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Nov 2015
There is coldness out here that I thought only I feel,
Like looking at a fire through four panes of glass.
Coldness is simply all thats here,
Open your eyes and every smile you see builds the chill.

For years the ice just grew further and further up my fingers and toes.
Till nothing could pierce the numbness.
Until one day with snow to my knees,
I heard a voice behind me and I looked through the white.

A Silhouette called me from a far,
Hands held up growing weaker in the dying light.
I raise my hands to call you to me,
But my hands and feet are dead as ice.

I see you fall and can't contain it,
My fire grows wild and explodes within me.
Broken glass and tearing muscles.
Roaring with flame I walk toward you.

Begging my feet to move faster,
Feel the blood flowing through ancient limbs.
The emptiness dying with eager purpose,
I find you weak and half asleep.

I take you in my arms and warm you to your soul,
Breath my fire into you,
Look into my eyes and see me for what I am,
The other half of you,
No longer lost to you,
Forever here to catch you.
David Watt
Written by
David Watt  milton keynes
(milton keynes)   
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