 2018
A Deceitful Self-pride
Deeba May 2018
A chirpy young wolf
filled with pride and
Never part of
any pack

Decepted with self-pride
and felt
everything around him
is not right

They say
wolves can only survive in packs
He says
'I am always right,
everyone should stand by my side'

He surrounded
a cobweb of cynicism
so deep, that he never
listens or
with others

One fine day
he was abandoned by all
and a sense of
realization could be
read from his eyes

Until he was
nabbed by a mighty tiger
and everything was
left blank
244 · Oct 2019
Deeba Oct 2019
When the sky is shrouded
with darkness of expectation,
When the day is filled with
screams and abuses.

There comes the night
where misty eyes caress
the sleeping soul with immense love
depicting that, in the midst of darkness
of anger and frustration,
resides pure love which
still lingers around to keep the bond
strong enough and not to let it falter
236 · Jul 2016
Deeba Jul 2016
Look into thy eyes, you shall see the love
Look away from those eyes, you shall see if they are telling the truth
Only if u look away you will know if those eyes are wandering for someone else :)
228 · Jul 2015
Deeba Jul 2015
Imagine a story
for your life
and believe in it.
Random thoughts
223 · Dec 2014
Deeba Dec 2014
There are these big tides
which inject a feeling called
Until they reach the shore
to be found hopeless.
211 · Sep 2016
Happy Mornings
Deeba Sep 2016
Start the day with a fresh coffee in hand
and a view of sunrise
and see the magic for the rest of the day
206 · Jan 2018
Red rose
Deeba Jan 2018
A rose dressed in bright red,
spreading its petals with open arms.
Invites me to relish its fragrance,
until I am seduced and transported
into a mystical land of 'Love'.
Dedicated to all those who propose their love with a red rose.
192 · Jun 2019
A thousand splendid Suns
Deeba Jun 2019
One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,
Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.
Excerpt from 'A thousand splendid suns' by Khaled Hosseini.
"a thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls' are all those beautiful ladies who are hidden behind the walls of the outside world and yet provide the much needed warmth and resilience to the family.
188 · Aug 2017
My Moon
Deeba Aug 2017
Ya Qamar! (My Moon!)
You are so close yet so far
you enlighten me
every evening
as a  
seamless czar
174 · Aug 2017
The chosen one
Deeba Aug 2017
In the silence of the dark
a melody chose to reach my ears

In the absence of light
golden rays from behind the chocolatey clouds
chose to reach my eyes

In the midst of urban odor
fragrance of freshness reached my nose

Arousing my senses to
feel love in the air
live gratified life in the hustle
and spread happiness around

   I am the chosen one.
Felt inspired after seeing old pics taken by my husband :)
171 · Jul 2019
The Beginning and the End
Deeba Jul 2019
Beginning is unknown
End is inevitable

Your existence links
the beginning and the end

You can be the cause of
end of the beginning
or beginning of the end.

There is no escape.

there is no beginning
there is no end.
169 · Jan 2018
New Year 2018
Deeba Jan 2018
Another year has passed
letting to count the experience of life.
Last year was a game changer
in all aspects for most of us.
Let's hope and expect this year
will be the most happening year
with lots of joy and prosperity.

Wishing you all dear friends
a very Happy New Year!!
Better late than never. :)
165 · Jan 2018
Birth and Death
Deeba Jan 2018
Before my birth there was infinite time,
after my death there is inexhaustible time.
I never thought of it before:
I’d been living luminously between two eternities of darkness.
Excerpts from one of my best reads of 2017 - My name is red.
151 · Feb 2019
The wise
Deeba Feb 2019
Who are wise?

Are wise the ones
who perceive to know everything,
Preaches this 'everything' to everyone around
and drives the endless dreams into a cage by their eminence.


Are they the ones
who begin with the notion of knowing nothing.
explores the endless horizons of wisdom,
and yet remain truthful to nothingness.

As 'Nothing' can never be shared
endless dreams can never be caged
151 · May 2019
The Journey
Deeba May 2019
Few years ago,
No so long though.

I started to write
converting every emotion into words.
Dancing and juggling each letter
into sea of ideas.

Today, ink inside my pen
never wants to dry.
There is a change in its attitude.
It has adapted from being black
to blue, green, red, every possible color.

And with immense courage
continues to scribble
every nuance of life

as a silent warrior.
Celebrating my journey of writing.
147 · Sep 2017
Deeba Sep 2017
Walk into my life
And leave imprints of your goodness

— The End —