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Jun 2017
"Sweetheart its time to wake,
Shake off the sleep and remember me."
The outline where i once slept,
The books eratic and unkept.

A weight in his memory,
Pulls him from the duvet.
Crumbled sheets,
tumbling swirls.
As reality in his mind unfurls.

In perfection he stands so proud,
My Adonis so beautiful even in sorrow,
"I heard you again,
Like you never left me"

I watch as his hands cover his eyes,
Gently i guide them back down.
"Never hide your pain,"
His breath catches in his chest.

"I know you are here...."
"...And here i will always be....,"
".....Guiding me always......"
"...Till first light comes..."

Before the final trace of night,
I leave my waking kiss.
Heart breaking for every moment i have missed.

"Remember me Adonis,
As i vowed to you,
Every morning i will be here to wake you,
To love you and cherish you till the gods light does finally take you."
David Watt
Written by
David Watt  milton keynes
(milton keynes)   
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