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Jun 20 · 116
See Through
Dan Filcek Jun 20
She sees through me
I can't hide anything from her
My cracks and flaws
All laid bare before her

Yes she said
I see through you
You are all there
I see you as you are

And I couldn't understand
After all was witnessed
What value was left
Why are you still here?

I see through you yes
As light through stained glass
All the imperfection made art
And I find more everyday

And the light reflected
Off the water
As it rolled down
My face as tears
May 16 · 74
Dan Filcek May 16
Many wrongs before
Never did I explore
Taught to block the light
I want to make it right
But I know I'll have a fight
The path will be long
Memories of being wrong
I can't change that
It's the mirror I look at
So how to be right?
End the long night?
Can't tell someone how
That's for me now
May 3 · 138
Dan Filcek May 3
Be a good son
Be a good father
Neither title won
Why even bother?
Do I have to pick one?
I'd sculpt myself so
Where is the model?
How did it go
Inside that bottle?
Pulled from both sides
The definition of tension
I stepped out of the guides
And settle for "Honorable Mention"
Apr 29 · 99
Love For An Immortal
Dan Filcek Apr 29
Android  XR53

Isn't human like you and me

Manufactured to be the same

But his life is a different game

Circuits and relays

Make up his brain

But he was made

To feel the same

What a cruel trick to play

To make him feel

In a human way

For if he loves

and love is lost

How do we calculate the cost

Of all the broken electronic parts

as we repair android hearts
Apr 29 · 230
In Your Own Words
Dan Filcek Apr 29
You ask why

My words rhyme

Why can’t they fly

Why do they serve time

I put them in a box

They are trapped

With keys and locks

Why can’t I adapt?

   On the other hand

     Your words are free

   Your words flow

      easily and without


I see the attraction

I can never make you rhyme

I can’t put you in my own words
Apr 28 · 60
The Words I Wrote
Dan Filcek Apr 28
will   time   love   life  
day   sonnet   mind   light
long   going   heart   feels  
broken   god 
write   soul   forever   pain
man   change   live   hard  
stay   earth   find   hell  
body   music   better   truth  
days   good   fear   sun  
space   state   power   learn  
brain   dark   thought   today  
young  people   war  peace  
help   head   work   hope  
true  art   forget   human   universe  
free   dance  continue  feeling
city   spirit   road   strong  
die   beauty   wanted   smile  
thy   thoughts   left   house  
family   story   form   regret
start  shining   return
This poem is a found poem. It was made from the most common words I had used on Hello Poetry, in order more or less - 28 April 2019
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Insecure growth lathers me

offspring of my headache

You like the fire fountain pen of the shepard

Listeners gauge the scheme

Again the student visits

the executioner

There is no meaning for the hunter

His lottery ticket

is bet on newlyweds

What wonderful confusion

I write in bleeding books

Finishing the artwork with

a Middle-East confidant
Apr 28 · 62
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Factory, pumping

grease and sweat

straining muscles

Broken backs

Deafening noise

Even after work

You can’t rid

yourself of the smell

and sound

senses always violated

And please tell me

What have I created?
Apr 28 · 46
Tiger Blood
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Previews look good

He did good in his

last film

I hope next one

doesn’t disappoint you

He really is a good actor

He puts feeling into it

He wants to convince you

And if you met him

in person

You’d realize

It’s not an act
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Not that physical place

But in me a mental space

Perhaps a distant goal

or a place in my soul

A different song sung

Then when I was young

but I've been there

I've learned to care

And if I don't return

though my heart will yearn

I've been to that state

before death it's not too late
Dan Filcek Apr 28
It's easier for me to think about physics then my feelings

But when my feelings are thus entangled how else to think?

I believed that me and you could be in two states at once

That love and friendship could be in superposition

But love is a one-way hash function

And now we are defined by Heisenberg

The future is undetermined.
Apr 28 · 29
Yellow Brick Road
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Hearts can be transplanted

GPS can get you home

And who needs brains?

Just Google it.

