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Oct 14 · 133
First in Line
Dan Filcek Oct 14
Ask and I’ll admit.
When you get down to it,
Get beneath the skin.
This is not how you get in.
But it can help you get high.
Help me understand why:
I don’t think I’m enough.
And moving forward is tough.
It’s hard to hide,
I did not enjoy the ride.
It was not my dance.
I didn’t give it a chance.
What is inside this art?
Me taking myself apart
Oct 7 · 14
Mental Space
Dan Filcek Oct 7
Change the future
Where am I going?
This is my encouragement:
Watch the show,
Light change,
Your new song,
When you talk to other people,
The program can help you.
Make it a goal.
Can you repeat it?
Do not lie to us.
And we will love it but,
It depends on the choice.
Search is slow.
Evidence of success,
Collect details,
Keep engaging,
Avoid the wrong words.
What did they say in their report?
No explanation.
Nothing works.
If you want to move on:
Oct 7 · 103
Is This, a Boomer?
Dan Filcek Oct 7
“When you get down to it,
they don’t ever want to grow up.”
             -Older people who don’t understand

A rallying cry for millions
grew up with a certain mind-set,
And have different perspectives.
The world is changing.
Major crises all coming to a head
Finally putting their feet in the ground
and saying enough is enough,
You don’t like change,
you don’t understand equality,
But they will change the future.
Reference -
Oct 6 · 34
The Shame
Dan Filcek Oct 6
Dig beneath the surface
Despite best intentions,
You’re probably going to feel guilty.
You’re going to make mistakes.
Regret can make you better,
Part of learning
Much more damaging:
harmful thoughts
feeling bad at the core
“What kind of monster am I?”
“I am worthless.”
“It’s all my fault.”
“I don’t deserve this.”
A destructive effect.
Want to hide from others.
Keep it to yourself,
Anger is turned outward:
Sharing our worst selves,
with the ones we love.
Always an underlying problem,
    fear or hurt,
“That’s just the way I am.”
Get frustrated and walk away,
Unaware of deeper emotions.
Ultimately - powerlessness,
Much tougher to face.
“I can’t make them happy.”
“They might leave.”
Inadequacy is often intertwined,
Fear of judgement.
A stereotype that has lingered
“I feel inept”
Slow to identify vulnerable emotions
People know no other way,
Take responsibility for how you feel,
And begin to unravel it.
Reference -
Oct 5 · 197
Dan Filcek Oct 5
Not where you want to be.
It’s implied or suggested,
rather than physically acted out.
Emotional enmeshment,
betraying boundaries,
feel special and privileged
but also creeped-out.
I should be proud?
No privacy,
right outside the door.
Used and trapped,
in search of comfort.
Emotional growth is stunted.
My needs don't matter;
    what matters is what you want.
Used in whatever way.
Feelings of inadequacy.
The damage was done,
Dig beneath the surface
Reference -******-abuse-you-might-be-ignoring.html
Sep 29 · 68
Dan Filcek Sep 29
It can help you move forward,
In this time of intense pain, and anger.
Speak truth to power:
Hard truths,
Being honest about difficult issues.
Difficult for just about everyone,
But they fear for good reason.
These stories are a reflection of human dignity.
Widespread resistance toward
efforts to promote equity and inclusion.
A host of other negative stereotypes,
Lie beyond the problems
Courage is based on sacrifice,
for the sake of a cause that is greater.
Use allies and speak as a collective.
More than one disgruntled person.
Black stories are human stories.
Channel your emotions
The full extent of your rage or despair
After you are feeling centered,
Call attention,
to the ignorance and hurtfulness:
emotional reactions,
evoking defensiveness and fear.
...perhaps they feel problematic to you.
Can you help me understand?
We are moving forward together
The tongue will speak to them,
It's not just about money,
it’s yet another injury
to require them to justify human rights
And the unfair weight of hurt feelings
For real change to take root,
learn where you are and where you want to be.
Reference -
Sep 24 · 26
The Little Things
Dan Filcek Sep 24
We will help you understand why.
There are times when we all are unwell:
Ways of thinking for yourself
      limits opportunities to solve life's problems
      difficult to live up to expectations.
Lets deal with life better
     you can hide from social situations,
     stop trying new things,
     and avoid things that seem difficult to you.
     that may make you feel safe.
     you might say that you are "too stupid"
     that "no one cares about you."
Find some good things
Add more regularly.
We can create new paths for ourselves.
We are all good at something.
People are interested in you,
Try to spend time with them,
Show them how you feel
     we give better advice to others than ourselves.
Being positive does not mean being impulsive
It has nothing to do with acting like everyone else.
Start by saying "No"
People often think they should say yes to others,
Refusal often does not break the relationship.
But it can help you move forward
Reference -
Dan Filcek Sep 23
You are enough
The feeling of your soul ...
It’s something you’ve felt for a long time
What defines attractiveness?
Fitting into some mould?
Or is it more complicated than that?
There is no set criteria
Feel you are desirable -
Literally see yourself as such.
Look in the mirror.
This relationship can be cyclical
This causality speaks to our feelings
We can easily overemphasize the physical
How can you address the situation?
These things can have an impact
