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Dan Filcek Jul 26
Stuck between the pages
Between the covers
Of life and death
Is the story of us

That is the trail that is left
After we pass by
The words written
The works created
By us, about us
Exist after us

Because thoughts fade
Memories vague
But all the books
Line the shelf
Some unread
Some long forgotten

The ink is flowing now
Write your story
Before the page turns
Dan Filcek Jun 20
She sees through me
I can't hide anything from her
My cracks and flaws
All laid bare before her

Yes she said
I see through you
You are all there
I see you as you are

And I couldn't understand
After all was witnessed
What value was left
Why are you still here?

I see through you yes
As light through stained glass
All the imperfection made art
And I find more everyday

And the light reflected
Off the water
As it rolled down
My face as tears
Dan Filcek May 16
Many wrongs before
Never did I explore
Taught to block the light
I want to make it right
But I know I'll have a fight
The path will be long
Memories of being wrong
I can't change that
It's the mirror I look at
So how to be right?
End the long night?
Can't tell someone how
That's for me now
Dan Filcek May 3
Be a good son
Be a good father
Neither title won
Why even bother?
Do I have to pick one?
I'd sculpt myself so
Where is the model?
How did it go
Inside that bottle?
Pulled from both sides
The definition of tension
I stepped out of the guides
And settle for "Honorable Mention"
Dan Filcek Apr 29
Android  XR53

Isn't human like you and me

Manufactured to be the same

But his life is a different game

Circuits and relays

Make up his brain

But he was made

To feel the same

What a cruel trick to play

To make him feel

In a human way

For if he loves

and love is lost

How do we calculate the cost

Of all the broken electronic parts

as we repair android hearts
Dan Filcek Apr 29
You ask why

My words rhyme

Why can’t they fly

Why do they serve time

I put them in a box

They are trapped

With keys and locks

Why can’t I adapt?

   On the other hand

     Your words are free

   Your words flow

      easily and without


I see the attraction

I can never make you rhyme

I can’t put you in my own words
Dan Filcek Apr 28
will   time   love   life  
day   sonnet   mind   light
long   going   heart   feels  
broken   god 
write   soul   forever   pain
man   change   live   hard  
stay   earth   find   hell  
body   music   better   truth  
days   good   fear   sun  
space   state   power   learn  
brain   dark   thought   today  
young  people   war  peace  
help   head   work   hope  
true  art   forget   human   universe  
free   dance  continue  feeling
city   spirit   road   strong  
die   beauty   wanted   smile  
thy   thoughts   left   house  
family   story   form   regret
start  shining   return
This poem is a found poem. It was made from the most common words I had used on Hello Poetry, in order more or less - 28 April 2019
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