Hardest of all was truly the lion

He already had what he wanted

He just didn't have the courage

To be himself.
Apr 28 · 26
Dan Filcek Apr 28
These words are walls

The nouns are floors & ceilings

Doors are verbs and

Windows are adjectives

Prepositions sit on the hearth

I paint the whole thing with adverbs

It's a beautiful house in someones mind

But the more I build, the more I find

Homes are not built this way

With flowery poems & things you say

Homes are built with things you do

And that my friends is simply true.
Apr 28 · 37
Preacher Man
Dan Filcek Apr 28
You have sought for all this in vain!

You prayed for riches instead of rain

But now at hand is the season

Instead of wickedness seek His reason!

The Preacher looked out over the crowd

And in a voice strong and loud

Rebuked everyone for sin

Everyone that was within

Soon the wrath of God will be upon you!

And the day of vengeance will ensue!

And just as his fist came down with a smash

The Preacher went to meet his maker in a flash
Apr 28 · 27
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Five foot flame

Ripping through the rising rays

Exciting the air all around

Welling up within these walls

The growing heat gains form

Confined it can carry

Ascending into the sky

Without this net...nothing
Apr 28 · 22
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Same thing again

Had Issues when I got older

Grief retreat means

Flux to anyone

Chocolate for me please

Sugar ceral loves me and helps a

Crisis like my

Fabulous family

That Issue very much like pins

Bowl with me

Past my heart

One cool head

First myself then the house

It hasn't been easy

Days for me now

Feeling good

System in my life

Well alive

So they made a choice

Logic with them

This moved on
Apr 28 · 42
Dan Filcek Apr 28
Temperature drops

In the shadow

When the sun blazes: relief

But when lost in winter: death

I need heat

But wish to be found

So I stay here

Waiting for my rescuers warmth

Who has fire & blankets

But does not find

I grow numb

And I drop more and more
Apr 28 · 33
Dan Filcek Apr 28
The fire flickers

The smoke chokes

All I see are shadows

on the wall

I cannot conjure

Nor divine a grand design

I am left wandering

in darkness

My small sight

Can not pierce the night

I hold no light

to guide me

Like a brief bonfire

I am given this guide

A flare, a bolt, a key

Now I can see

The reality remains

It always abides

I need only look

Blindfold removed
Apr 27 · 31
Dan Filcek Apr 27
One more task given

With duty choking

Screens for distraction

Around the smoking pavilion

Seek shelter from the sun

Disease on the rest of the day

Opening you and me

Just drink the caffeine

Living, however, has pitfalls

Me and my permanent pride

Teach through example

The fever for letting go

The afternoon is my witness

Working, unless I waste it

Craft his own church

Bring spices to life

Like the walrus, only wiser
Apr 27 · 36
Dan Filcek Apr 27
The closeness of the air

Is not a welcome hug

or a safe place

The mist instead dulls

you want to race through

so your senses are free

the ever present danger

of not finding the way

Is it a lighthouse ahead

or train at the end of the tunnel?

Be careful of the curb

The fog looks

Not like a wall but wings

Come to cast out your demons

You take his hand

And walk into the sun

It is warm & bright

Seeing your destination

does not diminish doubt

but your dragon is defeated
Apr 27 · 26
Dan Filcek Apr 27
She sits, wielding her pen

Crumple it up, start again

Wondering time, and time again

Write some more, break the pen

Why do it?

Why try?

