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Dan Filcek Oct 14
Ask and I’ll admit.
When you get down to it,
Get beneath the skin.
This is not how you get in.
But it can help you get high.
Help me understand why:
I don’t think I’m enough.
And moving forward is tough.
It’s hard to hide,
I did not enjoy the ride.
It was not my dance.
I didn’t give it a chance.
What is inside this art?
Me taking myself apart
Dan Filcek Oct 7
Change the future
Where am I going?
This is my encouragement:
Watch the show,
Light change,
Your new song,
When you talk to other people,
The program can help you.
Make it a goal.
Can you repeat it?
Do not lie to us.
And we will love it but,
It depends on the choice.
Search is slow.
Evidence of success,
Collect details,
Keep engaging,
Avoid the wrong words.
What did they say in their report?
No explanation.
Nothing works.
If you want to move on:
Dan Filcek Oct 7
“When you get down to it,
they don’t ever want to grow up.”
             -Older people who don’t understand

A rallying cry for millions
grew up with a certain mind-set,
And have different perspectives.
The world is changing.
Major crises all coming to a head
Finally putting their feet in the ground
and saying enough is enough,
You don’t like change,
you don’t understand equality,
But they will change the future.
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Dan Filcek Oct 6
Dig beneath the surface
Despite best intentions,
You’re probably going to feel guilty.
You’re going to make mistakes.
Regret can make you better,
Part of learning
Much more damaging:
harmful thoughts
feeling bad at the core
“What kind of monster am I?”
“I am worthless.”
“It’s all my fault.”
“I don’t deserve this.”
A destructive effect.
Want to hide from others.
Keep it to yourself,
Anger is turned outward:
Sharing our worst selves,
with the ones we love.
Always an underlying problem,
    fear or hurt,
“That’s just the way I am.”
Get frustrated and walk away,
Unaware of deeper emotions.
Ultimately - powerlessness,
Much tougher to face.
“I can’t make them happy.”
“They might leave.”
Inadequacy is often intertwined,
Fear of judgement.
A stereotype that has lingered
“I feel inept”
Slow to identify vulnerable emotions
People know no other way,
Take responsibility for how you feel,
And begin to unravel it.
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Dan Filcek Oct 5
Not where you want to be.
It’s implied or suggested,
rather than physically acted out.
Emotional enmeshment,
betraying boundaries,
feel special and privileged
but also creeped-out.
I should be proud?
No privacy,
right outside the door.
Used and trapped,
in search of comfort.
Emotional growth is stunted.
My needs don't matter;
    what matters is what you want.
Used in whatever way.
Feelings of inadequacy.
The damage was done,
Dig beneath the surface
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Dan Filcek Sep 29
It can help you move forward,
In this time of intense pain, and anger.
Speak truth to power:
Hard truths,
Being honest about difficult issues.
Difficult for just about everyone,
But they fear for good reason.
These stories are a reflection of human dignity.
Widespread resistance toward
efforts to promote equity and inclusion.
A host of other negative stereotypes,
Lie beyond the problems
Courage is based on sacrifice,
for the sake of a cause that is greater.
Use allies and speak as a collective.
More than one disgruntled person.
Black stories are human stories.
Channel your emotions
The full extent of your rage or despair
After you are feeling centered,
Call attention,
to the ignorance and hurtfulness:
emotional reactions,
evoking defensiveness and fear.
...perhaps they feel problematic to you.
Can you help me understand?
We are moving forward together
The tongue will speak to them,
It's not just about money,
it’s yet another injury
to require them to justify human rights
And the unfair weight of hurt feelings
For real change to take root,
learn where you are and where you want to be.
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Dan Filcek Sep 24
We will help you understand why.
There are times when we all are unwell:
Ways of thinking for yourself
      limits opportunities to solve life's problems
      difficult to live up to expectations.
Lets deal with life better
     you can hide from social situations,
     stop trying new things,
     and avoid things that seem difficult to you.
     that may make you feel safe.
     you might say that you are "too stupid"
     that "no one cares about you."
Find some good things
Add more regularly.
We can create new paths for ourselves.
We are all good at something.
People are interested in you,
Try to spend time with them,
Show them how you feel
     we give better advice to others than ourselves.
Being positive does not mean being impulsive
It has nothing to do with acting like everyone else.
Start by saying "No"
People often think they should say yes to others,
Refusal often does not break the relationship.
But it can help you move forward
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