Reframe attractiveness.
As much your own mood,
as it is based in reality.
Express what you’re going through
Really try to listen to each other.
Help you to try to figure out why.
Reference -
Sep 22 · 256
Dan Filcek Sep 22
You have to move forward.
The jolt that you face...
Trying to wrap your head.
Embrace the pain?
How far is this justified? beautifully failed miserably.
It is essential to surrender to self-love
walk like a boss
one day you have a revelation.
an unexpected desire
people still adhere to Freudian morality.
seize the chance
More than release
Now you know better
learn to love yourself
You are enough
Reference site -***-and-relationship/060919/interestingly-*******-can-be-liberating-post-breakup.html
Sep 20 · 39
To Quit or To Fail
Dan Filcek Sep 20
It’s hard to lose.
Failure is scary.
Take a different approach:
If you want to succeed, you have to fail
Learn from our mistakes.
How many times can you fail?
Do you force yourself to keep chasing your dreams?
It's hard to quit,
Requires stamina, & determination,
Living with the consequences.
Failure is a bitter pill to swallow.
Quitting is a deadly poison,
the final nail in the coffin.
We respect those who continue,
Indifferent toward people who quit.
It is not always the worst choice.
Failure runs out  your resources.
Think about the amount of time you spend.
Please do something else.
Quitting is not an obstacle to growth.
The picture is blurry,
Life is a crap shoot.
Focus on joy,
Engage in self-care,  
A new goal is the best antidote.
You are not quitting:
You are replacing,
one for another.
Bury it, mourn it,
It deserves a proper burial,
but you have to move on.
Based on this article -
Sep 18 · 26
Harder to Lose
Dan Filcek Sep 18
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
I am not there to
Help gather all her things
And bury her
I know she has
Her sister and her brothers but
I will not be there to kiss her
It should be harder to lose her
I turn away
It’s awful just to see
All her agony
And I just hope she knows
That if she says goodbye today
I love her but
I’m not sure if I will cry
It should be harder to lose her
Inspired by the Song "Cancer" by My Chemical Romance
Sep 18 · 20
Satan Take the Wheel
Dan Filcek Sep 18
I did not enjoy the ride.
Unusual and strange
Almost anything is in the realm of possibility
But there is little or no supporting evidence
I started asking questions
Some reproach me
Say that I worship Satan
Carefully consider the source.
It is easy to sit down,
And say nothing
Many may choose to simply believe
I need more real, concrete evidence
This in no way negates the importance to others
But as the consequences get bigger,
The level of evidence should be higher.
Because of the highly emotional and often religious nature
There is greater potential for self-fulfilling prophecy.
All information is presented in perspective
Without emotion
I've been confused for a long time
Naming different things with the same name
The complexity of the problem
The massacre of the innocents
It boils down to one word: denial.
Encourage the community
Not in simple terms of good and bad.
We don't know who the good and the bad are
Not all good people are angels &
Evil could be someone we know and love.
Dispel these myths
Sep 17 · 24
Free Shipping
Dan Filcek Sep 17
Date your kind.
The kind of person who likes
being set up on blind dates.
Really freaking frustrated
in the current state.
Swipe right
That sounds both exciting and
terrible at the same time.
The power to hook you up,
if you're in the mood to be cuffed.
Set up a profile
A match is made
Dating ***** but
sit back and enjoy the ride.
Based on
Sep 16 · 109
Dan Filcek Sep 16
Do we have a chance?
If we commit to total monogamy
but differed in our history?
I am looking for a serious relationship.
I need feelings and commitment behind it all.
You had a lot of casual relationships in the past,
You appreciate all kinds
Do we have to choose a person?
What would be the most desirable?
Openness, skill, an adventurous spirit?
Maybe you don’t want to settle in or remain faithful.
The double standard is still with us.
An inaccurate stereotype
You can have your cake and eat it too.
You might not be most people's cup of tea,
You just gotta
Date your kind.
Based on this article -
Sep 16 · 33
Stable Genius
Dan Filcek Sep 16
What is inside this skin?
You could lead the way in so many different ways.
Yet you continue the struggle against the data and the facts
It is an essential part of your strategy
Keep a close eye on the invisible enemy.
And you inform them of
These heroic officials at the front.
Raising their hands when they can barely walk,
We could get a fairly quick solution.
Analyzed by artificial intelligence.
Return it exactly where it was
Are we making significant progress?
We could be in a much better place
Increase the confidence we feel
Begin to exercise all capacity
Focus on the affected first
Protect the most at risk.
Plan to be safe and responsible
Evidence of things lifesaving.
Identify and transmit real information
But reports instead
Measure the decay
A very significant difference
You don’t bring the light into the body,
By injection inside
I think people are going to know.
The fake news will not like it at all.
“It will disappear very quickly”
Is not responsible for us to say
Do we have a chance?
This poem references this press briefing -
Jul 17 · 32
Body Is Not Soul
Dan Filcek Jul 17
Imagine if you could take apart
My body and what’s called my heart
Separate the bread & the leaven
Body on earth & soul in heaven

