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Jun 2019 · 71
Dancing on the cracks
David Watt Jun 2019
Being so removed from what you made me,
Time moves so slowly.
Not quite grasping the truth of anything.
Each breath catching like a barb,
Pulling a little bit more of my soul with each Labour.

Around me the air is thick,
Bogged with imagined snow.
Freezing those that see me to the spot,
Captured in the void with me unable to flee.

You appear to me in my madness.
“Hush my wounded prince,
May my lips grant you clarity”
Stunned silence and unbidden tears.

I deny you,
You died an eon ago.
Unbound from your shell.
You dance on the cracks of my broken mind.
Feb 2018 · 225
The World Is Changing
David Watt Feb 2018
Search for the warmth in artificial light,
Bathing in the chill desperately consuming every flicker.
Pushing against invisible walls to flex your wings,
To embody your full potential.

Pulled prone each limb crippled and bent to serve a purpose so perverse.
Whilst those holding the key drink blood red wine,
Drained from every effort you exert.
the feral power of desperation rucking down every nerve.

The power coursing inside threatens to break,
But unable to break your bonds you simply break your mind.
Laying used and broken,
Unable to respond to the kiss of kindness.

Broken eyes staring into your liberators,
With total disconnection to the solitary tear rolling down your face.
Freedom comes too late,
It comes when any lust for life is spent.

You lay in Liberations arms as she desperately tries to claw back what is lost,
She nustles you close to her breast caressing the lank and ruined wings.
Feathers fetid defiled and broken.
"What world is this that even our angels are enslaved in despair."
David Watt Nov 2017
You told yourself you have felt love,
But all you did was hide from the sharp edges.
In sickness you clogged the pain with impassioned kisses,
But it doesn’t erase the grey crawling across your skin.

I can’t kiss away the aging and dying,
This isn’t a fairytale my lips cannot wake you.
Tear stained and wounded pouring out every invocation,
To make your words turn true,
To bring your heart to a redder hue,
Wishing above all else my heart can accept the truth.

You live in monotone that is ever darker,
I live in colour but only when I’m lying with you.
The light is out,
The candle snuffed.
Never to wake to your kiss again.
Jun 2017 · 348
Till the light
David Watt Jun 2017
"Sweetheart its time to wake,
Shake off the sleep and remember me."
The outline where i once slept,
The books eratic and unkept.

A weight in his memory,
Pulls him from the duvet.
Crumbled sheets,
tumbling swirls.
As reality in his mind unfurls.

In perfection he stands so proud,
My Adonis so beautiful even in sorrow,
"I heard you again,
Like you never left me"

I watch as his hands cover his eyes,
Gently i guide them back down.
"Never hide your pain,"
His breath catches in his chest.

"I know you are here...."
"...And here i will always be....,"
".....Guiding me always......"
"...Till first light comes..."

Before the final trace of night,
I leave my waking kiss.
Heart breaking for every moment i have missed.

"Remember me Adonis,
As i vowed to you,
Every morning i will be here to wake you,
To love you and cherish you till the gods light does finally take you."
Aug 2016 · 450
David Watt Aug 2016
Ask of my Devotion just a single question.
Holding the pen at the ready,
Hesitant to put my thoughts into words.
To put them into life would be irreversible.

Like a sorcerer corrupted by what he wields,
the words burn onto my vision.
I see them on every surface daring me to release them.
dare I question Devotions ownership of me?

Almost instantly its no longer a question.
But a statement of hate filled defiance.
I will make Devotion serve me,
Bind her so tightly to my fatigued mind,
Make her pay for the time I gave her!

Know one and know all,
Your Devotion is mine and I crave her wildly,
Serve me fully and feel no recourse!
For in  my words she is my birthright,
And dare you not question your Devotion.
For to do so is the most heinous of all crimes.
Follow her blindly and know not Reality,
For her beauty outstrips your worthiness tenfold.
Aug 2016 · 405
Lacklustre lover
David Watt Aug 2016
Trying hard to learn to be one,
But  love holds you fragile and undone.
Darkened and raw every memory leaves a mark,
And you sit at night regretting every time you tried to love.

Weaker than I once was I paid with heartbeats,
Which decayed and bruised the roaring reds.
Dulled to purple it taints every vein,
Trying hard to cleanse and savor freedom.

