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Dan Filcek Oct 2023
Do not see
Do not understand
Was I not taught
Not refined
The  message
Is not getting through

Fits only inside me
Whatever is done
To destroy or degrade
Cast light or shade
Does not define the world
It only reflects me
Dan Filcek Oct 2023
The lines on your page
Do not match
The lines on the Earth
Do not match
The lines in your mind
Do not match
The lines between people
Do not match
The lines between heavens
Do not match
The lines between religions
Do not match
None of these lines
Dan Filcek Jun 2023
God may not play dice
But when you are born,
He hands you a set.
And not all die the same
You can pray to RNG-sus
But He doesn’t answer much.
The mistake some make:
Saying all saving throws equal
The DM never played fair.
You can’t see behind his screen,
But if you listen carefully,
You’ll hear different numbers,
For everyone’s roll.
Dan Filcek May 2023
Both political and geometrical:
Take a finite space
Fill it with shapes
Of varying sizes

When some shapes
Become too big inside
That conglomerate
What happens to smaller ones?

The oversized objects push
They push the others out
Out to the edges
Where ideas are growing
Dan Filcek May 2023
│                                            LIFE                                                            │ 
│      ­        ┌────────────────────┐          │
│              │       ­                  WORK                                          │          │
│     ­         └────────────────────┘          │

┌────────────────────────────┐ │                                          WORK                                                         │
│              ┌────────────────────┐          │
│             ­ │                          LIFE                                 ­             │          │
│              └────────────────────┘          │
Dan Filcek May 2023
In a prison
Of performance reviews
There is a moat
Of resources lacking
Organizational support?
Who protects us?
We are all part of it
This broken place of
Economic activity and crisis
Read this sentence:
Who is the one that failed?
Dan Filcek May 2023
So you somehow got rich
Now you're a billionaire
And you don’t want to share
Did you conjure bills from the air?
No one helped you get there?
What is special about you?
What spells did you do?
An alien from outer space?
Think you’re the better race?

Yeah this money changed you
It changed your memory
It made you forget:
You are not in fact,
Standing on the shoulders of giants,
You are stepping on the backs of people
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