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Dan Filcek Aug 26
This memory of you that I have
Like a photograph
A slice of time
Framed and hung in my mind
The brain works differently though
Every recollection I have
Is repainted on the spot
How I am now,
How I feel,
Every other thought,
Goes into that painting
It might not be you anymore
Now it’s an echo
With a bad filter
Left out too long,
In the weather,
That is in my head
Dan Filcek Aug 18
Through the valley of death
Got turned back at the end
There have always been those
Disrespecting the lives of others
Crying about their own rights
Decrying those left
Death follows indifference
Not just in this novel instance
But in places planet-wide
We can throw bills as bullets
But not toward nature?
Are these tears dropping,
  For the human destruction
  Or from the wildfire smoke?
Dan Filcek Jul 19
Take the time to read the books,
about its mysterious nature.
Often used in prophecy by elders.
Many people believe these old stories.
The number of repetitions of the arc.
The main part of the current one.
These are linked.
On the other hand,
the true riches of the past have arisen.
On the world map,
an unavoidable short walk,
towards the end of nature.
The actual distribution of elements,
stronger than stars and signs.
It is due to its peculiarity,
especially when you are baptized into this world.
Command the things you have a hand in.
It is on the outside of war.
These things are the words of gods,
and it has been from the beginning.
There is always uncertainty.
The evening and in the morning,
  are the bridges in the world.
Appearing as the new name.
Dan Filcek Jun 14
Behold the city rising from the sea
It pulls the power from the ocean deep
Ready to release attack wolves on me
Listen - the sound of waves: they for me weep

I ready in my hands the sacred shape
The dark wings are always watching this bay
Sharpened weapons spark as the stones they scrape
Fighting for the treasure, they make their way

I’ll wield this magic sword and wear the crown
And leave this city burning to the ground
They keep trying in vain to tie me down
But Death along with me rides as my hound

The stony gaze upon you of the graves
Behold here comes the tiger in the waves
Dan Filcek Jun 4
Everyone went inside
Don't look out the window
Play on the wave splashed rocks
Let it inspire you
Release you from your prison
Let it be your rebirth
Heal your fatigue
This may be what you want
You can’t stop everything
You can only fight for so long
Water gives
That’s what everyone wants:
Rest and release
Your grief is over
Listen to your inner voice
Do what you decide
Leave it on the sand
Do not despise
Burn this world
Let's do it over
Reassemble your heart
Change is coming
Dan Filcek May 17
Freedom these chains destroys
**** that noise
Superior ideas win the day
The American dream we betray
I will build my own castle
You won’t be a hassle
My own ideas sustain
Teach and tell what is plain
Give gifts accordingly
I have worked through adversity
My justice will serve
I will take what what I deserve
In the end my judgement will be clear
All my loved ones near
I will protect what is mine
I will not cross this line
What’s important is what’s in front of me
I may be weak in the knee
But waiting is not an option
Neither can I carry the big portion
Adrift on an emotional sea
Heartbreaking for me
I still come out on top
The choices never stop
I don’t know what I want
Hope is my haunt
I don’t have to be defensive
The secrets won’t be effective
They may blind
They can not bind
Dan Filcek May 11
you wanted a poem
sorry i disappointed
doesn't even rhyme
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