His memory holds like a furious fist,
Gripping my voice and holding me intimately.
Recoiling at every kiss,
Revolted by every ******.

Level stares and longing for sleep,
Mirror gazing assessing the damage.
This time it was only bruises,
Next time it may be brakes.
Aug 2016 · 258
The Dating Game
David Watt Aug 2016
Feeling imprisoned in a soulless maze.
Where the simplest declaration is sullied with mud.
Made to feel weak for feeling at all,
And needing anyone,
Can this really be all there is for me?

Gazing at people parading as prizes,
But insecure under **** disguises.
Every time I feel I have loved,
It is always incomplete and faceless,
Almost abhorrent to its core.

Casting an ever wider gaze,
Looking with every fibre,
For something to summon me.
I have a purpose of that I am sure,
And I will not waste myself on lying cheating ******.
Aug 2016 · 359
David Watt Aug 2016
Shatter softly on disconnected ears,
Watching you mouth unheard cries.
Feeling you ensure every emotion,
Till I  turn on the light and you vanish from sight.

As a shadow on my heart I always see you,
Tagged and pursued I cannot find freedom.
To escape from your crafted cage,
Fabricated with memories time and time replayed.

Like a river set to course,
I am set to this fate.
Till I run dry into barren lifeless grey.
Never to reach my goal never to rejoin my source.
Dec 2015 · 399
Icey Cored
David Watt Dec 2015
Ice grips my heart.
I tell myself this every morning.
Blizzards deafen my mind,
I drive with the windows down at fifteen below.
Freezing me to solid stone,
Unreachable by human hands.
Beautiful on surface clear,
Deathly to those that dare come near.
Dec 2015 · 332
Fallen Angel
David Watt Dec 2015
For all I will to be,
For Every feather I pay in fee.
Grant miracles and change the fabric of reality,
This is the power the creator gifted me.

Watch the white of every feather burn to black,
Everytime I invoke my heart will crack.
Bonded in time and all temptation,
To burn at consumption of every emotion.

Forbidden by chaining voices unheard in eons,
My God defies me love or destruction.
Immortal but cursed to every labored breath,
Or to love and fall from skies in a Sin filled Death.
Nov 2015 · 312
David Watt Nov 2015
I lay here in my bed watching you sleep,
In the past I created you in my dreams.
I needed to know that you existed.
I vowed every remaining splinter of what was left of me.

I asked every God ancient and new,
To gift me with your heart to cherish,
Still nursing my own breaks and bruises,
I craved to protect you.
To show you that I am not broken.

One day I drew you out of words,
I sang about you till my voice gave out,
I pictured you in every tear.
Then one day like someone was listening there you were.

Now in this moment I vow again,
Every payment that I swore to give,
I will pay ten folds more,
To watch you sleep every morning for ever more.
Nov 2015 · 243
From the Outside
David Watt Nov 2015
There is coldness out here that I thought only I feel,
Like looking at a fire through four panes of glass.
Coldness is simply all thats here,
Open your eyes and every smile you see builds the chill.

For years the ice just grew further and further up my fingers and toes.
Till nothing could pierce the numbness.
Until one day with snow to my knees,
I heard a voice behind me and I looked through the white.

A Silhouette called me from a far,
Hands held up growing weaker in the dying light.
I raise my hands to call you to me,
But my hands and feet are dead as ice.

I see you fall and can't contain it,
My fire grows wild and explodes within me.
Broken glass and tearing muscles.
Roaring with flame I walk toward you.

Begging my feet to move faster,
Feel the blood flowing through ancient limbs.
The emptiness dying with eager purpose,
I find you weak and half asleep.

I take you in my arms and warm you to your soul,
Breath my fire into you,
Look into my eyes and see me for what I am,
The other half of you,
No longer lost to you,
Forever here to catch you.
Sep 2015 · 682
The Ferryman
David Watt Sep 2015
To the ferryman I pay another favor.
Shake his hand and walk from his mooring.
Walking the familiar path through the mire,
Keep your head high and ignore the sinking.

Every step back from the water,
An eternity of wretched squelching.
How many times have I walked this path.
Memories of youth and owning softer bones.

The aging shows now not just inside,
But clawing at the skin and hollowing of the eyes.
A distant heartbeat now darker punctuates each squelch from my feet.
Vultures and monsters lock eyes with my shadow.