What could you tell from what remains?
How in my life did I take pains?
My facts would be in evidence,
But what of my character could you attest?

All that is me would no longer be plain
Yet in life we do that which is not sane
From clues of another's physique
Theory of character we seek

To be human is to believe your eyes
To be flawed is to believe your own lies
You cannot see the soul within
But we’re not what’s within this skin
Jun 30 · 94
Dan Filcek Jun 30

We did not throw off the oppressive yoke
We just passed it to someone else.
You may think racism is best in a joke
But the American dream is not in color

People understand that riches talk
But some can’t fathom how skin speaks
I won’t be shot jogging down your block
I wear an invisible kevlar vest

Some claim that different states mean different fates
But trees swing different with different shades
I’ll walk out the courtroom with a slap on the wrist
They might get from the same judge - decades

Why do you want to stir up trouble for your people?
Why can’t you leave things as they are?
Things are fine for me, can’t complain
But things are not equal by far

I won’t fix this in a verse or song
Not when it’s gone on so long
But it won’t magically go away
So please listen to the words I say

I can breath,
And while I can, I will speak
I can’t walk in your shoes,
But teach children their privilege to use
May 2019 · 373
Dan Filcek May 2019
Be a good son
Be a good father
Neither title won
Why even bother?
Do I have to pick one?
I'd sculpt myself so
Where is the model?
How did it go
Inside that bottle?
Pulled from both sides
The definition of tension
I stepped out of the guides
And settle for "Honorable Mention"
Apr 2019 · 362
In Your Own Words
Dan Filcek Apr 2019
You ask why

My words rhyme

Why can’t they fly

Why do they serve time

I put them in a box

They are trapped

With keys and locks

Why can’t I adapt?

