19h David

5:35 am

There will always be
So many words left unsaid
Memories that hold me tight
& that still wait ahead

As the road was calling
Deep within, I felt it burn
& even when years consume me
I'll wish to return

To see the summer angel's face
Painted with my restless hands
I'll still long to see that world
That no one understands

Without trying, like others
To fall in love yet again
I'll hold you here, within a dream
That's pouring through my pen

12:30 pm

Though I wish I could've pulled you closer
When only shadows were left
For you to hold
I dreamed I read these words to you
Painting a smile, keeping you warm
When the day's too cold

& I'd carry you along the coast
All the way to flower fields
Beneath a silver rain
Until we reach the golden land
A soft, blue sea
A place where there's no more pain

& although you were too far away
I felt you close
Here by my side
We were lost, together, so alive
We screamed & sang
We laughed & cried

I carried you along the coast
Away from all you've known before
But I knew you're too far away
& now, it doesn't rain anymore

6 am

I was all I should've ever been
Back then
& the greatest light I knew was not afraid to shine
& I wouldn't want to fall in love
Yet again
I'll forever believe there's only one that should be mine

& maybe in a year, life will make me become
Much more
But the memories awaiting for me
Won't erase your trace
When a thousand new roads bring me to a door
As I say goodnight to our Earth
From space...


It's fiction, but also a true story. Take what you want from it :)
 2d David

We're in the sun and I'm moving from your mouth
to your jeans, we're watching the stars and we're moving
We're going down the green boulevard and we're cruising
you speak Romainian, I speak you, we're going to far
and moving to the beat as one and the wind blows the hair
in my face and I got news for you, I can see you just clearly
as I could before, carefully, barely hanging on and catching movies

I can't keep away from your kiss, back and forth want to feel
the rest of you and all of you can't wait to catch you all alone
we're in the sun and I'm moving from your mouth
to the hole in your heart, tell me how you feel and who you are
you speak barely, your rhythmic breaths tell me all I need to know
waste the day and spend all the time in your pockets, all alone
floating around your head and hanging midair in your palms like
a red balloon

I wake in this city
This city that didn't bear me
This city that didn't raise me
And yet it's this city that i seek to find something of me
Not in the pubs or the clubs or the karaoke bars
Where revelers conspire to dream and drink to the stars
Nor the cafes where poets and artists in a foreign language create.
Pass the market stalls where secondhand books and vinyls are stacked like freight
It is to the quietened streets of the old town I go
Where i long for the walls to speak once more
To reveal their hidden histories
To help fashion some sense of a man
One unknownst to me, my fathers father whose name I share
A fine skilled seamster, thus a tailor by trade
Not arriving to this city for work on fabrics of nylon and silk
But to stitch and sew the flesh of limbs in a paramedic corps
Another pawn of the Great War under King George's command
Driven only by economic necessity from a penal homeland
Not of conscription, politics or some moral conviction at play
For the price of neutrality is one that poverty simply refuses to pay
Returning home to an Ireland of hostility or silence at best
Medals now lying deep in pockets not proudly pinned to chests
Irish heroes don't fight in a British war for a King's crown
No such stories from father to son shall ever pass down
And now, a grainy photograph, three medals for a sons son to take
A dog tag that bears my name, a number and RC to depict a faith
From a man exiled in his home as a forgotten prisoner of war
To honour a legacy i find myself in this city afar
Asking the same questions of him as to me
Is this city the last place he truly felt free?

*for my grandfather that I never knew and this, his story that is new to me*
David Noonan Apr 13

so there's no more laughing
at an evening fire
no more the crackle of flames
to echo our desire
for summer is on its way
yet all i feel is the cold
sat staring at the dying embers
of a love once known
your reasoning remains certain
and so easily evoked
those moments i recall now
mere epitaphs i wrote
what of that first kiss or
that walk upon your stairs
the warmth of our breath
as i slide through your hair
cast aside as mere memories,
lost shadows in this game
as the ashes burn out
through the endlessness of blame

summer does beckon as you
heed its call to take flight
redefining your season
escaping my darkness to light
alone to search deep inside
and what will I see
complicated and broken lives
but only one truly free
for no mirror will ever conceal
my self inflicted lies
decisions and failures welling up
in these guilty grey eyes
a sentence delivered through
the coldness of silence
yet I will appeal to take solace
in some other summer dress
to mask the responsibilities,
to seek shelter for this shame
it is I that must carry the burden,
bear the endlessness of blame

 Apr 13 David
Bruja de Lamatepec 

is that what they call a God complex?
when you bathe in Holy water
and suck the cock of Jesus lookalikes?
he hung on my fridge
passive and cracked open
so i'd kiss him
and run my tongue along his red robe
we'd play games
of hide & seek
where i'd look for him
and never find him
but there were times
when prayers were answered
like when
my enemy's fibbing tongue
turned black as tar
he sometimes came wild and painted
cobra talisman 'round his neck
top-hat gilded with seashells
face contorting
offering access
he'd get me out of jury duty
and bless me with health insurance
he'd sometimes climb on top of me
and smear his beard on my face
kissed me
like i used to him
and sucked the breath from my lungs
he'd sit and watch
as I writhed for him inside milk sheets
left me broken and sore
bruised and probed
he'd watch me mid-air
and chase me through clouds
send songs down my ears
and cuddle me warm
till I fell fast asleep
come morning
his tongue in my eyes
i'd open my mouth
watch him dribble in there
and watch us become
the body and blood

...putting it back up cause it was requested to be put back up, so here it is...put back up :)
 Apr 10 David
silver Phoenix 

And in the cool, drifting abyss of all lost things,
I find you.
You who are affected by the world's discontent,
who watched through penetrating, yet clear eyes--
everything fall apart, underneath the disguise of
impeccable clothes
and red (or black) lipstick--
you who watched the light dance in people's eyes
and tried to determine whether
they were illusions or not,
you who remembered
how it felt to be free for the first time,
standing tall in the clear, cold water and basking in your pain, but daring someone to drown you--
while you learned to breathe.
You who felt love
radiating throughout your body and mind,
how when you looked at her, you saw stars with muffled shines
and the ghosts of a different universe--
you reached out and touched her, gave her your words
drifting across the dark, rigid screen
bursting it like a single drop, forming rapid ripples--
and someday, the truth will come out
how when we're all alone, and the world is drawing to a close
underneath all the pretenses
and the hidden solitary pain,
you will draw out that cigarette full of stars, and let the ashes of a lost world's dreams be carried through the wind,
riding on the smoke of despair--
riding on a soul,
never shattered.

David Noonan Apr 5

In such need of a distraction
To save me from this attraction
Alter me, misshape me, reintegrate me
Reform or deform me
Any form of chemical reaction
Contraction, extraction or detraction
To allow me escape this endless inaction
And there goes rhymin' simon
From 1973 and before i was born
Somewhere after the crown of thorns
But again before the golden age of porn
So accuse me again that i would overthink
Easy to say, when you've never read Batfink
Now there's a guy too fucked up to live
So much so, left the scene to resurrect as fixative
Fuck him, let him tell his story and i'll tell mine
And most of time i do that pretty fine
But this ain't poetry just a personal diatribe
My own little sick bucket, a self centered whine
For the purists this rhyming is surely a crime
But hey look at the title, see i'm just killing time
Anything to stop this endless push and pull
The gnawing of the brain, the heart shaped lull
There's nothing so intense as purest attraction
Yet in your absence i flounder to each & every

ps... go read fixative, guy is an absolute treasure.
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