Not quite dead but far from living,
I ponder the payment I keep on making.
How is it I can turn from the boat.
The answers are fleeting almost a whisper.

My eyes are drawn down by softest suggestion,
And through the darkness I see the bones and flesh breaking.
My chest burns and bleeds bleeding crimson upon the reeds .
In horror I wail soundlessly into the mud.

Hands dive to every break Clawing over every wound,
Feeling the scar of every knife,
Faces born to every memory.
The hurt the only feeling that remains.

I turn to look back at the creature I left,
A tear rolling down a fleshless face.
Caressing his own heart,
He raises his head and at last our eyes meet.

“You show me love with every heartbreak,
You come to me lost and with torture aplenty,
So broken by your own mind,
I make that which tortures you mine.”

The Ferryman opens his palm and shows me his treasure,
My own heart beating and bleeding with poison.
“Walk free from misery and grow anew,
I will wait again to trade away the pain the world will gift you.
But know this my love I cannot save you,
For in your chest beats my own broken heart,
Torn by every time I free you.”
Sep 2015 · 409
The Defective Man
David Watt Sep 2015
Walking predestined steps of dissapointment,
But we are blind to the end.
Our shadows hold each other in the dark,
Kissing and craving what we try to build.
Like a broken memory incomplete in recall,
We cannot create or feel the echo we remember.

To the very core of ourselves a decaying blackness,
Consuming every light or bloom.
We watch our brothers and sisters flourish and Love.
We feel the emptiness ten fold,
And crave to witness and consume the warmth in their eyes.
We feel it but cannot own it wield it but cannot bind it.

Love does not bloom in our hearts,
And is not gifted to our souls,
A higher might created us with outward beauty,
But short changed us on substance and capacity.
Every time we attempt to create love,
It burns in our hands as if offended by our very hearts.
Aug 2015 · 559
Black Heart Prayer
David Watt Aug 2015
I will throw myself on the mercy of any man or God,
I beseech you please do not break me again.
Do not lead me into the dark.
I cannot bare this burden you gift me.

You give me a heart as fragile as glass,
The softest whisper threatens to crack.
The faintest cold on the air will smash.
Breathe strength and will into my core.

So much fits to pattern,
Already the darkness is hinted every time you turn your head.
Gods give me the power to ******,
To make you love me so completely.

The last time you made me love,
It burnt and ruined all I had struggled to create.
You make me build only to destroy,
You make me crave and cry like the sickest of ploys.

If you give me this in honest intention,
Hold fast his intoxicating affection.
Do not rip open my wounds and bleed me dry.
So broken with no more tears to cry.

Take these words as my most heartfelt prayer,
The Faithlss broken by relentless despair.
David Watt Aug 2015
This morning it broke,
The straining strands ripped in two.
I could never regret what led me to this,
She's the one you will choose.
But she cannot love you like I can.

To wake up and see you gone again,
The cufflinks and watch gone from the nightstand,
Catching my breath breathing out slow,
Till the tears begin to fall and flow.

Used to heal the missing sordid wants,
Then you return to the picket fence and the decent.
Unable to see the decency in me,
She's everything your parents wanted you to be.
Jun 2015 · 360
Is it time yet?
David Watt Jun 2015
So sick of being told whats right.
David do this David hold tight,
Patience is an apparent Virtue,
One that has severly missed its cue.

My lust is innapropriate,
Offensive to voice or dream.
My lips are somehow sordid,
Cursed detested and unclean.

Just give me one minute where disdain is not allowed,
Where my life is not abysmal,
Where my love is always allowed.
Where I can be me complete and proud.

Everyday I grow older,
Waiting for it to be safe.
Pleading for my affection to be of public taste.
Frankly so far too many years have gone to waste.
Jun 2015 · 278
First Kiss
David Watt Jun 2015
Life lived in silvers and greys,
Nothing as vivid as a black or white.
Echoes in empty hallways,
Whispers from an empty bed.

Long ago you said you loved me,
But I was too lost to hear you.
Unable to accept that a man had said it.
Take back all the time I wasted.

In a disconnected minute I see you again,
Take my hand and hold it to your cheek.
Daring myself to take that step,
Open my eyes and see you for the first time.

Fires burn from deep inside,
Catching on browns from Iris and crown.
Slowly your lips move closer,
Then colour erupts from all around.