   On the other hand

     Your words are free

   Your words flow

      easily and without


I see the attraction

I can never make you rhyme

I can’t put you in my own words
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
Love Not Spoken Here
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Pain is a language I understand
I’m quite proficient in hurt and pity
I speak them like a native
For years I’ve practiced those tongues
I can read and write in them
I can operate in them daily
...Love though, is a dialect apart,
One I can’t seem to master
The grammar is tricky
The tones are hard to speak
And there is vocabulary I forget
They say you learn better young
Perhaps I’ve grown too old to learn
Perhaps I just need a speaking partner
It seems fruitless to study it any longer
For now I’ll get by on broken phrases
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 492
The Dark Queen
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Daughter of the Earth
The Lady of the Wood
A maiden crowned with a garland of radiance.
One of the mightiest and fairest of all
You’d be obliged to admit, she is no ordinary women
You should know you can’t issue commands to her
It would be dreadful to summon her spirit
Dark, but beautiful, and terrible
extremely wise and intelligent:
Her excellent understanding of the seductive nature of power,
As well as her awareness of her own
She is strong of body, mind, and will
No mere fey being, but a lady of great power.
Possessing tremendous magic, It is difficult to understand her powers.
Being able to bring back from the precipice with a kiss
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
She grows beautiful flowers
Treating her plants like children
Colors so bright and vibrant
They make me smile to see.
The plant lady has learned
When life gives you it’s worst,
Do not wallow in the muck.
Do not spread it to others.
Instead, plant flowers in it
Grow something wonderful
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 4.8k
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
In the search for greater freedom of movement.
new ideas began to emerge,
rebellion against classical forms and practices
in what is now called aesthetic
disregarded the limited set of movements that were considered proper
Artistic content morphed and shifted
for young people longed to dance.
Music and rhythmic ****** movement are twin sisters of art,
portrayed in movements what the master expresses in his compositions
bare feet, loose hair, free-flowing
a form of natural movement and improvisation
Presenting dramatic contemporary imagery,  
often revealing the full spectrum of human experience
reflecting the tension and alienation of the time
the truth of human movement.
introduce chance procedures and pure movement to the cannon of dance
focused on the physical tasks of overcoming obstacles
investigate the properties of physical space and movement.
having a heightened sense of awareness of being grounded to the floor
at the same time, feeling the energy throughout the entire body,
flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness ,
and poly-rhythmic movement; strong dramatic works
free from the limiting strictures of the big monopolistic managements
National Poetry Month 2017 - source -
Apr 2017 · 732
Butterfly Mother
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Brief elegant existence
And yet somehow
The offspring know the objective
They continue the course
None of them knowing
The corner they came from
Somehow she showed them
In her own fleeting form
A place to go on this passage
She left them her love
And it drives them
Toward something better
What she always wished
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 723
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I want you in every way
I want to see you every day
In ways that don’t make sense
My feelings are so intense
You’re something that I never had
Your smile and laughter make me glad
In every way my life is blessed
In every way I’m at my best

You mean so much to me
I hope it is something that you see
In ways you can not know
You have helped me grow
I want you to feel what’s in my heart
I want to never be apart
My life will never be the same
I’d never go back to before you came
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 917
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
When I tried to be like you
I folded
When I tried to fit it in
I was torn
I somehow thought
If I become the wanted shape
I would be better
I just got further away
Now, as I unravel the mess
Tape and smooth and reshape
Let me reform
Returning to true
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 341
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I don’t know what’s wrong today
My brain is acting in a different way
Making me feel like another man
Please help me if you can
We can puzzle out this fuss
Maybe between the two of us
We can bring in a separate feel
As moments together we steal
Committing no delightful sin
I just want to breathe you in
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 683
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Many philosophies of men
They might not all be real
From Christianity to Zen
But I’ll tell you how I feel:

This life might be a simulation
But I can tell you ma’am,
If software is your foundation
A genius wrote your program.

Existence might only be in my mind
If my brain caused your creation
Then I am surprised to find,
I have such an imagination.

Our actions may return to us
You have been wonderful to me
If our future is determined thus
You will next a Goddess be.

