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I am already a son of perdition,
Since I up and left that tradition
I’ll be lucky to make it to one heaven,
But my hells number more than seven.

So which one is gunna get me?
Which eternal torment will it be?
Will it be cold or will it be hot?
Full of demons or maybe not?

Will Iblis rule there or will it be Satan?
Underground or just outside Dayton?
Will it be forever or will I be reborn?
Temporary pain or eternal scorn?

I know not what tomorrow will bring,
But I am aware of what the choirs sing.
If they can’t get me to change my ways,
Where will I finally spend my days?
Dan Filcek Feb 8
A chariot is pulled
By a rebellious dark horse
And a spirited white horse
The central natural -
Passion in a man’s soul.
He keeps it locked away,
Told to endure, to be strong,
Hold fast to the order of reason,
In spite of pleasure and pain.
The agent and the function are fused.  
The thing that makes blood surge in his veins.
Is neither bad nor good –
It’s all in how it’s directed.
Chasing after one or the other?
He wants to really live.
Dan Filcek Feb 7
We turn away,
   From the reality of existence.
Soaked in the swamp,
   not the light of the Sun
The only way to get Supreme Wisdom,
   goes beyond the usual understanding.
You cannot get it in these words.
   Too empty.
Observe the nature of infinite being,
   Everything exists in constant change.
All existence is illusion,
   In terms of time.
Silence and death;
   The opposites of rise and fall.
You can stay forever in the cycle of rebirth.
   Free yourself from illusions and attain peace.
Absolute truth and ultimate reality,
   like a thousand streams:
Flowing from the top of the mountain,
  Returning to the empty sea.
Dan Filcek Feb 3
The body of this statue
Represents her power
She did not concede
She was forsaken
She was our health
She was our strength
She is the active dimension,
She is the divine force
Creating, and maintaining the universe.
In the back of your mind
You can still feel her
This world can look away
But eyes on you
Is not having Vision
Dan Filcek Jan 31
The mind is dull when disconnected from the rest,

We need intelligence to perform even bad actions.

Seek an ever expanding, Supreme soul:

Pure intelligence with no polarity.

A psyche; planted for the benefit of others.

The very first quality of the Universe.  

The primordial awareness.

Arrived with native intelligence.

All truths are sacred & worthy of worship.
Dan Filcek Jan 24
Everything is infinite,
No one sits above another
There is no puppet master,
Only pure conscience.
One can understand
If you don't do it now,
You have to come back again
Suffer innumerable lives,
Until you are finally free.
The understanding of the soul
Is an innate understanding for us;
Although we cannot describe it
Dan Filcek Jan 11
One path is order, one path is chaos.
One alone and one to unity,
You end up in the same place.
Whether solitaire or community.

The middle path
Between heaven and hell —
Liminal space - where magic takes place
Thick, green forests where minds and monsters dwell.

On the boundary land of order and chaos,
Both obeying and violating the rules,
A place where something truly new is born.
challenging and questioning both schools.

This is the middle way.
It is where the creators play.
Building new worlds for us to live in,
Because they choose to dwell with the fey
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