Soft and smooth and pressure lasting,
Inhaling scent and heat with every lip parting.
Woken to who I am meant to be,
By love and the first kiss a man ever gave me.
May 2015 · 294
What I hold dear.
David Watt May 2015
Wars are fought for every second.
Lip to lip
Tension and discretion.
Love left bleeding by Desperation.
Watching the reds run till He owns nothing at all.

Battles inside for slightest control,
Eye to eye,
Reflection and dejection.
Happiness marred by Admiration,
Driven to **** what once He craved

Sexuality vibrant and clear in target,
Hip to Hip,
Incandescent and Evervescent.
Innocent slaughtered by Virility.
Forsaken by drink and every instinct.

Concepts that are ancient in our art,
Warp waither and die.
Murdered by those it creates.
So much of what we once held high,
In our values we let crumble and die.
May 2015 · 375
Love me true
David Watt May 2015
I ask you just once to take me as i am.
No more allusions to what i could be.
wipe away the madeup face,
The tan you wear,
The pout you share.

Reflection I beg your honesty,
Don't show me angles good or bad,
Show me what it is to be pretty,
To love all i see.
To be all i can be.

Lover I gaze upon lovingly,
Vulnerability clear and not hidden.
Hold my hand and hold my gaze,
Take your cue,
And love me true.
Apr 2015 · 661
David Watt Apr 2015
Breath cannot catch,
Lips that cannot part.
Locked in a death stare daring either to move,
Grab me by hips and pull close.

Waiting for either to weaken,
For that tiny flex,
The subtle give,
Scratches gouged into the varnish.

Lying in depravity,
Bruises where the pulse judders.
Stars dance as the pleasure deepens.
Locked together muscles tensed.
Feral wild and free of sense.
Apr 2015 · 437
Lost to me
David Watt Apr 2015
I can't find you.
promised to me in every eventuality.
They promised me I won't live alone,
Missing from every Verse, Painting and Tome.

Dying through eyes,
Fairytale and rhymes that give us  no more hope,
no purpose to believe or to proceed,
Absent in every Minute, Day and Year.

Kisses half felt.
Not causing my heart to skip or plummet,
You promised me life in place of darkness,
Dwindling in lustre, warmth and solace

I cannot venture.
Heart so weak and picked to bloodied splinters,
No room left to feel or to need.
Lost to life love and compassion.

Find me if you are the one,
Open my eyes and see these words undone.
Jan 2015 · 417
The Rose
David Watt Jan 2015
Tall and proud and scarlet as blush,
Kisses and songs inspired at touch.
Ageless in time and ever adrift,
As if love itself is the noble gift.

Pick and ***** my clumsy finger,
red to red blood as vibrant as fiery tinder.
Passion evoked whenever bestowed,
The red is my blood that on your word would flow.

Dying but ever lasting in mind,
Blooming in hearts or wherever love shines.
Jan 2015 · 344
David Watt Jan 2015
The body I hold is hanging in the balance,
Each breath wracking through lifeless air.
The hollowness that expands from his lifeless eyes,
Burning when my eyes are shut.

As if untouched by the twine of fate,
Existing but not living breathing but not waking.
The icy thuds of an unnatural heart,
Making those softer sounds quaver into absence.

As if by sheer chance my strings are pulled,
my lips lower to touch those of the dead.
At contact time stands still,
The thudding stops.

The lips take on a rosey pink,
Mirroring the sentiment of every second.
As if aching to understand.
As if terrified to forget.

The fear awakens and the hurt rolls out,
Trembling down limp limbs and shoulders.
Hushing into a steady rock,
With promises that my strength won't give.

Purpose is gifted with a single kiss,
and like a rose I watch it grow.
In vibrance and strength the body will glow.
Till the day he finds his voice.

When words will tumble onto life,
and bind the solace and the strife.
Gift gold in band and my love for you,
with the simple promise to always cherish, love and hold you.
Nov 2014 · 295
I Will "Fix" You
David Watt Nov 2014
Pulling the needle deeper into greyed flesh,
I hate what you have woken.
Fighting against unseen restraints,
This hunger, this need that tears me asunder.

You gave me two blank boxes and asked me to pick,
To somehow know what they would do to me.
I wish I could shut my eyes and forget,
The hands that have cursed me to feel.

You took the very part of me that could save me in payment,
And burned it infront of my eyes.
The last pieces of Ice I held melted,
Now weak and warmed to pain I cannot cope with what has been given.