But if life truly has no meaning
If there is no purpose to see
If there is no God intervening
You would not be with me
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 425
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I don’t recognize the voice
Though it is my words
Coming out of my mouth
Sometimes what I want
And what I say don’t match
I’m trying to make them the same
I’ve been my own ventriloquist
Throwing my voice for so long
I may forget where it’s thrown
When you are not heard
You may forget to speak
Now someone wants to listen
It’s time to start moving my lips
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 496
Kiss the Dragon
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
Some days have blue skies
Sometimes the blue bird flies
There is a happy end
Into the sunset with a friend
Some days aren’t that at all
Stormy and Dark
The outlook is stark
Trapped with your demons
Tears continue streaming
And sometimes it’s different
You sit in the rain
You enjoy feeling the pain
With darkness you are graced
You don’t slay the Dragon
...the Dragon is embraced.
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
My Aphrodite, My Bast
I call you “The Goddess”
My Cerridwen, My Diana
The Goddess of what?
My Freya, My Gaia
You ask me what I love
My Hera, My Isis
The ancients had many aspects
My Juno, My Kali
I worship all of yours.
My Lakshmi, My Maat,
Even if deadly...
My Pavarti, My Rhea
I did not create you
My Themis, My Venus
But I adore your creation.
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 361
Past Lives
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I was a spy for the government
You were a fugitive on the run
What a wonderful insight
Our past lives were so fun
...WERE so fun…
Don’t be Scott Pilgrim.
Don’t be an archaeologist of love
Those are all interesting stories
We live now
Don’t write their autobiography
Don’t do a background check
I want us to go forward
Until time travel is possible
Let’s live for now.
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 762
Four Letter Word
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I have a problem with the word
Immediately after it’s death
There was no sense in going home
My head wasn’t through the door yet
You could see how it bothered me
I had to release it
For morning was sure to come
I hope I never shall forget
When the feeling came over me
Just looking at you
Come sit down with me a moment
Or perhaps for a while
I decided this is not a game
Never win and never lose
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 601
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
When you are born
You need to be touched
You need to be held
Many grow up lacking.
Many have not had ample
They're marked for life.
Below the surface,
There are emotional differences
Difficult to tease apart
Most responsive to those who are least,
Perpetuating a risk
Things can turn around.
Give them what they didn't get.
See it reflected back
You have agency in this world,
The world isn't just a sound and light show.
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 523
The Music
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
You get primal to the beat
Body shimmies , moving your feet
So long since I felt rhythm this way
Didn’t think I’d dance again today
Your body looks & moves so fine
Feeling the music, feeling the wine
Should I stare or should I dance?
You’ve got me now, in a trance
Gotta tip the DJ, he’s outta sight
Hoping we swing into the night
You spin, come close and say
“Let’s do all the things I love today”
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 335
The Light and The Dark
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
There are shadows inside you
You don’t want all to see
You seek after this darkness
And you see it in me
I don’t fault the blackness
It doesn’t turn me away
I love all sides of the dice
both purity and the vice
I love all your parts,
and none are the least
I love both the beauty
….and I love the beast
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 845
Bottom of the Jar
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
So I opened the jar
I drank what was inside
And it can never go back
It’s out there now
I can’t return it
I’m forced to relearn it
But when I finish
I realize the truth
Life wouldn’t be great or sad
Wonderful or bad
If you don’t live it
I look in the empty glass
And the last thing there
Is Hope
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 491
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I should go I know
I should walk away from this idea
I should take you down,
     From the pedestal I put you on
Here is a problem with pedestals
The distance
When I really just want to be next to you
  Instead I am looking up
     ...Or looking down
For I feel, I’m on a pedestal too,
But the title on it is not the same.
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 723
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
In the days of the Old Gods
The Sun was a deity
People basked in her light
Worshiping the power
What gift for a star?
I cannot shine brighter
I cannot burn hotter
...I can be a mirror
Gaze into me
Your warmth and power
Reflected back
I only wish to see you shine
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 533
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I would never hurt you
But I’m going to try
I will give you all
If from you I receive
I’m looking up at clouds
Although I never see shapes
You are going to help
If you let me fly
I touch you to be sure
It calms down my senses
You would never keep me
From carefully going round fences
Let us run from here
Let’s go around the hill
We’ll run and hide away
Please don’t desert me here
I see you reaching out
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 696
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
I look at you and I am two
I’m in love and out
I’m loved and I am not
All my life and never
Have I sought and not found
To be or not
This cold and this hot
This want and this fear
This joy and this tear
If only I was this and that
Skinny and fat
The cat and the rat
I am torn and I am whole
Empty heart but full soul
Trying to be put together
Split apart forever
Always I have fear
But hope still stays near
You must flee
But stay with me
National Poetry Month 2017
Apr 2017 · 3.0k
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
a lasting attraction may result from opposites,
or through sharing
strength varies considerably;
In general, strong bonding is associated with sharing
attraction may be seen as the result of different behaviors
Although these behaviors merge into each other seamlessly
so that there is no clear line to be drawn between them,
the behaviors become different
as the character of the bond changes quantitatively,
In the simplest view
the space between comes not from
the reduction in attraction of the two    
Instead, the reduction and hence instability  arises from the reduction in energy
These bonds exist between two        
and have a direction in space,
allowing them to be shown as connecting lines  
If one or more  are unequally shared  
Bond results are often much weaker
the bonds that hold together must cease
If the structures that result are not both strong and tough,
In a simplified view the bonding is not shared at all,
In this type of bond,
one has a vacancy which allows the addition of more
These newly added potentially occupy a lower state
than they experience in a different  
more tightly bound position
Not being part of any given bonding may be seen as extreme
a large system of bonds is ideal
This type of bonding is often very strong
more collective in nature than other types,
and so they more easily reform,
This results in malleability  
This bonding reaches far,
stressing the character of the combining  power,
and cannot be said to belong to anyone exclusively.
containing more than one    
Sometimes, the possibility
of bond formation is completely neglected.
It is thus no longer possible to associate
This is a situation when the bonds are broken
They continue to be attracted to each other,
with a significant  luster
But are repulsed by each other.
National Poetry Month 2017 - source
Mar 2017 · 443
Dan Filcek Mar 2017
I have been the observer
Watching and letting
I have felt powerless
Victimized and weak
This World does not care
This World keeps spinning
And I am done
I will burn this World to the ground
I will stand over its blackened corpse
I will spit in its ashes and whisper:
“Who's the ***** now?”
Take my hand
Because I’m taking over.
National Poetry Month 2017
Sep 2016 · 503
On Poe
Dan Filcek Sep 2016
What shall I first write?
Shall I write of wars?
Of kingdoms and seas?
Shall I write of beasts?
Such writing for me would be tame.
  I shall write of fear.
Oh, the oddities
I shall put upon the page
Tic, tic, listen to the raven quote
What beauty, such opportunity
I must write now
Tic, tic, listen to the pendulum swing
I must write now
May 2016 · 680
Dan Filcek May 2016
When you were injured
They said you were
Like a car or a copy machine
and somehow
That was your fault?
You felt less than
Some bones heal
Some flesh may mend
But for those who stayed
In body or mind
Know that others feel the same
And peace you can find
You may still feel
And abandoned above
But you are never so
That you don’t deserve love
Apr 2016 · 1.0k
Sympathy: Sonnet XXX
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
When I was a boy demons roamed the lands
As others could not fight them off for me
I tried to fight them using my own hands
But my mind chose another Place to be.