She's wants

to make the words fly

make them jump, make them dance

pull you into her fevered trance

Hoping again, day after day

to make the words for her play
Apr 27 · 25
Not a Speech
Dan Filcek Apr 27
I could speak a thousand words

And give a thousand speeches

But my words would die

As far as my voice reaches

To speak instead of write

And ignore the gift of pen

Is to renounce myself

And never live again

While speech blows away

And rises to the sky

Words can be set in stone

And be after I die
Apr 27 · 128
Dan Filcek Apr 27
am as
all are. You
that look long days
being bored. Never known. Every
Person points toward things unseen, unfelt.
Apr 27 · 21
Empty Space
Dan Filcek Apr 27
There was left in this place

A void of emptiness and space

Which I'm required to replace

With a stony silent face

though my thoughts are low and base

I'll hide them in this special case

Forget the silk, forget the lace

Remember roses dying in a vase
Apr 27 · 25
The Road to Hollister
Dan Filcek Apr 27
Hills climb quietly out of the ocean

And lay down softly in this valley

Orchards pass as we listen

She speaks no words

Siblings screaming, crying

The radio gets turned up

She speaks no words

Stopped before becoming voice

We hope words will come

Perhaps through paper instead

It seems so strange

Some need quiet whispers

Some can't hear a shout

She speaks no words

As tires hiss down this long road
Apr 27 · 30
He Must Decide
Dan Filcek Apr 27
You open the dictionary to it

The yellow pages crumbling

How could you let this library moulder?

The definition isn't the same now

Dependencies are broken

You long for revolution

To throw bricks at riot shields

Instead you munch donuts

The "Hot Now" sign is broken

Have the chemicals misfired?

Wake up and smell the pheromones

Like an eighth grade boy in math class

Afraid to go up to the board

Either stay out in the cold

Or step in the sauna

It's time to fish or cut bait
Apr 26 · 21
April Fools
Dan Filcek Apr 26
I gave up security

I gave up comfort

I gave up normal

To plunge into the unknown

You dropped out early

You gave up

You are a quitter

That's what they say

They are faceless

They are nameless

They are not me

I gain experience

I gain strength

I gain challenge

The joke is on them.
Apr 26 · 25
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Together fits the pieces puzzle

Somehow that is how we see it

Pictures think we in always

We do not think in words

Story our own we way write

We aren't outside looking in

Emotions brain in mixed us

With everything we do and say

Two place not these in are

See a picture and describe it

Cannot recreate ever it

We move as fast as needed

Need we the world still to stand

Numbers mean a picture, image

Related around to the world me

My brain is not better than anyone's

Way the same not just is brain my
Apr 26 · 31
Dan Filcek Apr 26
There once was a house that had no windows

Enclosed in a fence that had no gates

Although it is still unclear

If he was an inventor or a thief

No one can deny

That the world is not the same

Now the house has too many windows

And the gates are up

But it seems our fate

Now lies with a company that has no jobs
Apr 26 · 17
The Aviator
Dan Filcek Apr 26
As a child he dreamed of flying

Dreamed of soaring

Dreamed of gliding

As a boy his thoughts still climbed

Thoughts of rising

Thoughts ascending

As a youth his mind turned downward

Mind clouded

Mind distracted

As a man his brain was broken

Brain degraded

Brain eroded

Now again he dreams

Dreams forever

Dreams not never
Apr 26 · 30
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Many times I looked the other way

Said I'd help another day

Many times I cried for justice

Instead of action, turned to numbness

Searching for things wrong in the world

Into the ball, in which I have curled

Because the direction I face

It is easy to blame the human race

To stand up for what I believe

I need to look inside and perceive

I can not offer resistance

With my heart in the middle distance

My vision must be turned about

Look at myself from without

If I am to be a foundation

To make any change in this nation

I will have to redo me

Become the change I wish to see
Apr 26 · 16
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Looking toned, trim and fit

They seem to have all of it

A pretty face, a pretty smile

Seem to be happy all the while

More to health than what you see

What then must true fitness be?

Beauty can be skin deep

Into a mind unhealth can creep

If your mirror only sees the flaws

Then attitudes the cause

How can I preach how to be?

This especially effects me

I don't see my good inside

Behind a joke I tend to hide

Arrogance I may project

This is simply to protect

I'm still healing in the soul

Filling up a giant hole

It's easier to stretch and run

But, let the mind be undone
Apr 26 · 37
Dan Filcek Apr 26
I don't feel it anymore

   If I ever did

The work I do now

   You are no help

You have moved on

   to bigger, better

Always seeking

   the brightest, shiniest

Do you see?