Plunge me deep into ice cold water,
Shock me repeatedly so agony fills the void.
Give me back my ignorance,
Take back my soul,
I wish to return to being less than a man,
a broken remnant of one who was once whole.
Oct 2014 · 499
David Watt Oct 2014
To every eye that looks on high,
I gift to you the softest glow.
In the hopes to cure man from blood lust and woe.

For eons I have defied your nature,
Inspiring all who see me to dream of sweeter things.
To free the good that is inside.

And in my success I see the sweetest reward.
The simplest kiss that holds fast time.
A glow that outstrips my own,
that makes my life far less cold.

Reminding me what it is to love,
To remember when I held another,
Helping me to light the dark,
And to empassion love in those who see me spark.
Oct 2014 · 828
David Watt Oct 2014
Give me love that is without limit,
Free ordained and with sincerest spirit.
To love is all I desire,
Bless it in eternal fire.

To feel complete in every moment,
Unchallenged by faithless heartless opponents.
I long to feel your guided linger,
trace my body on heart felt fingers.

To caress my lips with your very own,
To feel every rapture wholesome and owned,
To love you so tenderly softly and faithful
That in your world I feel wholesome and beautiful.

I love you is all I can say,
Year on year and every day,
May your heart beat the drum of my heartfelt love,
Purer than the Gods most beautiful Dove.

Submitted to memory,
And endless eternity.
Bound in spells of heart felt honesty,
Enraptured in words of eternal clemency.
Jul 2014 · 311
Number 1
David Watt Jul 2014
Misguided by my own heart,
I am led astray by ideas and goals I cannot reach.
Out of my nature I cannot achieve anything I desire.
Walking a path deigned for a greater man,
I cannot fill the shoes I covet.

I am less than I pretend to be,
Built up in a falicy of moral ideals and dreams,
like a demon sporting the wings of an Angel,
abhorent and rejected by all I aspire to be.
Why can I not be relinquished from my own chains?

Feeling dishonest in my own skin,
Who I am is not who I should be.
Living as half a man with half a heart,
living with the scars of what was taken,
left with the feelings I cannot comprehend.

If I could but Vacate this body,
And let him wake in my place,
I would feel like my existance has been for a purpose.
Instead of without meaning or direction.
I ask you, what is half a man for?
Jul 2014 · 400
Without Stain
David Watt Jul 2014
I will pay a thousand debts,
To remove this inate weakness in my hearts depths.
There lies a scar from a wound I have never endured,
To make me even less human is the only foreseable cure.

So take all that makes me me,
And leave me hollow and empty,
Unable to wield the emotion inside that burns me day after day,
Like a ring I cannot wear,
Like a kiss I cannot share.

Robbed by nature deprived of half of me,
I am incomplete defective without parity.
I dream of loves I can't attain,
of unachievable destinies distant and without stain.
Jul 2014 · 281
You cannot love the Dark
David Watt Jul 2014
The Darkness always whisper so sweetly,
Wiping away those tears caused by another lost love.
"How many times have I taken your refuge?"
"Every time love bites back and bruises"

Testing devotion Darkness swirls,
Till in its eyes I see his eyes.
Pulling my mind to full attention,
I caress his face and stare completely lost.

"Why did you hurt me?"
Darkness' eyes pool with tears,
"All I know is what you have shown me"
"Do I deserve to be alone?"

Darkness rolls and thunders loud
"Do I deserve to be alone?
I lack the love you want and need,
for all you do is in my cover feed,
I cannot create from what I do not hold,
And you mortal have left yourself unloved and old,
you cannot ask for what you cannot give,
you cannot love if you cannot live."
Jul 2014 · 450
Summon Into Love
David Watt Jul 2014
Sat with legs crossed pouring my dreams onto air,
Watching bone blood and soul form as I stare.
Within reach but still miles apart,
Unable to delay the tremor tripping the start.

Catch each cherished word that I empassion
And entwine them in your heart to sing perfection.
So in our unity accross haunting distance,
dual beating divine in loving resonance.

Till the day the nightmares come alive,
Every beat is lost the knots untied.
Once locked to mine your eyes grow cold,
As if the love we shared was centries old.

Before you turn and cannot see me,
let my eyes scream how I loved you completely,
In this life and ever after,
In lifetimes bright or twisted and darker.
Jul 2014 · 444
Shards of Heart
David Watt Jul 2014
Clawing something out of nothing,
To try and fill the cracks.
To hide hide what is missing,
And what I fear will never be intact.