Age made it harder to run to that Place
My mind required more to keep it real:
Empty love, An imaginary face.
Reality had lost all its appeal

The cage I made to keep the evil out
Has now become my incarceration
I seek to leave, of that there is no doubt
I must end this self imposed probation

Now friends show me how to open the door
This unfit Place imprisons me no more
Apr 2016 · 416
Missing: Sonnet XXIX
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
I went out looking for my lost child
I was worried he had been gone a while
I encountered as I searched this world wild
An angry soul pacing me, mile by mile
“Why spirit, do you keep me from my goal?
If it were not for you, I would be whole!”
“I was made,” said it, “to protect you, son.
Now I live only to hurt everyone.”
I promised to help it in trade for the boy
Together we battled demon and beast
After the battle, I was, to my joy
Reunited at last, my quest ceased
Now I can nourish what had been hidden
My spirit no more by pain ridden
Apr 2016 · 680
Wrestle: Sonnet XXVIII
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
There was a man who once wrestled with God
I did not know what that meant as I read
But when questions of science my mind ****
I can’t get the story out of my head

When it came to defining my own belief
I did not find it very hard to do
My knowledge isn’t really faith’s true thief
The actions of men make God seem less true

Foolish though doubt for hypocrisy be
When the righteous are but actors clever
It’s hard for me to see eternity
If I’m to be with these same forever

I will know in the end if it is true
Despite what the “believers” may yet do.
Apr 2016 · 443
Army:Sonnet XXVII
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
She did not see herself as a killer
She joined the service to go to college
I was in school when my eyes beheld her

But I was seeking more than just knowledge

I much needed medic, not mercenary

She was craving cover not the command
Together we were extraordinary
A circumstance that simply could not stand

In the war on love, I shot the first shot
Calling up the fighter she’d trained to be
Had to become the healer I was not
Both looked for a miracle to believe

Now I am fighting to be the real deal
And she is trying very hard to heal
Apr 2016 · 528
Summer: Sonnet XXVI
Dan Filcek Apr 2016
Now expecting blue skies and sunlit days
Tranquil summer nights spent all out of doors
No cloud in sight to block the sunny rays
No storm is blowing nor black rain cloud pours

As these warmer days continue onward
The summer sun turns from friend to foe
The gift of life, All creatures look skyward
But the heavens are withholding their flow

Seeking in this life for just sunny times
Does not always bring expected effects
Hoping that everything just always rhymes
Things for us are really much more complex

Summer's days will not infinitely last
Continue to enjoy those that have passed
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