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norris rolle Jul 2014
If you learn;
When you yearn;
If you're last;
Catch up fast
If you're stopped;
Make your fast
Let your last breath
Be your last blow.
norris rolle Jun 2014
All my life I've been thirstin'
For just one special person,
Was rantin,' ravin', cursin',
Because of all the hurtin'.

I've won some and I've lost some.
But now my life will blossom;
All this time "playin' possum."
But now, I'm feeling awesome!

I'll cherish every moment
And let me make this comment-
This all was lying dormant
And love was my opponent.

So now it's us forever.
Someone to stick together.
In good and stormy weather.
Don't want to lose you never.
norris rolle Sep 2013
I hear what you are saying.
It is as clear as mud.
I know the games you're playing;
I'll nip them in the bud.

I know that you are scheming.
I am nobody's fool!
And I am not just blaming;
Cause that wouldn't be cool.

My foresight saw you coming,
Though you were in the dark.
So I just started running,
At least, inside my heart.

I've been around the corner,
And twice around the block.
In front of 'Judge your Honor'
And even on 'D' Block!

No one like you can fool me,
No kisses and no hugs.
No one like you can rule me.
Your love's as clear as mud!
norris rolle May 2013
When I look into your eyes
I get full of butterflies
They fill up all of my insides
And it takes me by surprise.
And when your lips are close to mines
You know that I get hypnotized
And I just want to get the prize,
That's when I get more butterflies
You're so ****, just my size,
There's extra beauty in your smiles
Your presence simply glorifies,
That's why you give me butterflies.
When you hold my hands sometimes
I get weak in both my thighs
My temperature begins to rise,
Because you give me butterflies.
norris rolle Nov 2012
I wrote these words for you
to tell you how I feel.
I hope it doesn't bore you,
Because I'm being real.

I feel like I'm in heaven
Whenever you're around.
You are my triple seven;
My feet are off the ground.

I dream about you nightly,
Think of you every day.
And I don't take you lightly,
No matter what you say.

You are to me like magic;
I am under your spell.
And it would be so tragic
If you couldn't  tell.

I hope you truly want me;
I need you in my arms!
Thoughts about you haunt me,
Cuz you have all the charms.

When we are together
I see feel your *** appeal,
And all the world is better,
At least that's how I feel.

I dream about you nightly;
Think of you every day.
And I don't take you lightly,
That's why I'm here to stay!
norris rolle Oct 2012
If love was a dime a dozen
It would grow on trees.
Calling things are that wasn't
Is not reality.

It doesn't serve a useful purpose
To hold on to the wind,
Or to just accept the surface
When so much more's within.

It's time to be the bigger person,
Admit there's nothing there.
Everybody's only hurting'
If we pretend not to care.

The butterfly is really pretty,
Only if you let it fly.
No matter how smart or witty,
You won't catch it if you try.

It may take a bit more looking
But you still may not be pleased.
It's not some fish you may be hooking;
Plus love doesn't grow on trees!
norris rolle Oct 2012
Blinding rain of tears pouring from my eyes.
Needles of pain stab my fleshy heart.
Fear and depression pulsate through my mind.
Dry throat!
Can't swallow my pride and return to a more
painful yesterday. A yesterday of cutting insults and constant
emotional injuries. Inescapable pain - with or without love!
It is in vain that love be sought.
I will learn to live with the numbness that will replace my fantasies;
My inadequacies; my imperfections; my expectations and disappointments.
My broken heart!
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