Gambling away shards of Heart,
To try and and claim back parts of humanity.
Every loss pulls me further and further apart,
And deepens the pool of insanity.

Catching up but never in step,
locked out but never alone.
Every ounce of biterness kept,
The keeper of Loniless and Agonies throne.

Then like a thread to retie the pieces,
Her kiss dissapates all distemper.
Ridding my heart of all scarred and tore up creases,
and brings life to life with golden Ember.
Jul 2014 · 574
Eulogy for Joan
David Watt Jul 2014
Her eyes have opened to golden light,
Freed from her battles and sleepless nights.
Held in the arms of every whisper,
That is uttered from lips of Son, Lover and Sister.

With each cherished moment that we remember,
We slowly begin to re-ignite lost embers.
To give her back her smiles and laughter,
So we can remember her happy for ever after.

Lost to sight but not to mind,
Today we encapsulate all that made her shine.
Use these memories to rebuild all we love,
And hope our wishes reach her high above.

So I finish my poem with a simple plea,
That all that love her do not dwell in misery.
For she is not sad where she now stands,
She is walking in heavenly lands,
Guided by Father, Mother and Whisper.
Dec 2013 · 491
Crack The Surface
David Watt Dec 2013
Gazing into the dark for that unseen face,
Centre stage and nothing but the mask for cover.
A face so rehearsed it seems unbreakable and infallible,
Till I meet your eyes and am stunned to silence.
Realising too late that the mask has cracked,
The audience witnesses every scar I tried to hide.

Let them feel every break and every quake.
No longer an act but a declaration to the world,
Freed from restraint I scream every agony, every second, every memory.
Aiming every burdened word and every heavy note,
To rain upon you like Talons of fury.
But I leave you alive to witness the change.

Choked by your own creation,
You realise I have become all you tried to hide.
No longer human no light inside,
Extinguished I am darkness claimed,
To avenge every heart you have maimed.
David Watt Jan 2013
Wonders winter and torments turn.
Edging deeper inside causing all to burn.
Whispers worry brings feral fright.
Stark in torrents of lashing light.

What is this nightmare that fills my mind,
desperate unhinged in fate entwined.

Wrists restless and chained clatter.
Bound to a you in crimson splatter.
Dead days and loveless laughter.
My life in ruins and lonely ever after.
Dec 2012 · 511
Heart on your sleaves.
David Watt Dec 2012
She pulls in her soul from her heavy sleaves and asks him to love her as she is,
He rises to her every challenge but cannot bring himself to tackle this one thing.
She sees the tremor forming on the fringe,
The edge of everything they have built collapsing in and falling fast.

"I cannot love you, when you are so cold,
your heart is bitter and eternitys old,
Bring back your soul into my embrace,
and let you past fall clear and remove the taint!"

She feels the tears forming fast they flood over onto her cheeks
His hand clutches her face leaving her again feeling fragile and weak.
She feels the warmth in every gesture.
She opens her eyes and lets forth a whisper.

"On your word let these seasons winter,
let my history and pain fall away in splinters.
I choose to live and learn to love,
I say this in witness to those above."

In unity their lips then meet,
Feeling the warmth flow fast and deep,
The first kiss of many to come,
A gift from each of a unmeasurable sum.
Dec 2012 · 695
Eternal moments
David Watt Dec 2012
Bound to a memory thats quickly fading,
Your on your knees deperately praying.
Keep the past so crisp and clear,
So the pain keeps raw the hopless fear.

Take your pleeding to a higher might,
One with boundless un-clouded sight.
To Keep you locked in this eternal moment,
Making time cease being your torturous opponent.

Lost in his eyes seconds so splendid.
Defy every whim that fate intended.
For in two days your eyes will close,
Never to bring his cheeks to that subtle rose.

Kiss a smile that makes you quake,
deep down knowing every coming mistake.
For on this morning that you remember,
A fury burned in you as red as embers.

Words were said that you can't unsay,
Your temper could not abate this fray,
On the road that was slick with ice
Blood red rivers ran in a sickening slice.