   I'm still working.

You turned your head

   Yet, I'm still here

You may have stopped supporting me

   But I'll keep running

      As long as I have to
Apr 26 · 25
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Perhaps it was because of potential;

This preemptive strike

Early in the war

Before allies had a foothold.

Up in the north, the attack came

This river of filth:

Pollution from upstream.

I was conquered

With little resistance.

All hope seemed lost

But my allies will prevail.

I am fighting back

For in the end,

Evil is already defeated.
Apr 26 · 75
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Seeking independence

Fighting for the right

Somewhere along the way

I lost control of the fight

Now it's war

Over here is a riot

Over there is a gun

Some are calling for quiet

Some are on the run

Just when all is still

I feel that there is peace

Some will show their will

And fighting will increase

Then comes an explosion

Someone set a bomb

A total peace erosion

The calm completely gone

I want to be united

I don't want violence done

Some still feel slighted

It is hard to tell who's wrong

The road will be a long one

Some may still yet die

When the fight is over & the battle won

We will be united - me, myself & I
Apr 26 · 20
Dan Filcek Apr 26
I see Earth through a porthole

I think of my mother

While I'm gone she grows old

The stars seem closer, but also cold

I watch as the Earth shifts red

Memories seem to fade away

Watching meteorites keep pace

Toward infinity I race

I see Earth through a porthole

I can't turn back now

I am too far past

Yet I dream of home, and the green green grass.
Apr 26 · 13
Mrs. Lincoln
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Mary chose him, and it wasn't easy

Her family was doubtful

And a line divided them

But she saw in him greatness

The potential to power

The struggles of the nation

Reflected in her... and him

Tragedy and grief

Darkness engulfed them both

Yet through the struggle

Through the loss and war

She hung on

And though she felt alone

And often angry

When the bullet took him

She still tried to will him back
Apr 26 · 21
...And Taxes
Dan Filcek Apr 26
As the code commences toward the end

Notwithstanding the law

Change is not provided

According to the relevant section

The role normally possessed

Prior years, changed not to fixtures and

After actual completion

Pursuant to the amount of respect,  if any

The appearing date

When addressed

With supplemental information

Of the law whose reality we are in

Final allocation to all

For value determined,  as this application is assessed

Law shall be fulfilled

This agency assessed

Difference purposes for each

Your purpose:

Given the allocations provided,

The case will be reviewed upon final request

Provision, rate, total determined for thereafter

General things or possessions not provided for
Apr 26 · 24
Dan Filcek Apr 26
At Soldier's Field It flies high

Every day It runs up

Every night It runs down

Death will make It stop, partway

But never stop flying forever

I don't put It up anymore

That's someone else's job

Some days, I don't even notice It now

I still love what It stands for

But not more, perhaps, than life

You can break yourself for those colors

And you might be properly compensated

There will be someone there still

To run It up the pole

And salute it on the way

While I try to get out the gate

Before the music starts to play
Apr 26 · 22
Easter vs. Easter
Dan Filcek Apr 26
A battle of beliefs

It is this way


In this corner:

  The Savior, Redeemer and Messiah

  Revered by many - disregarded by some

In this corner:

  The dawn and light, symbol of spring

  Forgotten by most - older than all

I know who children root for-

the chocolate bunnies every time

The beliefs may die

  but the traditions live on
Apr 26 · 17
A Case of the Mondays
Dan Filcek Apr 26
It feels like waking up to a chalkboard scratch

Walking to the back of a long line

Missing the ferry by one car

How can a regular day of the week

Crush hopes and dreams so effectively?

Maybe it's not the ending so much

As the launch across the ocean the raft made out of logs

The snail who started the marathon

Maybe after the weekend is over

I'm coming to the end of the trilogy

Like driving home from your fiancée's house

Whichever way you look at it

This day will have to be endured

And look...

