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Feb 2018
Search for the warmth in artificial light,
Bathing in the chill desperately consuming every flicker.
Pushing against invisible walls to flex your wings,
To embody your full potential.

Pulled prone each limb crippled and bent to serve a purpose so perverse.
Whilst those holding the key drink blood red wine,
Drained from every effort you exert.
the feral power of desperation rucking down every nerve.

The power coursing inside threatens to break,
But unable to break your bonds you simply break your mind.
Laying used and broken,
Unable to respond to the kiss of kindness.

Broken eyes staring into your liberators,
With total disconnection to the solitary tear rolling down your face.
Freedom comes too late,
It comes when any lust for life is spent.

You lay in Liberations arms as she desperately tries to claw back what is lost,
She nustles you close to her breast caressing the lank and ruined wings.
Feathers fetid defiled and broken.
"What world is this that even our angels are enslaved in despair."
David Watt
Written by
David Watt  milton keynes
(milton keynes)   
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