The lights went out and the world got colder,
The ice moved in ever the bolder.
I miss your eyes that warmed me to my centre,
Now ever sore and fetid from this haunting splinter.
Dec 2012 · 399
The moment
David Watt Dec 2012
Lost in the moment but always weary,
Of these lines we've drawn so weak and dreary.
Feeling so strong but all to open,
Praying for luck to bring me no omens.

Im waiting for the day it hurts me,
Heart torn and tears a plenty,
Blissfull with the here and now,
So pure so innocent unbound or captured by any vow.
Dec 2012 · 836
The price i've paid
David Watt Dec 2012
Calm and slow no fury red,
Almost like the angry me is dead,
No more blissful intoxication,
He doesnt rise to provocation.

Since you came he is so silent,
The joy so wholesome and potent.
Not quite feeling entirely secure,
Knowing inside my Anger cant be lured.

So I ask you to be my only protection,
Keep me safe and open to your affection,
No second line of hidden defenses,
And no lies dishonesty or dark pretenses.

Because even if you walk away,
Anger won't wake to play,
Half my heart I gave to feel,
Something deeper beautiful and totally real.

The cost that I have had to pay,
To wake and feel elation every day.
Is the part of me I relied on most,
No longer acting as his obedient host.
Sep 2012 · 1.7k
Catchless Tinders
David Watt Sep 2012
Driven by nothing but a cavernous craving,
Anguished and ill considered decision making,
Pulled by something that calls inside,
Too strong to resist in sorrow abide.

Change everything that is me,
And leave anew refreshed and free.
Move on to possibly love another,
And know deep down the truth you cover.

The one you loved and left you behind,
Shattered and splintered pieces you still can't find,
The face that cant be forgotten,
The lover that left your heart rotten.

From my chest i take my hearts cinders,
And lock them away with catchless tinders.
Brace myself for no bright spark,
To light my way in the lonely dark,
Aug 2012 · 819
A Soldiers Heart
David Watt Aug 2012
Under his crossed scarred arms,
Beats the heart of a fighter,
Beaten back by his own failings,
He fights for something he cannot conjure.

Willing everything that screams inside,
To pour from his fingertips,
And swirl into something for him to love,
Giving substance to something he feels.

Looking into fictional eyes,
The depth of feeling in every gesture,
Holds tightly in a dwindling light,
Contrasting with the bleakness around,

Sing to him like love is new,
Promises binding and complete,
To bring flesh to air,
And words from silence.

Let his heart lay his arms to rest,
And walk a new path where love is his guidance,
And its beats drown out the lonely silence.
Jul 2012 · 637
Depleted Canvas
David Watt Jul 2012
Lay down your arms and hold completely defenseless,
Love yourself with a deep desperation blissfull and limitless.
Let the moment wake your tears,
And live with me all of your torturous fears.

Lay yet closer so our lips barely part,
Hold my hand as if nursing your own heavy heart,
Take from me all you need to rebuild,
All the life that lonliness has killed.

My beauty my love my absent harmony,
You have consumed and taken the very last part of me,
No longer do your hands hold the fractures,
That re-break and tear without loves raptures.

Naked and used my lips are cold,
and after these years you've left me old,
Wrinkles creep on every canvas,
Till they like you consume all the paint.
No beauty no rhymes that convey completion,
Just left alone and dejected used till depletion.
Aug 2011 · 867
David Watt Aug 2011
In a cavernous world devoid of light,
left dark and dead by a higher might,
There is no hope no pleasure no will to fight.
Not since god drove the world into a dying blight.

Her perfection rouses all from slumber,
Tearing through like holy thunder.
in awe they stare lost and dazed,
everyone intent and desparately amazed.

Celestine with her divine wings,
Decends on high and loves and sings.
Waking all to the chance of life,
Breaking darkness like a wrenching knife.

"Look upon me world of shame,
And feel my radiance like a hearths warm flame,
A mother whose patience will not succumb,
To those who are blind deaf mute and dumb.
Care not for those who turn their attention,
Who torments ruins and pretends affection.
Give your prayers to one that will listen,
And shine on you with love that Glistens."

We hear, we feel, we want and need!
All of which you've made us heed,
We give you prayers and fear no silence,
For with you comes love and eternal angelic guidance.

David Watt Aug 2011
Keep me busied until i'm blind,
So I cannot see the divide of yours and mine.
Whisked up in desparate uncounted steps,
Unfeeling unhindered by lonely threats.