     Everyone has to start somewhere
Dan Filcek Apr 26
In words made visual
Art is light
The term traces
A modern English
Made various forms besides
Also used to act
The term made standard
The structure united in use
The first resides
Art is light introduced
That free form used
Apr 26 · 22
Dan Filcek Apr 26
This one piece of real estate

And we both have the deed

Him & me

Neither one of us budging

Both been here forever

Me & him

I know I'm right, so did he

I dislike him, He thought nothing of me


Both look back and hate

Both look forward in fear

I know he has to go

He knows he is stuck with me

He was me

I will be him

I wish I could have changed him then

I wish he could have seen me now
Apr 26 · 41
Kon Tiki
Dan Filcek Apr 26
In theory it is possible

This long journey.

If done normally

In a large boat

It would be simple

Waves easily navigated

But I insist on a log raft

In the worst possible weather

Waves that could swallow me

It has been done

And I will too,

As soon as i finish

Whittling the paddles

From this giant redwood
Apr 26 · 28
Dan Filcek Apr 26
Of that new state harmony musical

elements are improvisational

swing incorporated music around

on local distinctively city sound

from bebop Afro-Cuban ska Indo

soul free fusion funk cyber rap you know

one musician on the syncopation  

then blues, swing it’s all for the nation

J. J. Johnson’s restless sound won't stay put

Jazz music today still be tapping foot

Attempts made to define this tradition

Surely you will fail in this mission

Using European history now

Example argues reference broader how

originated in confrontation

of musical clashes in our nation

And always has time spontaneity

Jazz encompasses all this quality

radical eras proposed states include

interaction develops being, dude

overview discussion on this construct

artificial designation: no luck

musics commonly understood as part

coherent traditions still of this art

commentators argued for exclusion

others reluctant for this delusion

don’t try to define the sound that they play.

It is all music, as the Duke would say
Apr 26 · 19
Dan Filcek Apr 26
The dark blocks out the light

And suddenly there is night

Before it was shining below

Now there is nothing to show

In times passed this caused confusion

Now I know it is illusion

A mere shadow that is cast

The darkness does not last

There is no need to act this way

Not with what I know today

The sun will not run away

Await the return of it's bright ray

Do not go into the unlit deep

Mind, soul and love keep
Apr 26 · 20
That Friday
Dan Filcek Apr 26
I thought that if I could make it

  here everything would be O.K.

All the rest of the week improved

  by just this last day

But, I have another week to

  go after this one

Another and another yet

  I'm really never done

It looked like work would ruin

  my free space

But You reminded me that life

  isn't this rat race

I can enjoy this work and

  I really should

That Friday, long since past

  made sure all the rest could be good
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Love Not Spoken Here
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Pain is a language I understand
I’m quite proficient in hurt and pity
I speak them like a native
For years I’ve practiced those tongues
I can read and write in them
I can operate in them daily
...Love though, is a dialect apart,
One I can’t seem to master
The grammar is tricky
The tones are hard to speak
And there is vocabulary I forget
They say you learn better young
Perhaps I’ve grown too old to learn
Perhaps I just need a speaking partner
It seems fruitless to study it any longer
For now I’ll get by on broken phrases
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 443
The Dark Queen
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Daughter of the Earth
The Lady of the Wood
A maiden crowned with a garland of radiance.
One of the mightiest and fairest of all
You’d be obliged to admit, she is no ordinary women
You should know you can’t issue commands to her
It would be dreadful to summon her spirit
Dark, but beautiful, and terrible
extremely wise and intelligent:
Her excellent understanding of the seductive nature of power,
As well as her awareness of her own
She is strong of body, mind, and will
No mere fey being, but a lady of great power.
Possessing tremendous magic, It is difficult to understand her powers.
Being able to bring back from the precipice with a kiss
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
She grows beautiful flowers
Treating her plants like children
Colors so bright and vibrant
They make me smile to see.
The plant lady has learned
When life gives you it’s worst,
Do not wallow in the muck.
Do not spread it to others.
Instead, plant flowers in it
Grow something wonderful
National Poetry Month 2017
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