Cough up and out all the black,
The taint the stain of all I lack.
Distract me so I see no ill,
Dillusional I live like on some blissful pill.

Stop the clock and it all hits,
In disconnection my happiness sits.
Away from heartache crave and despair,
Unhealthy obsessed and blissfully unaware.

Give me distraction at every moment,
To save me from future lonely atonement.
Jul 2011 · 4.1k
Lonely lust.
David Watt Jul 2011
I cannot see a path before me,
Nothing but a pestilant haze.
Bathing all resistance,
Hiding hope from my lonely eyes.

You the focus that holds me steady,
I fabricate a story that makes you love me.
Without you there is no reason,
To hang on parched in this dryest of seasons.

Dreaming up the missing mornings,
Filling in the longed for nights,
Your face and voice the origin of my delight.
Every morning alone heart strings tight.

I beg for my own salvation,
Set me free from this beautiful imagination.
Tell me to leave you and no longer love you.
So free and heartbroken,
Drifting like feathers over a seamless ocean.
Jul 2011 · 5.4k
David Watt Jul 2011
I need to focus and to find,
This desire and obstacle that renders me blind.
Broken images of smiles and laughter,
leaves me sweating fearfull and lonely after.

Eyes wide they drown in passion,
Feel natures design hidden secret and perfectly fashioned.
Her waist so tiny and so small,
Her hair cascading like golden waterfalls.

Rap around embrace and bind,
In this ecstacy caught captured and mine.
Bite the lip and scar the skin,
Every weakness invoked by delicious sin.

Till i arrive and rip the curtain,
In actions so precise innocent and certain.
Sterile unfeeling killing all infection,
so quickly so completely it goes without detection.

You pass me by without attention,
**** my control and social discretion!
I came up with the idea for this poem a very long time ago when wondering how people deal with physical attraction in public circumstances, what interested me the most was that in these circumstances you have almost a complete conflict with natural desire and social accepptability, i thought this made an interesting topic.
Jun 2011 · 1.9k
I Bring Fire!
David Watt Jun 2011
Cast all aside burn it and ****,
Dancing in the running reds of massacre.
Waiting for any semblance of humanity,
Burn it all rip it out and let nothing taint.
bring destruction like a demonic saint.
Feel the flow of senseless promise,
casting naivity into uncensored solace.
Bleed your prayers onto every altar.
Watch it discolour every drop of water.
Set your eyes on every ounce of pain,
bring it in and nestle it tightley,
then unleash it in fury divine,
to burn and destroy all that was once mine.
May 2011 · 1.3k
David Watt May 2011
Aurelia my goddess in disguise,
Let loose your spell on spectactors eyes.
Kiss with grace unknown by man,
And flutter with lashes cast wide in span.

Dance a dance unmatched by Muses,
Together so tightly the movement enthuses.
The bodys spell abrubtly breaks,
the rythm ends with conflicting aches.
Aurelia lingers on eternal moments,
Beaten back by unseen oponents.
She longs to dance with softest steps,
unseen unhindered by the rhythmic inept.

Unable to catch up to beat,
I watch and follow her leaderless feet.
Swept up in listless unfelt tune,
unilluminated by a forsaking moon.

Lost to darkness and lost to time,
Aurelia your love is no longer mine.
May 2011 · 744
Death of an actress.
David Watt May 2011
I saw her then,
twisted broken upon the glen.
The holder of the softest kiss,
the one that causes hearts last fatal twist.

Still I hold the silken scarf,
that soaked in blood of the aftermath.
The red the soul,
To a lifeless doll.

One last kiss upon cold lips,
This time without our unfelt scripts,
No words for a moment,
Just a husbands atonement

Waiting for the curtain drop,
Waiting for this scene to stop.
Begging for the end to come,
but act one is the end for only one.

The missing kiss was not the sin,
that bought me heavy and to my shins,
I left you alone unloved without direction,
and so you died lonely with acted affection.
May 2011 · 779
For 'someone'
David Watt May 2011
No brightness is in this world tonight,
from the moment i heard of your tormented plight.
I felt it cross distance,
In a tortured full impact instance.

So with this poem i ask you to smile,
Ill brush off your woes from these distant miles,
I will make you giggle and make you smirk,
I hope on hell these wishes work.

For you my tired and upset friend,
Vast distances i will travel to help you mend.
To feel the darkness fall and die,
and bring back the brightness your tears did shy.
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